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Redpill Drifter - LT. COLONEL MICHAEL AQUINO AND SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE Aquino was a pedophile who founded the Satanic Temple of Set and ran an underground pedophile ring. Aquino also headed the CIA MKUltra satanic ritual abuse program. Many articles on Aquino have been deleted.

The search — if it’s real — is not a blanket of bromides or group-sanctioned routine. Its practitioners rarely appear in familiar lanes.

In 1969, an authentically seeking and heterodox U.S. Army officer — and specialist in psychological operations or PSYOP — entered the orbit of Church of Satan (CoS) founder Anton LaVey. This was Michael Aquino, whose efforts opened a new chapter in Satanic and Left-Hand spirituality.

Aquino first briefly encountered LaVey in 1968 at the San Francisco premiere of Rosemary’s Baby, the social connector for so much in the modern Satanism LaVey defined. A recent graduate of UC Santa Barbara and commissioned officer, Aquino spent part of 1968 to 1969 at Fort Bragg with the 82nd Airborne Division and later as a PSYOP/Special Forces officer at the base’s JFK Special Warfare Center. [1] In early 1969, the second lieutenant found himself questioning life’s purpose. A study of existential philosophy had only deepened his despair and he was contemplating suicide. [2]

While on leave in March in San Francisco — where he was soon to be married — Aquino spotted an ad in the underground newspaper Berkeley Barb for a Satanic circle at Anton’s Black House. Although the evening featured its share of garish theatrics, including a robed henchman stationed at the door (in actuality a lecturer in history at the University of San Francisco) and Anton’s emergence from an Egyptian sarcophagus, the gathering itself featured ideas that spoke to the soldier-seeker. And then there was the figure of Anton himself: relaxed, self-assured, good humored, powerful but not arrogant, smiling not in a cruel fashion but “full of the purest metaphysical good humor,” Aquino wrote. It was sealed: “I reached out and took the apple.” [3]

“At that point,” Aquino later wrote a friend — the same doorman at the Black House, “Anton LaVey said, ‘Where there is no meaning, we ourselves can create it. Thus we are not creatures, but creators: we are gods.’ It took me a long time to understand the full implications of such a hypothesis, but even in its most immediate sense it was a philosophical lifeline.” Back at Fort Bragg, Aquino and his new wife (“a nominal…

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and I explore James Alefantis's Instagram page that he thought he scrubbed from the internet....

Boy was he wrong....

We got it all....

⚠Warning Disturbing ⚠

For full episodes and more clips follow


The "Kill Room" that James Alefantis, owner of Comet Ping Pong, has mentioned many times on his, now private, Instagram (@jimmycomet). It is located in "Pegasus Museum" which Alefantis had his name documented on & now is scrubbed from the Internet. Alefantis threatened the creator of this video.

Kill Room and Pegasus Museum Exposed

Did you know about this? Just so you know this isn't clickbait, the thumbnail of this post should be the ONE google review on the Pegasus Museum made by none other than James Alefantis himself. He owned it and then it was taken down off of the Internet.

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⁣It will all make sense - trust me

Paul Romano's video:

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First rule of masturbating on the beach, don’t talk to the cops 🤣

lewdness in the first degree
A lewd act is a term used to describe any activity considered to be indecent when performed in public. A lewd act typically involves exposure of private or intimate parts to the public accompanied by behavior which is meant to provide sexual arousal. An example of lewd behavior is masturbating in public. Public could mean a park, bus, subway platform, library, beach, theater, or a public restroom. However, you can also be accused of lewd conduct if the act is at your house or in another private residence, but is observed from a public place or from other private residences. If you intentionally perform an act of public lewdness in the presences of a minor under the age of 16, then you will face a more serious charge.

Under New York Penal Law § 245.03 you could be charged with public lewdness in the first degree if you are at least 19 years old and you intentionally expose to a person who is less than 16 years old your private parts, such as your penis, buttocks, or vagina in a lewd manner in a public place such as a city street or on a public bus, or you do some sort of lewd act such as masturbation in front of someone who is less than 16 years old. You could also be prosecuted for public lewdness in the first degree if commit the crime of public lewdness after have been convicted of the same crime within the preceding year.

30-year-old Jose was charged with public lewdness in the first degree after he was observed rubbing his exposed penis and making groaning sounds in the middle of a park where children observed him.

