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#rodneyjones #lilerod #musicproducer #pdiddy #assualt #sexualassualt #malevictim the name and source of the article used in the video:
โ€œ'Sean 'Diddy' Combs accused of sexually assaulting 'The Love Album' producer in new lawsuitโ€
โ€œSean Combs Sued by Music Producer for Sexual Assault, Sex Trafficking in Sprawling Complaintโ€
There were so many defendants due to Mr. Jones allegedly feeling as if these people either participated in the alleged crimes or allowed them and refused to do anything to stop them despite having the power to do so.
Also, the guy who was allegedly shot in the bathroom of the recording studio was allegedly Justin Combsโ€™ friend, if Iโ€™m not mistaken. That guy, Justin, and P. Devil got into it and P. Devil took the argument to the restroom with the guy, where the shooting allegedly took place. Allegedly, Lil Rod was the one who had to help the guy and called the ambulance and then P. devil made him lie to the police allegedly.
Also, also, the incident with Yung Miamiโ€™s cousin was worse than how I described it. I tried to keep it tame and not vulgar, but that woman went out of her way to mess with that man after heโ€™d made it clear that he didnโ€™t want her touching him and doing inappropriate things to him.
Mr. Jones went for everybody in this lawsuit and if they all did what he is alleging that they did, they need to be behind bars and they need to give him the money thatโ€™s rightfully due to him.
Enough is enough, some people are tired and when pushed too far or taken advantage of too much, they will fight back.
This man deserves the same attention and support that Cassie got when she filed her lawsuit against P. Devil Combs.
I said it before, that I believe that there were male victims but that they didnโ€™t want to come out because they saw how some people treated the women. Imagine how many men decided to take thier pain to the grave without seeking the justice they deserve because of how society and our community treats people when they blow the whistle and come out and expose these celebrities. It should not be that way; we shouldnโ€™t make our society so hostile and lacking in empathy that people would rather DIE with their pain and trauma instead of try and get justice.
Yโ€™all celebrating Grammy week.
Iโ€™m currently nominated on an album I produced at least 9 songs.
I should be celebrating but Iโ€™m currently quietly fighting for my publishing for months.
I took a year straight off to do work on this album and Iโ€™m definitely not being showed Love.
Stevie J, who also worked on the project, jumped in the comments writing:
Post the whole video donโ€™t make it seem like nโ€” sitting around joking on you x you didnโ€™t produce 9 songs on the project.
Adding a piano on a song doesnโ€™t make you the producer adding bass on a song definitely doesnโ€™t make you a producer.
Tell the whole story on how you came in as an engineer, donโ€™t get selective amnesia and donโ€™t try to make the homie look like he stealing from you because clearly I know that ainโ€™t the case! #DZ4Life
Weโ€™ll have more on Stevie J laterโ€ฆ


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