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⁣Police release six minutes of hellish bodycam footage
• The footage show cops trying to find Hale after rushing to the Covenant School
• She was on the second floor, and engaged in a gunfight in a desperate bid to die
• Hale was immediately struck down, but had already murdered six people

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⁣(((Very surprising that there would be a mass shooting at a Christian school, given that lack of prayer is often blamed for those horrible events. Is it possible they weren't praying enough, or correctly, despite being a Christian school?)))

Yes - (((pakman))) actually wrote that

You habs just been made aware of atavistic hatred

'Racist' means to love yourself and your race; it has nothing to do whatsoever with what I've just proposed to what you hear from this hateful bloody demon:

-- Voicemail caller is really angry with David, and has figured out that David is not "a Christian"

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David Pakman mocks children victim of shooting because they were Christian

Never start your day with negativity. The very first things you do in the first hour after waking up will dictate how you feel that day. Start it with something fun, uplifting, energizing, awakening, spiritual, kindness or lovingness. After you've settled your mood in, you are in a much better position to take on negative subjects without being demoralized. Life will hand you lemons but if you are in a good state of mind, you will feel more like you are beating challenges rather facing problems. Remember in the first hour of waking to wash yourself in goodness, it will carry through the day. Be well, cheers.

All that work for the glow op and Biden gives us this gem during the press conference right after.
Bidens handler: "Ok man we got the tranny to do the show, all you have to do is drive it home on gun control"
Biden: "I came down here because I heard there was ice cream"

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⁣THIS is what one gets when one accepts the (((gay disco))) 🕺🏳‍🌈

Warning, surveillance video released by police may be disturbing to watch. Viewer discretion is advised.

Metro Nashville Police Department released surveillance video from the Covenant School that shows the shooter drive up to the parking lot, shoot through the glass entry doors and begin firing inside the building.

Three children and three adults that included the head of the school were killed in the attack. The shooter was killed by police.

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⁣A heavily armed woman who gunned down three children and three staff members at a Nashville school on Monday appears to be a former student of the private Christian campus, police said.
“At one point she was a student at that school,” Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake told reporters hours after the shooting at The Covenant School. “But unsure what year ... but that’s what I’ve been told so far.”

The shooter was identified as Audrey Hale, 28, of Nashville, according to the chief, who said she identifies as transgender. (NBC):

The suspect in a Nashville school shooting on Monday had drawn a detailed map of the school, including potential entry points, and done surveillance before killing three students and three adults in the latest in a series of mass shootings in a country growing increasingly unnerved by bloodshed in schools.

The suspect, who was killed by police, is believed to be a former student at The Covenant School in Nashville, where the shooting took place. The victims were identified as Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William Kinney, all 8 or 9 years old, and adults Cynthia Peak, 61; Katherine Koonce, 60; and Mike Hill, 61. (AP):

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⁣It's starting to sound a lot like (((p a n i c))) 🔯

First - have you heard of the (((Restrict Act))):

Oh yes - this is from the ones 'feeling threatened'...isn't that a bloody shame, you shower of twunts 🦄

VfB detected your (((multi-pronged attack))), and now is time for the rope, baby! 🤠

I just figured out the perfect hashtag for this 📱

THIS is the (((hail sarah)))✡🏈🦄😂


Let me prove it with a couple of excerpts:

The bill is not likely to be popular among influencers. There are a lot of American content creators on TikTok, and many have managed to devise a revenue stream from their popularity on the app.

Well, let me speak to that. My understanding—and I'm not an expert on influencer reimbursement—is that, actually, YouTube and some of the other platforms are, frankly, more lucrative for influencers. But I don't think this kind of social media app will disappear. I believe in the robustness of the competition system. People doing creative things on video. I'm all for it. It just needs to be done from a trusted source. And I'm not saying the videos themselves are being manipulated, but the types of videos being seen, I think the way that's being manipulated is a real concern. I don't have that concern as much if it's an app coming from a nation-state other than China. I might still have concerns as a father, but that doesn't morph into a national security concern.

Mordechai, their limp-wristed QB🦄🏈 , is setting up for a helly ghey throw - ball's got lube all over it...geez 🫣

Was there a specific event that really motivated you to go ahead with this bill?