Related Offenses
Public lewdness: New York Penal Law § 245.00
Exposure of a person: New York Penal Law § 245.01
Promoting the exposure of a person: New York Penal Law § 245.02
Offensive exhibition: New York Penal Law § 245.05
In order for you to be convicted of public lewdness in the first degree, you must have intentionally exposed yourself in public in the presence of minor under the age of 16. If your pants ripped, for example, resulting in you exposing yourself by accident, you would not have committed the crime of public lewdness. In addition, if you did not realize that young children were present, you may have a defense to a charge of public lewdness in the first degree. However, you still may be prosecuted for the lesser offense of public lewdness.

Public lewdness in the first degree is a class A misdemeanor. This means that if you are convicted your sentence could include a jail term of up to 1 year, a probation term of 3 years, and payment of a fine.

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Ordinarily, this wouldn't even pass muster, but try this out for size:

100% of students at MLK Jr High School had lower standardized test scores than an all-special needs school

The mainstream media doesn't want to publish this, so we have to present this another way through comments.

We can't even call them retarded bro wtf

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⁣VfB hasn't done a feel-good vid in some time; I figured it's come due 😎 this is dedicated to Becca 🤗

Great father - this is how I was before the (((incident))) - blessings to all the families out there 👨👩👧👦

Coach did a really great show today!
DO WE HAVE FREEDOM? | 11-7-2023

He was on the road all weekend, so Clay Parker filled in for him on his 11 AM Brighteon show:
11/6/2023 Pass The Salt: Clay Parker

I'm rewarding for posting this by finding this:
11/7/2023 Laws of Life: Judge Fred Mosely ft. Ohio Brett

Do NOT give into despair - the hard times are nearly done...but if you want the good times, stand up with me and others to finish THE GREAT BATTLE once and for all

Blessing to all assembled 😇

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StopAntisemitism - Montclair, NJ - two individuals removed signs of a vigil being held in honor of kidnapped Israeli children, women, and elderly. This evil behavior must be never be tolerated. Recognize them? DM us!

That's probably NOT a good idea - what if We The People returned the favor?

You have LESS THAN ZERO chance against our assembled might, which is why the (((multi pronged attack))) is utilized to keep us divide and distracted...but we've reached a moment in time in which they have cheesed off the entire planet - there's NO SAFE HAVEN for you nitwits at this point...unless you really want to give away your true hiding places - and we all know you don't want us to know.

Too bad VfB figured it have many others

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⁣It's Friday night, and I really should be hella pissed at the Catfishes/Weaver situation, but I did a lot of virtual flyer dropping and spread awareness of said issue far and wide [see STILLBIRTH 🕍 OF A NATION [CATFISHES ARRESTED 🚨 WEAVER UPDATE] for details, or scroll past the item I found], so now I'm winding down with a bit of low-key mukbanging from this li'l darlin' - how'd you like to be muh waifu, hunny baby 😁


Completely unrelated:

‘This is like, chock full of food.’ She Used The “Too Good To Go” App And Paid $9 For A Ton Of Food, And Now People Want To Know More

Have you ever picked up food from Eataly before?

If you haven’t, a video that a woman named Audrey posted might convince you to give them a shot because she really hit the jackpot when she got two bags of leftover food from the company.

Audrey used the app Too Good To Go to get two surprise bags from Eataly. The app cuts down on food waste by pairing up businesses with unsold food with customers and the surprise bags are pretty cheap.

Audrey said she was lucky to get the bag from Eataly because the popular Italian spot’s surprise bags sell out fast.

Audrey said she monitored the Too Good To Go app to see when the Eataly bags would be available for purchase and she was able to snag two of them.

Audrey noticed the bags were packed full of food and she said, “This is like, chock full of food.”


Take a look at her video.

In her follow-up video, Audrey told viewers what was in her bags and it looks like she really scored.

Now check out how folks reacted on TikTok.

One person said this is one hell of a deal.

Another TikTokker said they wouldn’t have been able to stop themself from trying all the food.

And this viewer said Eatly is good stuff!

Sounds like it’s a win-win all around!

