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Africans are incompatible with Western Civilization, a Rhodesian explains.

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⁣A Rhodesian explains that all White liberals and conservatives that talk about the "based" Blacks are what brought their countries to ruin because they do not understand Blacks. If you're not intellectually dishonest you'll listen to this man. He explains that there were people saying the same exact thing as these cuckservatives and shitlibs are today in the US and that they should never have been listened to then.
"A very important thing I must add with regards to the American situation is that many Whites will be looking as we used to do, they'll be looking for Black leaders who are sane and they'll be looking for Black leaders to come out and say 'well, you know, this is wrong' you know maybe like Walter Williams or some other conservative, some conservative Black. I want to tell you from my own experiences here. We spent lots and lots of time dealing with Black conservatives, Black liberals, Black moderates, all kinds of decent sounding Blacks. Black Christians, yeah, lots of, lots of dealings with Black Christians and I want to tell you something. You will find that all of these people are worthless, absolutely worthless. Worthless as worthless can be. You can put them on TV and they'll come and they'll talk their stuff and they'll sound sane and they'll sound like any White man and you'll say to yourself, yeah yeah, there we got a reasonable Black man, we can work with him. The one thing you'll find is that none of the Black leaders and the Black wealthy and Black generals and Black officers and Black senators and Black congressman, you will never find that any of them rush over to the Blacks and tell them angrily 'Hey! Stop your fucking shit, stop your fucking shit you're destroying the country you fucking morons! Stop it or we'll shoot you, stop it!' you know some kind of firm stance, confront them, stand in front of them and say 'hey you fucking idiots, cut that out now, you're destroying this country, don't you see what you're doing to this country? Look at what you're doing to these White people needlessly.' Let me tell you something you will never never find Blacks who will do that. Out of all of those millions of good Blacks, you'll never find any of them standing up and being firm and stopping the crazy ones that are listening to liberals and jews. Instead it will always fall on the White man that he's gotta make decisions even though he's been told he mustn't." ~ Rhodesian man, starts at 10 minute mark.
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WhiteNoise 4 months ago

There is no doubt Jan knows his shit

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Keys13 1 year ago

This guy who creates this content is one phenomenal and superb class act I can tell you this for certain, I had some reservations on my first few hearings of his content but over time the man is a top notch pure quality man I admire for his truth, honesty, conviction, belief, sense, he really is someone to listen too, and I can tell you he's streets ahead of the game an I mean streets ahead no question about it,

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WanderersChoice 1 year ago

Yes sir. We have only to look at South Africa today to know that he spoke the absolute truth of the matter.

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