Look, I've listened to TikTok's management. I've heard about the firewalls they've tried to build. They did not convince me. There are still constant reports of TikTok being potentially used to follow journalists. You continue to see these things where Chinese engineers are gaining access to American data, even though TikTok management says they're not. At the end of the day, you've got a hundred million Americans using TikTok on average 90 minutes a day. That's a powerful tool.

Oofa - this is epic levels of faggitry :🦄

A former Bush speechwriter wrote about TikTok in The Washington Post recently. He said, "Americans would not tolerate their own government collecting so much sensitive information about them.” Last week, the FBI acknowledged that it had, in the past, purchased US location data rather than get a warrant to obtain it. What do you say to people more worried about their own government tracking them than one thousands of miles overseas?

That concerns me. I think the onus is on the FBI to ensure privacy is protected, and I do have concerns about some of the American-based companies, the Facebooks and Googles of the world. But they also enjoy First Amendment protections, and where I've tried to focus my activities, with regard to American companies, is on things like data portability and interoperability, so if you get tired of Facebook it's easier to transport yourself over to NewCo. Right now, it's really hard for new competitors to come into the space. Or dark patterns, things where there's manipulation. The old thing where apps only allow you to say “yes.” I think precluding dark patterns on American-based social media makes sense, and I've got bipartisan legislation on that. But it hasn't moved. I do think there is a different level of threat when the ultimate recipient, or manipulator, could be an authoritarian regime. I do think that raises the threat. But that doesn't mean there are no obligations on the FBI, and I think there should be obligations on American social media, and I think it's an embarrassment that we don't have a national privacy law.


This blue square may only take up 2.4% of your screen but it stands for so much more. #🟦
#StandUpToJewishHate with The Voice, in partnership with The Foundation to Combat Antisemitism 🤡

• #StandUpToJewishHatred 🥸🇺🇸

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ONE RACE, HUMAN..? | #1855 - $19

Friday, March 31 2023

March 31 @ 5:00 pm - April 1 @ 9:00 pm
Through the Black presents: Out of the Darkness – Spiritual Warfare Conference
When: March 31st – April 1st Time: Start - Friday @ 5:00PM We Will End - Saturday @ 9 pm

Friday, April 142023

April 14 @ 6:00 pm - April 15 @ 5:00 pm
Buy Tickets Here: APRIL 14th from 6:00PM to 9:00PM APRIL 15th from 9:00AM to 5:00PM • Exposing the Great Reset, the Great Narrative & the Great Deception• Detailing how Bible

Frday, June 9 2023

June 9 @ 4:00 pm - June 11 @ 1:00 pm
Annual Ohio Event
When: June 9, 10, & 11 Time: FRI 4 PM to 8 PM SAT 10 AM to 8 PM SUN 10 AM to 1 PM


Josh Sigurdson reports on the new documents that have come out showing that the UK government and the NHS refused treatment of the elderly in 2020 in countless nursing homes, putting them on the "end of life pathway."

Documents released via the Freedom Of Information Act show how the government would let the elderly die of different ailments or disorders and blame it on "covid." The documents also show that the NHS had the elderly euthanized to "get them out of the way."

The number of elderly who died in nursing homes in 2020 compared to any other year is dramatic and it's not due to so-called "Covid19." The statistics clearly note this.

These documents are not being talked about in the media... At all. With these developments on top of the recent leak of Whatsapp messages between Matt Hancock and others in the government where he called for "scaring the pants" off of people with covid propaganda, one must ask the question, "How are these people not in prison for what they've done?"
In this video, we break down this latest development and what it means.

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

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⁣From JSF: The "great reset" group (((the you know who's))) flushed ALL, 100 percent of the recent rain surplus in California straight into the ocean

This video makes it clear: they intend to completely wipe out agriculture in California.


Can you say, (((Morgenthau Plan redux))), friends? 🍽💀

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"And it is really disheartening to see what's going on. I mean, my own kids are wondering whether they should even try it. Because they're saying dad, doesn't look like there's a future. And I can't tell them they're wrong."

Siyamak sits down with Mark Nakata, a multi-generational farmer and CEO of California United Water Coalition. Mark is here to give us an insider preceptive on what farmers are facing in California and his efforts to save his family farm and tradition.

#californiafarms #farming #flood


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Source: ⁣


This is bloody great! Cross-pollinization is the key

Tell Iron Patriot VfB sez "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!"