Huh - I still habs space...posting the update:

Just happening: Anarcho Tyranny
GDL Spokesman Michael Weaver

On Friday, November 3rd, Mr. And Mrs. Catfish were arrested by 9 Douglas County Sheriff deputies from Douglasville, Georgia for Free speech. A tyrannical judge signed a warrant for “littering” even though Georgia Supreme Court case law says literature is not litter! Read Statesboro Publishing v City of Sylvania decided on May 17, 1999. This caselaw trumps their “littering” ordinance. According to jail staff they are facing 132 counts of “littering” which is unconstitutional and a violation of their civil rights. They have a bond hearing set for November 6th according to jail staff. We live under a Zionist Occupied Government and the Constitution is dead! How many more Americans will be arrested by the Bolshevik thought police for exercising their God-given constitutional rights? Mr. And Mrs. Catfish are currently being held as political prisoners POWs at the Douglasville ,Georgia aka Douglas County jail. Here’s their contact information:

Weekend jail is a blackout specially in Douglasville

Send email to HT:




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⁣*** Joe Rizoli discusses THE HOLOCAUST NARRATIVE, E. Michael Jones. P60-104.
*** GAZA: Invasion and Occupation of Palestine to give Washington control of the Middle East: Palestine a once thriving Mediterranean nation was forced by the victors of World War II to accept as ‘refugees’ Europe’s displaced Jews following which time the world’s Jewish diaspora descended on and occupied Palestine. ‘Washington and European governments cheerlead Israel’s genocidal campaign in Gaza. The failure to intervene to halt the carnage threatens to ignite violence throughout the region and the World, writes Chris Hedges, American war correspondent. I have been in urban warfare in El Salvador, Iraq, Gaza, Bosnia and Kosovo. Once you fight street by street, apartment block by apartment block, there is only one rule, kill anything that moves.
*** The Myth of German Villainy, Benton Bradley,

Jim and Joe Rizoli, Diane King (Dianna Ploss) [uncle🕋murry sneaks in for a quick note on STALAG 17 and the concept of 'time bombs' as it refers to the death jab 💉]
Recommended Channels
BITCHUTE - Jim Rizoli -
Holocaust Deprogramming Course:

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Got a great vid on BitChute that will NOT post here: ⁣SPACE IS FAKE; 🌌 RICHARD FEYNMAN FAMOUSLY STATED 'LOOK WITHIN'

The comment section is bloody FIRE! ⁣🔥⁣



WikiLeaks - Hillary Clinton Email Archive

Frazzledrip (sometimes called is a rumored dark web snuff film showing Hillary Clinton and longtime aide Huma Abedin sexually assaulting and murdering a young girl, drinking her blood and taking turns wearing the skin from her face as a mask. The video was allegedly discovered on former Congressman Anthony Weiner's laptop (Weiner is Abedin's ex-husband) in a folder labeled "life insurance," and police officers who've reportedly seen it were so horrified that they were driven to suicide. Conspiracy theorists have pointed to the video, which does not actually exist, to support long-standing conspiracy theories that politicians, celebrities and other "elites" sexually abuse children and consume their remains.

QAnon Believers Are Obsessed With Hillary Clinton. She Has Thoughts.

A still from the supposed snuff film ...

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AltCastTV & Odysee thumbnail:

Here’s a Jewish rabbi explaining why murdering innocent children is a GOOD THING.

Jewish Ritual Murder - a Historical Investigation

DRL1 said...
You obviously need some intensive psychotherapy. Jewish ritual murder has long been a claim to spur on anti-Semitism when it has no historic basis. The Catholic Church long ago denied its existence. Based on the content of your text you probably believe in an international Jewish conspiracy and your bible is probably the Protocols of the Elders of Zion; a fraudulent work by the Tsarist secret police. Get some help.

Anonymous said...
The pretentious, pompous little jew-lover below [above - VfB] me says 'no historic basis'. I beg to differ! google "My Irrelevant Defence Jewish Ritual Murder" and "Jewish Ritual Murders court records" for starters. Funny how the Jews want us to think that the whole thing is a hoax. They want us to think that mankind, starting in the middle-east all the way to Europe, have been 'conspiring' to perpetuate a 'anti-semetic lie' against the poor innocent, persecuted 'chosen race'. Apperantly some dumb goyim believe it! Catholic Church? doesn't the Pope wear a yamaka nowadays! Hahah! Conspiracy? the only one dumb enough to believe in 'conspiracies' is you. Speaking of bibles, I suggest readers to take a peak into the anti-human Talmud some time. Oh yeah read the Protocols, but only after you know who's got an ethnic grip of media, politics, economy, education, etc, then it will all make sense. Get informed.


