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They think there was an Ebola outbreak at burning man

I find it ironic since (((Burning WHITE Man))) represents the destruction of the patriarchy

Remember - VfB does NOT ascribe to (((germ theory))); so this 'outbreak' has different outliers that have not yet been determined [just personally murdered a parasite in my own system]

I'm sure this will get JUST AS MUCH attention from the lamestream media... yeah... don't hold your breath. It doesn't match the narrative, even with two nobel laureates signing on, so you'll see zero air time.

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Going through old archives on TG to try to bring back stuff, many didn't get to see due to [c]ensorship.

I think it's important for those who are just waking up.

And some old clips just have a way of breaking your heart.

It's hard to grasp that this type of evil exists.

We are fighting in the greatest war no one has ever seen.

The following is yet another vector of the multi-pronged attack:

Lara Logan was once a respected 60 Minutes correspondent. Now she trades in conspiracy theories that even far-right media disavow. What happened?

'In October, during an appearance on Newsmax, Logan declared that the global elite “want us eating insects” while they “dine on the blood of children.”'


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America needs a real fighter like this man, don't you think?!?

I cannot stress this enough - WATCH THIS BROADCAST IN ITS ENTIRETY
Daytime TV - Responding To Green, Panpsychism IS Kebbalah

I was able to de-program someone with TWO STATEMENTS, simply by explaining (((para-psychism))), then asking one simple question:

"Can one reason with a believer of (((para-psychism)))?!?

(((Panpsychism is the view that all things have a mind or a mind-like quality. The word itself was coined by the Italian philosopher Francesco Patrizi in the sixteenth century, and derives from the two Greek words pan (all) and psyche (soul or mind).)))

If you are HONEST, your answer will be NO

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So many creators motivating our people onward, I thank you all and love so many more than I was able to include here. Content/Combat/Clogs

I just cannot get over how BAD@$$ Weston looks when the boys start up!

I still have an idea for BatWoman, and to fix Marvel Comics, all in one shot!

Mr. White Tuber's broadcast yesterday revealed the secret of (((para-psychism)))
Once you hear'll see that WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is there any difference between kidnapping a child's body and kidnapping a child's mind?

Child trafficking is evil - and so is indoctrinating a child's mind into believing the woke LGBTQQIA ideology that is being taught by our schools

Angel Studios rejects the woke, queer content of mega studios such as Disney

We should too

Go see Sound of Freedom - and pay it forward if you can

People have been so generous in spreading the message of 𝘚𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘥 𝘰𝘧 𝘍𝘳𝘦𝘦𝘥𝘰𝘮 that they've Paid It Forward so thousands of others can watch it for free in theaters. Get your tickets today!

Angel Studios (@AngelStudiosInc) June 22, 2023

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Since we're right on the precipice, let me trot out muh weird theory:

I've no idea when this data was posted, but I have our history mapped, in my head, noting the times at which our nation was suborned, incrementally; the only hole I have currently is uncertain facts in between 1825 and 1860 - I will be delving into 1847 - thanks to Coach & SH]

LIQUEFACTION - can it be generated by people...?

I think this captain habs the same idea 💡

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⁣Gunna rant fer a wee bit before you get to the verbiage

The (((great replacement))) is KAPUTSKI

Real men were simply lying in wait until all you bitches showed yore asses...guess wut's next?!?

I guess it wuzn't clear - I'm an organic Terminator - I do NOT stop until my target is DUST

Devon Stack: Pawnbreaking Our Culture

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Pass The Salt ⛪😇🏈🧠 &

Welcome to Steve Johann Productions and the Lion Zone
“The wicked flee when no one is pursuing, but the righteous are bold as a lion.” Proverbs 28:1

Steve Johann Productions helps people launch professional podcasts. The Lion Zone is my platform where I write books, produce inspirational, educational, spiritually grounded content designed to equip individuals for the fight of their life and come out victorious.

Did you know there’s a cosmic battle being fought and you’re part of it?
There is a cosmic battle being waged between the agents of darkness and agents of light. It’s been going on for a long time and you’re part of it, whether you like it or not. Did you know that at the end of life there will be an accounting made? Did you know there’s more to life than power, pleasure and possessions? Did you know, you can always switch sides and start living up to your God given potential?

In this cosmic battle there are three enemy forces: The flesh/mind, the world system and the Devil (spiritual realm). The battle is being waged on three fronts: Individual, communal and global. Depending on what side you are fighting for, you will be: A) Helping to overcome the darkness by sharing light. B) Extinguishing the light by supporting the darkness.