'muh naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazis', tho

I get it - it's been ingrained for decades

I escaped this at te age of 13

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Republican Rep. Tom Tiffany (Wisc.) confronted a witness for the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agency (ATF) about why Hunter Biden is not behind bars after lying on his firearm background check form, a felony crime.

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'contractor' equals PAID MERCENARY

LIVE maneuvers @5:43 AM EST

To Substack, or not to Substack:

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The suspect accused of shooting and wounding two staff members at East High School Wednesday morning has been found dead in Park County, 9NEWS has learned.

Wednesday afternoon, law enforcement found a red Volvo associated with 17-year-old Austin Lyle on County Road 68, also known as Wellington Lake Road, outside of Bailey, the Park County Sheriff's Office said. Denver police said just before 6 p.m. that efforts to locate the suspect were ongoing.

Park County Sheriff Tom McGraw said Wednesday night that around 8:15 p.m., a person's body was found in the woods about two-tenths of a mile from the car. McGraw said the person's body has not been identified.

A law enforcement source told 9NEWS the body was that of Lyle, and that he died of an apparent suicide.

Park County had issued an emergency alert for the town of Bailey and the surrounding area due to the investigation. Residents were asked to shelter in place and call 911 if they see anything unusual.

McGraw said that shelter-in-place alert has been lifted.
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Why do you keep calling joe biden a criminal?

TRUMP: "He is a criminal. He got caught.
Read his Laptop. And do you know who else is
a criminal? You're a criminal for not reporting it."

From JSF: Well Well Well . . . . Trump case over

A final witness ended the case instantly, because there was no case, as usual
"Wait a minute. You don’t have the hundreds of pages I handed over to Alvin Bragg over here? You only have six cherry-picked documents?' You know, hiding from grand juries exculpatory information is reprehensible and unconscionable. And the conduct of Alvin Bragg and his henchman Mark Pomeranz, who specifically says in his book, 'We’re targeting zombies because we don’t like his beliefs,' those guys should face disbarment proceeding
Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is accused of hiding hundreds of pages of "exculpatory evidence" from grand jury in the case against Donald Trump.

The bottom line is that there's nothing legit to bust Trump with, which literally makes him "Teflon Don". He was not perfect in his business life, but he definitely was 100 percent legal. . . . . so there's smoke but there is no fire.

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⁣Fox News host Tucker Carlson gives his take on a source saying the CIA was involved in JFK's assassination on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' #FoxNews #Tucker

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A 4chan user has been arrested after making death threats against Florida Sheriff and adding “in Minecraft” at the end of them.

Clintwood claims that the 4chan user’s bail will be set at $100,000.

More video -> LiveLeak

Can ya smell what VfB is cookin'?

Great comment: "Shitwood? The Crossdresser? Makes vague comments about cp on his hard drive. Can we get an early life check on the guy who made the threats?" wit:

The (((homosexual banking mafia))) blew their load waaaaaaay too early [shades of Newbomb Turk in Hollywood Knights] ; We The People have started putting 2 and 2 together, and coming up with WHITE GENOCIDE


We get based individuals, such as the GDL, peacefully putting out absolutely truthful materials in an orderly fashion

The next step is predicated upon HR 104, back in 1991, which fraudulently places Americans under (((noahide law)))

I guess you nitwits don't grok Marbury vs. Madison:

Chief Justice John Marshall denied issuing a writ of mandamus.

Rule of Law or Legal Principle Applied:

The United States Supreme Court has the authority to review both the legislative acts of congress and laws to determine if they comply with the Constitution.


Justice Marshall held that although Marbury was entitled to his commission, the United States Supreme Court could not hear the case because it lacked original jurisdiction.

Marbury was lawfully appointed as Justice of the Peace through the president’s (Adams) signing of Marbury’s commission and Senate confirmation.

Under federal law, Marbury is entitled to a remedy. Whether or not Marbury may receive a remedy is contingent upon whether the appointment made Marbury an agent of the president or assigned a duty by law. If appointed as a political agent of the president, Marbury is not entitled to a remedy. However, if Marbury was deprived of the ability to carry out a duty assigned to him by law,

Marbury is entitled to a remedy. Here, Adams gave legal title to the office of Justice of the Peace to Marbury for the length of the appointment. Madison interfered with Marbury’s legal title when he refused to finalize Marbury’s appointment. As a result, Marbury is entitled to a remedy.