The Position of the Jews in America. First Article - PDF d/l URL

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3 niggers in Auburn, WA Try to Break Into Home, Immediately Discover 2nd Amendment!

AUBURN, Wash. — A homeowner in Auburn fired multiple shots at three armed men attempting to break into their home early Thursday morning.

According to the Auburn Police Department (APD), officers responded to a report of a non-injury shooting at a home on the 31000 block of 117 Place Southeast around 2 a.m. Thursday. A resident at the address told responding officers three people wearing masks attempted to break into the home.

Security video from the home shows three armed men wearing masks walk up to the home, open the screen door and start kicking the door. One of the men can be heard in the video yelling, “Seattle police.”

Two of the men continued to try and kick in the door before the third suspect was able to kick the door open. The APD said the homeowner was armed and “quickly started firing shots at the intruders through the door.”

Multiple shots were fired before the suspects fled from the home.

The man and woman living inside the home told KOMO News the three men started shooting at their home as they were trying to escape and knocked down some of the fencing as they got away.

A neighbor who did not want to give his name said he woke up to the sound of gunfire and a bullet hit his home.

“We heard a bullet go through our window and our alarm started going off and then I just heard an exchange of gunfire just a bunch of bullets," he added.

One of the men can be seen in the video wearing a grey sweatshirt or jacket, grey sweatpants and what appear to be blue or black shoes.

Another suspect can be seen wearing black pants and a black or blue jacket. The third suspect can be seen in the video wearing brown pants and a black sweatshirt or jacket. All three of the men were wearing masks, and at least two of the men appear to be wearing gloves.

One of the homeowners said she believes it was over 20 gunshots aimed toward the house. They said they’re grateful no one was hurt but wonder what could have happened if they didn’t protect themselves.

Neighbors are still in shock that this happened in an area they said is secluded.

“You assume you’re safe, you assume it wouldn’t happen to you and even though it didn’t happen directly to me, it’s close enough where we saw the impact in our living room," said the neighbor.

The video shows all three of the men were armed with a pistol.

Auburn police said it’s alarming the suspects pretended to be officers as a way to get into their home.

“They try to give you that false sense of security before they try and get into your home but in this sense, they started kicking almost simultaneously and in that situation just try to put it together that this is not the police that are trying to kick in your door," said Kolby Crossley, public information officer for Auburn police.

No other suspect information has been released at this time.

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This interview was done 12 hours before she dies! October 14, 2023...was Suzanne Somers murdered - listen to the entire interview - looks as she was murdered because of this interview, she told too much, she exposed too much.

October 14, 2023 she was healthy and full of life. October 15, 2023 she is dead

H/T Erin Elizabeth Health Nut News

Suzanne Somers said this 24 hours before she died speaking on the holistic doctor deaths throughout the video. We were humbled to know Dr. Gonzalez and to have interviewed his widow, Marybeth Gonzalez. She’s a friend and an angel. RIP, Suzanne.

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This video was left for VfB to goof on - of course, the opportunity would arise to post this with some pertinent content:

On one of HT's shows, VfB offered up an alternative to a so-called 'journalist's' name, and Gaybe Sucksmen was born! This taint licker tried to pull a bit of slander on HT and the entirety of the GoyimTV audience ; because he got caught, he's limited access to his tweets, so I cannot directly link you to the slanderous piece of yellow journalism...but luckily, one of his hive-mind retards couldn't help himself:


Sep 4, 2022
$50 says His parents are siblings.

Huh ⁣🤔

That's a bold move there, Cotton!

So, let's go to there, shall we?

⁣The Jews, inbreeding, and false notions of ‘race’

⁣The origin of the Jewish nation is a fascinating question that is addressed in the Bible, archaeology, and genetics. In this episode, Dr Rob examines the early Israelite family tree and notes the huge amount of inbreeding that occurred as three successive generations intermarried. He compares this to other people from across the world and draws some conclusions about the rise of the various human ‘races’ that will be surprising to many.
Notes and links:
Carter R. 2013. Inbreeding and the origin of races, Journal of Creation 27(3):8–10. [Original paper, with main graphics]: ⁣
Carter R, Sanders L, How long were the Israelites in Egypt? Using their own family tree to resolve a debate,, 21 September 2021.: ⁣
Carter R. 2018. The genetic history of the Israelite nation, Journal of Creation 32(1):114–120.: ⁣
Carter R, Sanders L, The Israelites: Forging of a nation,, 2 September 2021.: ⁣
Carter R, Where did the Israelites cross the “Red Sea”?, 20 July 2021.: ⁣
Carter R. 2017. Extensive mixing among Israelites and non-Israelites in biblical history, Journal of Creation 31(3):112–118.: ⁣
Ringbauer H, et al. 2021. Parental relatedness through time revealed by runs of homozygosity in ancient DNA, Nature Communications 12:5425; doi: 10.1038/s41467-021-25289-w.: ⁣