There’s no opting out of the battle
The fight between good and evil is being fought between the Lords of Light (those under Jesus command) and the Lords of Darkness (those under Satan’s command). As individuals we are given the choice as to which side we will fight for. We can choose to step out of the darkness and into the light or we can choose to remain in the darkness.

Unlike a physical battle being fought on land, this battle is being fought inside our mind which is then manifested through our actions. It’s our mind that dictates our thoughts, beliefs and actions even down to how our physical bodies operate. Our minds can cause us to love or hate someone. It can cause us to live in freedom or fear. It can even bring about health or illness.

In this battle, there are three types of people
Type one are the soldiers of darkness. This group contains the wealthiest most powerful men on earth. According to scripture their final destiny is the lake of fire. They live by a Darwinian mindset of survival of the fittest. They love money and pleasure and they have an intense need, to control others. They have a god complex and are driven by Demonic beings.

Type two are the soldiers of light known as Lions which consists of truth seeking individuals, whose path leads to eternal life. This group works to right wrongs, give a hand up to the fallen, share the light of God through wisdom, knowledge and truth in a spirit of love. They know or will know Jesus as their Lord. They are fully aware of the Darkling’s and are doing all they can to thwart and counter them.

Type three are the great in-between known as sheep. This group is oblivious to the struggle going on between the Lords of Darkness and Lords of Light. This group believes what they’re told by the very World System run by the Darkling’s who wish to keep them penned up. Some are searching for truth and need guidance, others blindly obey everything they are told by authority figures and don’t want to know truth. Some have given up all hope and are living in a self imposed internal hell of their own making.

The question I wish to ask you is, which team are you on? What type of person are you?

An invitation to join the Lion Zone
The Lord of light also known as the Lion of Juda is gathering to Himself a resistance group, made up of truth seekers who operate in love and truth. My mission is to set the captives free from their self-imposed* ignorance and to step into the Lion Zone.

Lions are the kings and queens of the African plains. Unlike the Mountain lion who is a solitary creature. African lions don’t live alone, they live in prides. Lions believe in family and community we protect each other, we educate each other and we assist each other. We have only one Alpha Lion and that’s the Lion of Juda, King Jesus.

Be of great cheer, you’re not alone in your struggle against the darkness. There’s millions who’ve not bowed to Satan. My job is to help you do the same, should you choose to do so.

*I say self-imposed, because we are what our mind consumes. Most of us are guilty of feeding our mind poisonous content put out by the world system in the form of media, educational systems and a myriad of other content birthed in darkness. The good news is, you can have your mind renewed by leaving the sheep pen and following the Lion of Judah.

Where to begin

Next Steps…
Call me at 425-743-6161 or send me an email with your query and I’ll follow up accordingly. Call to Action

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Free miles guo夜未央 (@asterwoo7) June 8, 2023

⁣HILARIOUS: The Russians made a video game called HILTENDO: Level 1: how many emails can Hillary delete: Level 2: how much money can Hillary get from Arab states: Level 3: how far can Hillary throw the constitution: I love those Russians!
GITMO KAG2020 🇺🇸 (@President1Trump) March 9, 2018

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Clean Version of "Speak The Truth" below by popular demand 🏆


Thanks @HandsomeTruth for your continued push for real world activism 😎

#GDL4Life 📢🇺🇸

From his morning show: The Flood - 060523 - 0035 - Mind over Monday Edition

Hate Mondays? Hate every day instead! JK, but stop believing in mondays, goyim.

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⁣A video out of South Florida video is blowing up on Twitter, showing a racist rant hurled at a Black West Palm Beach police officer.

The man is confronting officers responding to a call about a group of people passing out antisemitic flyers. White supremacist Jon Minadeo zeros in on the black officer and begins yelling racist comments.

No one was arrested, but the men received a citation for littering.

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⁣Source: [special thanks to Coach Dave 😇🏈]

THE BIBLE is very clear about what SATAN is and is NOT. He is REAL. He is the PRINCE OF THIS WORLD. Have RENOUNCED the DEVIL and his MINIONS or his FATHER GOD. We are all GOD'S CHILDREN and we do have a chance in this WORLD to defeat SATAN, The Devil, The Green Man of a thousand names.

This Presentation gives you the picture in a simple way.