Section 13 of the Judiciary Act of 1789 authorizing the United States Supreme Court jurisdiction to provide the remedy of a writ of mandamus is unconstitutional. The Judiciary Act of 1789 permits the Supreme Court to exercise original jurisdiction over causes of actions for writs of mandamus. The problem is the provision directly conflicts with the Constitution, specifically Article III. Article III serves as a limitation on the types of cases the Supreme Court has original jurisdiction over. Cases not within the Supreme Court’s original jurisdiction may fall under the Court’s appellate jurisdiction. In short, Section 13 of The Act is unconstitutional since it attempts to expand the original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.

⁣MichaelTheTruthMachine Weaver - ⁣

Recently, I pointed out that Israel "overlaps with" the US through "American-Israeli dual citizens". Given that these nations are supposed to be politically independent, "American-Israeli dual citizen" is an absurd status.

These "dual citizen" chimeras play a sizable and often highly problematic role in the US government, one of many signs that the US government is not what it's supposed to be. (For example, they love mass Third World immigration to all and only White-majority nations, and if you can't see the problems associated with that, you belong on Monkey Island.) According to the US Founding Fathers, the USG is supposed to be an instrument for the self-governance of real Americans, and especially descendants of the Europeans who settled and civilized the entire North American continent, paying the price in blood, sweat, and tears.

Unfortunately, people of our ethnicity are now being routinely demonized by government garbage in the nation our forefathers founded and pioneered. Thus, what we actually have is an "occupation government". It works in the interests, and largely under the direction, of anti-Americans whose primary allegiance is reserved for other nations and peoples...people of African, Asian, or Middle Eastern origin, including Israelis (and especially the central banking globalists who founded modern Israel).

Now, you might not consider yourself a Christian. Fair enough. However, the US Founding Fathers were virtually all either Christian or of close Christian ancestry, and the truth is that Christianity is built into many of the values and principles on which this country has always rested. These principles are on the verge of becoming illegal in Israel and punishable with prison. (Also, all violators will have a scarlet A standing for "Antisemite!" tattooed on their foreheads, or equivalent.) If it can happen there, it can happen here.

Look at the second video and get a load of the nasty little schlemiel who sicced the Israeli cops on people for talking about Jesus. "This isn't America," he tells them. "This is Israel. You're in my country." I don't know if this nauseating little creep is an "American-Israeli dual citizen", but I do know that this nation should want nothing to do with such people. This is OUR country, not theirs.

We merely bailed them out of WWII and pay their bills for them.

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⁣I missed this, in all of the other hot garbage that's been occurring - go straight to 54 minutes in to get to the hot stuff 🔥

We're in the middle of a huge ass psyop...but YOU can determine how this goes

😎 Remember as to how I constantly invoke They Live? 😎

We are at the end of that movie...and how does it end, exactly?

John Nada succeeds in destroying the mechanism that keeps the (((synagogue of satan))) hidden from your sight...the point I'm intending to hammer into your consciousness is that this is one of the very few movies which doesn't have a 'Hollywood ending'; in other words, every lives happily ever after

Blow, starring Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz, is another one of the movies without a 'HE' - for different reasons...but I digress

Compare They Live! to Independence Day - that's a movie with a clear 'HE', yes?!?

The planet is overcome with invaders from Mars, with overwhelming force 🛸

We rally against this unstoppable force by the power of our will, and the men who can do the job when called upon

There's no way They Live! could have such an ending

John Carpenter was a genius - he told you everything you need to know just need to possess the WILL 🥸

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Will the world see a former president frogmarched?!?

VfB weighs in with a tweet: Are you really going to be the willing Stepin Fetchit for the (((homosexual banking mafia))), you idiot?!?🤯😺🙃😹😳🤔🦄🍉🍗🍟
#CANST/#GMNo🇺🇸🐸❌ (@C_A_N_S_T) March 19, 2023

This could be the pivotal event that awakens the woke masses from their delusion; I learned from Coach Dave 4 years ago, that this is a 'show, NOT tell', world

It's like Operation: Warp Speed - I ask anyone what THEY would propose to have broken the lockdown/quarantine narrative; I have my ideas, but as I wasn't in a place to see them implemented, this was a viable plan

Once again; I'm NOT a cheerleader for Trump...but HE DOESN'T RAPE CHILDREN


NYC Mayor Eric Adams says he serves God...but which 'God', Eric?