VfB maintains that the creatures masquerading as 'jews' are actually animals in the form of man; they do NOT possess the same qualities of mankind ['humanity' refers to the totality of people, and the etymology of 'human' refers to an image of - look up 'hue-man' in Strong's Concordance].

Thanks to the invaluable research of Mr White Tuber [TOOBAH], VfB was able to use the lesson of the Gordian knot to solve the (((jq))); when faced with a difficult issue, simply cleave it in half and move along.

The masqueraders believe in 'panpsychism', which dictates that everything in the universe is alive...except for the goyim.

When faced with such a mentality, do you stop to debate uselessly...or do you cut their argument in half and move along?

VfB also discovered that they have a mating ritual which renders them practically mindless, to the point where they have less reason than salmon; this phenomenon seems to occur on a seven-year cycle - thanks to Gene Roddenberry and Amok Time, an episode of the original Star Trek series.

This URL really nails it; posting just an excerpt:

⁣‘Jews are Hereditary Degenerate’

September 11, 2016 Aria Whitebeam

‘Jews are heriditary degenerate’ according to Richard Kraft-Ebing, who alongside many others came to the conclusion that the jewish race is inbred and because of this – delusional, insane and perverse. They suffer Neurasthenia, which ‘effects the jews with exceptional severity’. Jewish criminologist Cesare Lambroso claimed that 1 in 391 jews was a lunatic, which back in those days was four times higher than any other religion. These observations penned over a hundred years ago linked jews, inbreeding, disease and degeneracy.

This inbreeding is a phenomenon similar to that observed in certain highly aristocratic and wealthy families, whose members, whether from motives of honor or money constantly intermarry, and thus have many insane relatives” (Krafft-Ebbing).

Jews have been suffering type 1 and 2 diabetes for a not longer than Aryan man; diabetes was once called a judenkrankheit (a jewish disease). Because of a work project, I have been looking into type 2 diabetes and for those who did not know, as I did not, stress and diabetes go hand in hand. Under stress your body releases chemicals and glucose to get ready for fight or flight, but if the stress becomes chronic, we do not use up the glucose and the body has to store it, instead of using the fight or flight measures of protection. This results in high blood sugar, causing diabetes. This is something that was only seen en masse in jews a hundred years ago, but not in Europeans. Several scholars associated diabetes with jews and inbreeding.

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⁣AltCastTV & Odysee thumbnail::

~ Online predator solicits nude photos of an 11-year-old girl
~ Her father finds out and calls the police (at 6:00PM)
~ Police arrive at midnight
~ Girl cop immediately threatens to arrest the child for creating child porn

Proper commentary on this police response would result in its own police response.

But the feeling of sickened rage in your gut says it all.

Coach Dave and my bud, Randy

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⁣Source: On GAB; source disappeared as I saved it - all I was able to preserve was 'White guy makes pavement ape instantly regret sucker punching him 💪🏻'


I wasn't going to post this...of course, when VfB posts: "Be moar racist if you want to live", some nitwit is bound to take things out of context:

Parliament member calls for genocide of whites in South Africa. Zero outrage.

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AltCastTV & Odysee thumbnail: ⁣

This transwoman is lactating and has to do a little boobie care, watch her pump as she explains


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⁣Considering the title, VfB'll need to preface this with sum text - of you've been with this channel for sum time, yore aware of muh ethnicity - it means as much as muh 'gendah'

VfB is the Ayatollah of Rock & Rollah 🎸 anything else is the BONUS PLAN, baby 🥸



AltCastTV & Odysee thumbnail:

Not really sure how you came to that conclusion.

All it does is cost us more money.

The never ending cycle of Nigger Tax.

You are paying for their food, and their medical expenses due to their poor, low IQ choices.

Good follow-up GAB:

White people have been conditioned to believe racism flows one-way: from Whites to all other races.

It has always been a lie. It's OK to be White #TheNoticing

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