Did you know the two books that SATAN hates most in the Bible is the First and LAST? Genesis because it describes his devices and Revelation because it describes his doom. And Ask every day during prayer and say.. Father in Heaven .. your needs.. food.. forgiveness. And at the End say.. DELIVER US FROM THE EVIL ONE.

This is Adam's Prayer.. Juan talked about this Prayer in a program recently, as it is found in the Forgotten Books of Eden,...From the First Book of Adam and Eve. Also called the Conflict of Adam and Eve with Satan. (pg. 16 Chapter XXIII)

Original of the Lord's Prayer said to be used about 150 years BEFORE our Lord JESUS CHRIST was born

Our Father, Who art in Heaven, be gracious unto us, O Lord our God, Hallowed be Thy Name, and let the remembrance of Thee be glorified in Heaven above and upon earth here below.

Let Thy kingdom reign over us now and forever. The Holy Men of Old said remit and forgive unto all men whatsoever they have done unto me. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil THING (or ONE) for Thine is the kingdom and Thou Shalt reign in glory, forever and forevermore



Prayer for the Children by JUAN O SAVIN

Please please Father hear the prayers of your people now.. we
know that we, by ourselves, are unable to save ourselves. That we the
children of Adam need divine assistance divine intervention and we give YOU permission..

We ask YOU to act on behalf of America to save your people in America and use your people in America to go out and be their brother's brother and help save the world.

We ask for strength, clarity of mind and purpose, and direction and divine and angelic assistance in defeating those who would defeat YOUR work in this world.

We ask for strength and for mercy, in dealing with us, in going out and to help the children ...those that are trafficked those that are enslaved all across the world at this critical moment. We thank you for those, who have brought the message to us of Jim Caveizel and others, Nino all those that have come forward to be part of this, for those that have heard this call and to listen and hear this message and then to go out and to bring JUSTICE into the world. We thank you Father,
for your word, for those that bring justice into the world. and we pray to be that people.. that brings your justice into this World... your way... to help save the children in Jesus name. Who will be VALIANT for justice sake?


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⁣Watch this with your families, and join us tonight [and tomorrow] at 7:00 PM ET in the Huddle at

⁣Links from Today's Show:
Matthew 11:
Ephesians 2:8-10
Works in the Bible:
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Crowns in the Bible: https://versebyverseministry.o....rg/bible-answers/wha
Video of Davey:

by Liberty Mel | Feb 19, 2023 | Actions

Train Derailment and Water Contamination in East Palestine, Ohio

Pass the Salt & Ohio Intercessors for Prayer are joining together in a two- part action:

Part One – 3 DAY FAST


Take Scripture & Salt

Cast the salt into the waterway


Then the men of the city said to Elisha, “Please notice, the situation of this city is pleasant, as my lord sees; but the water is bad, and the ground barren.”

And he said, “Bring me a new bowl, and put salt in it.” So they brought it to him. Then he went out to the source of the water, and cast in the salt there, and said, “Thus says the Lord: ‘I have healed this water; from it there shall be no more death or barrenness.’ ”
So the water remains healed to this day, according to the word of Elisha which he spoke. (II Kings 2:19-21)



Innocent Blood Shed – Crying out from the Earth -Abortion in Ohio -Wars fought on the land – from the very beginning to present


Altars erected – be torn down and destroyed

-Altar to Baal – abortion

-Greed, Power, Money

-Sexual Perversion (homosexuality, transgender, human sex trafficking)

Bind and Cast back into Hell

-Bind the toxins that have been released (land, water, communities; people, animals, plants)

-Bind the pre-meditated malintent and wicked motives that planned, orchestrated and caused this.

-Bind “the voices”, what is being said and released into the airwaves via news, reporting, the dissemination of information. Curses being released by the spoken word. Bind FEAR.


Loosen the Blood of Jesus into…as the Spirit leads (East Palestine, the people, their homes, the waterways of Ohio, the land of Ohio, the atmosphere of Ohio, the animals, plants, etc.)

-Loosen the Blood of Jesus

-Ask for and loosen God’s GRACE, MERCY AND JUSTICE.


Conclude with the High Praises of God, Psalm 149: 6

Let the High Praises of God be in their mouth, And a two-edged sword in their hand.

-Ask for the Lord God to miraculously remove this plume of gases that is slowly moving.

-And ask the Lord God TO REPLACE this toxic plume WITH HIS SHEKINAH GLORY CLOUD!