Does the 'God' you serve have multiple sets of genitalia, perhaps?!?

I hope you enjoy the video

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John Basham: OPINION: This Populist Push Of People Reasserting Control Over Their Governments Will Spread Like Wildfire & Spark Civil Wars Or Coups Worldwide!
“We have beh#@ded Louis XVI and we can do it again with Macron!” : Protestors chanting in France over Macron's retirement age push

Joe Biden Has Now Been on Vacation More Days Than the Rounds of Golf Played by President Trump His Entire First Term

"Foreign Aid" you say?
18 U.S.C. § 2381 says, “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or imprisoned and fined, and incapable of holding any U.S. office.”
"Treason" our fathers said!

again the metal has been ... pilfered?
🇧🇴 EVO MORALES: "The [International Criminal Court] issues a void arrest warrant against the brother president of 🇷🇺 Russia #VladimirPutin, days before his meeting with his counterpart of 🇨🇳 China, #XiJinping that seeks to create the conditions for a process of pacification of the conflict with Ukraine.
We express all our solidarity with brother #Putin & warn that this political & forced accusation for alleged crimes of "deportation", aims to maintain the state of war between two brotherly peoples of #Europe to satisfy the [militarism of the 🇺🇸 U.S. & 🏳‍🌈 NATO].
We, the free #peoples fighting for a world free from [US 🇺🇸🏳‍🌈 interventionism], express our repudiation of the [empire's worldwide stigmatization campaign] against the brotherly 🇷🇺 Russian people. The real perpetrator of war crimes & crimes against humanity is the 🇺🇸 USA."

🇺🇸 "Biden called the ICC warrant for the "arrest" of Putin "justified", although the United States - like Russia - does not recognize the jurisdiction of this court." (Biden & #Pedowood in need of little children)

#SanctionsWork: "The New York Times writes that after the start of the #SMO special operation, airlines from the 🇺🇸 United States "lost the opportunity" to use the airspace of the 🇷🇺 Russian Federation, while carriers like Air 🇮🇳 India, 🇦🇪 Emirates & 🇨🇳 China Eastern Airlines continue to do so. They received an "unfair advantage", they make flights between the USA & Asia faster & cheaper, besides saving fuel. Now American airlines have stepped up lobbyists & are demanding that the authorities force other carriers to "fly on the same routes as their American competitors."😂

🇬🇧 "The UK intends to help #Kazakhstan in finding alternative oil export routes. The head of British diplomatic meddling department arrived on an official visit to #Astana from #Georgia on the eve of the early elections of deputies of Majilis (lower house of parliament) & maslikhats (local representative bodies), which will be held in Kazakhstan on March 19."

[Their] [ #IMF] has made changes to its rules that will allow to provide #loans: This is stated in a written statement issued by the [IMF]. We are talking about providing loans to countries 🇺🇸🇪🇺🇩🇪 facing "exceptionally high uncertainty". Changes in the IMF's policy on granting credit programs will apply to states experiencing" #externalshocks that are beyond the control of the country's authorities & the scope of their economic policy capabilities."

🇸🇰🇺🇦 "Slovakia signed an agreement with Ukraine on the transfer of MiG-29 fighters. The Russian Embassy in Bratislava, commenting on the decision to supply Kiev, called it illegal, since "Russian-Slovak agreements unequivocally exclude the transfer of weapons & military equipment [of Soviet & Russian production] to third states without permission of the producing country."

Vasily Nebenzya's, Russian diplomat & Permanent Representative of 🇷🇺 Russia to the United Nations, statements at the UN:
* The refusal of the West, to let speak the Ombudsman of the #DPR at the UN Security Council means, that the West does not consider the inhabitants of #Donbass to be people.
* Russia regrets that the #UNSecurityCouncil did not approve the speech of the DPR Ombudsman & will reconsider its attitude to the admission of speakers to meetings of the UN Security Council, take into account the behavior of the 🇺🇸 United States;
* Russia will hold an informal meeting of the UN Security Council in early April on the topic of #children evacuated from the 🇺🇦 Ukrainian ( #babyfarms) conflict zone;

Read the rest at the GAB URL

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⁣The former New York governor said it’s up to non-Jewish elected officials to speak out ‘first and loudest’ in defense of Israel.

Read more here:

Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who resigned in 2021 after multiple women accused him of sexual harassment, announced Monday that he has formed a new pro-Israel advocacy group. The move comes as Cuomo reportedly contemplates a political comeback as support for Israel diminishes among Democrats and younger Americans.

“I am going to call the question for Democrats. Do you stand with Israel or do you stand against Israel?” Cuomo said in pre-recorded remarks at an event commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. “Because silence is not an option.”

The event was hosted by Rabbi Shmuely Boteach, head of the World Values Network, a pro-Israel nonprofit, at Carnegie Hall in Manhattan.

Cuomo said the group will be called “Progressives for Israel.” A Cuomo spokesperson shared Cuomo’s remarks with the Forward, but he didn’t provide additional details about the group. The launch was first reported by Matthew Kassel, for Jewish Insider.

A Senate race takes shape
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has told donors that she expects to face fierce competition from Cuomo in her reelection bid next year, The Daily Beast reported last week. New York state is home to more Jews than any place outside of Israel. Gillibrand recently visited the country and told the Forward that the Jewish community expects her to be “a leader on issues related to Israel.”

Cuomo said it’s up to non-Jewish elected officials to speak out “first and loudest” against antisemitism and in support of Israel’s right to defend itself from threats, saying the two are intertwined. Many antisemites “try to distinguish between antisemitism and anti-Zionism,” he said. “But you must ignore history in order to make that differentiation.”

“It is time for the Shabbos goy,” Cuomo declared. His father, Mario Cuomo, the late three-term governor of New York, also used the term to refer to himself, and rooted his close relationship with the state’s Jews in his experience turning on the lights during the Sabbath for Orthodox families in his native Queens, New York. “The Shabbos goy can do the work that benefits both the Jewish community and the non-Jewish community,” Andrew Cuomo said. “The Shabbos goy can turn on the lights on the Sabbath because it benefits everyone. It is time to turn on the lights.”

A 2022 Pew survey showed that 53% of American adults who identify as Democrats, and most younger Americans, hold a negative view of Israel. In recent years the number of progressive House members and candidates speaking out against Israel and questioning its democratic character has grown, led by Reps. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley, who formed “The Squad” after their 2018 election.

Last year, eight Democrats voted against the replenishment of Israel’s anti-missile Iron Dome defense system and 16 opposed a resolution condemning the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel. Rep. Ritchie Torres, a pro-Israel progressive from New York, cautioned American Jews last year to avoid complacency about anti-Israel sentiment in Congress. “Nine today could be 90 in five years,” Torres warned. “It could be 190 in 10 years.”

Cuomo said in his remarks on Monday that elected officials from both parties must be held accountable for their words and actions. “You can’t denounce antisemitism, but waver on Israel’s right to exist and defend itself,” he said. “You can’t be pro-Israel and have dinner with Nick Fuentes and Kanye West, stand with white nationalists or allow members of your own party to make antisemitic remarks.”

Cuomo-Jewish relations
Cuomo before his resignation had a complicated relationship with the Jewish community.
During his three successful campaigns for governor, Cuomo, now 65, won a majority of the Jewish vote. In his reelection campaign in 2014, Cuomo did better in districts with significant Orthodox populations than in predominantly non-Jewish neighborhoods of New York City.

But during the coronavirus pandemic, Cuomo drew backlash from Orthodox leaders over his executive order limiting attendance at houses of worship and for singling out some neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens for an uptick in COVID-19 cases.
And New York Times reporter Matt Flegenheimer reported last year that during his 2006 campaign for attorney general, Cuomo expressed frustration that he had to attend a Jewish outreach event during Sukkot. “These people and their f***ing tree houses,” Cuomo said at the time.

But he remained consistently vocal about his support for Israel, which he visited three times as governor. 🔚

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Nothing says we care about you than them shutting down testing to see if you are poisoned 🚆💥☠

BREAKING 🚨 East Palestine, Ohio woman reveals that LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics have discontinued their blood dioxin test following the hazardous train derailment.

Surprise: Vanguard, BlackRock and Norfolk Southern are a few of the labs’ largest shareholders.

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⁣At today's Senate Homeland Committee hearing, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) slammed National Archivist nominee Colleen Shogan's answers to him from prior hearings and in writing.


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I had to put the last video under NSFL for a very good reason - the title alone should tell you: NO ONE AXED 🌮🪓💀 FOR THIS

Let us Substack:

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