-First, over the community of East Palestine, Columbiana County, OHIO.

-Then over all the area this plume has gravitated – may the SHEKINAH GLORY OF GOD CLOUD come, hover, brood, stay! In Jesus Name.

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⁣Watch "Pass The Salt" Live on every Monday from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm est and Sunday 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Pass The Salt Ministries 🙏

Meet some of the men in this day's Gideon's Army

Coach Dave also appeared on Dr. John Diamond's Brighteon show today, in the 1st segment - will add URL when available

In other news:

This is a fantastic bloody read - just an excerpt:

This weekend, published a clumsy attempt to discredit the self-declared and first hand source – Jordon Trishton-Walker – who was caught on a Project Veritas hidden camera boasting about Pfizer’s active, dangerous mutation of the COVID-19 virus.

What Forbes doesn’t tell you is its author Dr. Bruce Y. Lee’s proximity to Pfizer, Inc. itself.

I'll give you a hint. It rhymes with "riser"...

Dr. Lee’s argument against the veracity of the Veritas video boils down to this paragraph:

“…a Google search didn’t really reveal any legitimate source that could verify the person’s name and title. Similarly, a search on LinkedIn doesn’t reveal any such verifiable profiles either, just some accounts trying to spread his name… Of note, a search for “Triston” without the “h” did return an Urban Dictionary entry that described “Triston” as “a very hot and cute boy who always wants to disagree. Who has the softest hair in the entire world.” So if you are looking for someone hot, disagreeable, and really soft-haired, there is that.”

Dr. Lee would have known, if he had bothered to check, that search results related to Walker, especially on LinkedIn, were purged just moments after the Veritas video dropped:

But the argument that because this person doesn’t have easily Google-able results associated with their name, or that Urban Dictionary has a funny entry about it, is not an argument against Veritas, nor its claims. So why is Dr. Lee really pursuing this attempt to discredit James O’Keefe and his outfit? Well, to understand that we have to get into Dr. Lee’s own difficult online profile.

Lee, currently listed as “a systems modeler, computational, artificial intelligence (AI), and digital health expert, professor, writer, and journalist,” per his employer’s website at the City University of New York (CUNY) School of Public Health.

What you won’t easily find on Google, Forbes, nor on Urban Dictionary, is Dr. Lee’s long-standing affiliations with Big Pharma and indeed the corporate goliath his Forbes article appears to defend: Pfizer, Inc. For that you have to go into the bowels of medical journals, press releases, and grant proposals. But don’t worry, you don’t actually have to do it. I did it for you.

Raheem delivers, IMHO ✅


💥 BOOM! 💥

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Holocaust denier 'Nazi Grandma' back in jail
09/02/2016 | September 2, 2016
An 87-year-old woman has been sentenced to prison after she claimed that Jews were never exterminated in Auschwitz. Her criminal record includes two fines and another sentence for sedition. - ADVERTISEMENT

A court in Detmold on Friday sentenced Ursula Haverbeck to eight months in jail on charges of sedition. The presiding judge ruled out the possibility of parole and said that Haverbeck had a lack of "any kind of respect" and that she had made more offensive comments in the courtroom.

Haverbeck is expected to appeal against the sentencing. In Germany, anyone who publicly denies, endorses or plays down the extermination of Jews during Adolf Hitler's regime can be sentenced to a maximum of five years in jail.

Haverbeck was found guilty of writing a letter to Detmold's mayor, Rainer Heller, saying it was "clearly recognizable" that Auschwitz was nothing more than a labor camp. She wrote her message at the time when the Detmold court was trying Reinhold Hanning, a former guard who served at the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Reinhold Hanning (center) was witness to thousands of murders at AuschwitzImage: picture alliance/AP Photo/B. Thissen
The 94-year-old was sentenced to five years in prison after the court found him guilty of being an accessory to the murder of 170,000 people, mostly Jews. Haverbeck spoke about Hanning's trial in her letter, alleging that the witnesses at the trial were set up to prove the existence of the concentration camp.

Ursula Haverbeck is known for her right-wing extremist views. Several courts have sentenced her and her punishments include two fines and another suspended sedition sentence. She was on trial last year for saying that the Holocaust was "the biggest and longest-lasting lie in history."

An estimated 6 million Jews were exterminated across Europe under Adolf Hitler's dictatorship.

mg/kms (AFP, dpa)

I'm on with the 4 Amigos!🤠

We got 'em on the run, boys: