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⁣Live DEMONIC RITUAL During Eurovision Song Contest | Kap Reacts

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Another great take on this issue by Pastor Kap Chapfield. From the video is an interesting comment. "The satanic music industry is nothing more than audio porn."
Both these posts are warnings to be diligent in what your children are consuming. It will corrupt their souls.

No more overkill after this commentary .


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⁣VfB wasn't the only one whom saw #covidiocracy coming:


Has he lost his spine?
Bloodstream full of protein spikes
Can he think at all?
Or will he boost again next fall?

Is he man or bot?
Has he one coherent thought?
Not a single care
NPCs aren't self aware

Blood flow half congealed
Makes his own magnetic field
When he travels now
Metal detectors always sound

Nobody warned him
He just waits for a cure

Hoping for refunds
That will never occur

Now the truth is clear
Poor Prion Man was swayed by fear
People like Bill Gates
Kill the plebs they claim to save

Nobody told him
He just trusted their meds

They didn't help him
Now he has his regrets

He's intubated
Tiktok nurses soon forget
Struggling in hospital bed
Prion Man meets his end


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⁣This music video by Harvard Medical School made me lose my will to live
Why is it that libtards think the general public likes this gay ass corny shit?! 🇺🇸Join👉 @SGTnewsNetwork
#covidiocracy has hit a crescendo!

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⁣She is just rocking it!🥁🎸

Hey kids - just be sure NEVER to choose Brian Peck for anything!

There's tons of talented people out there...and many of them are children - would you want to see their candles snuffed because of a predator?

Luke 17:2
King James Version
2 It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.


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⁣Meet my new pal, Layton Howerton! He was on Coach's show this morning!
This is the official music video for Layton Howerton's "Holy Place". Thank you for liking and sharing this with your friends!
Wherever you find grace, it's a holy place...
Layton ended the show with three words: FOCUS YOUR MECHANISM 🧰

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⁣With Diddy, Jay Z, Usher, Justin Bieber, Britney, Meek Mill and others entering the spotlight, expect to see more about the executives behind the system including Clive Davis, Lucian Grainge and Lyor Cohen.

The musical acts overwhelmingly support the old guard and Obama-Biden-Jarrett-Clinton-Rice-Harris agenda, but will find it much harder this time.

Lyor Cohen


These few men controlled the music industry from the mid 80s till the present day:

Clive Davis
Jimmy Iovine
Lyor Cohen
Lucian Grainge- Universal Music

Found an interesting article that may shed some light upon those nebulous YouTube community standards:

YouTube and Google‘s global head of music Lyor Cohen has been confirmed to receive City of Hope’s highest honor, the Spirit of Life Award, at its fall gala.

The veteran music executive will receive the shine on Oct. 18 at West Hollywood’s Pacific Design Center. The Spirit of Life Award is “presented to an esteemed community of industry leaders around the world who have made a significant commitment to improving the lives of others through the advancement of research and clinical innovation and the delivery of personalized, compassionate care,” per City of Hope.

Once he takes a spin at the podium, Lyor will join a list of previous recipients that includes Shelli and Irving Azoff, Edgar Bronfman Jr., Coran Capshaw, Eddy Cue, Clive Davis, Lucian Grainge, Allen Grubman, Quincy Jones, Rob Light, Monte and Avery Lipman, Doug Morris, Mo Ostin, Bob Pittman, Jon Platt and Sylvia Rhone, among others.

“If you have the opportunity to give a gift back to the industry you love, with an organization like City of Hope, whose doctors and scientists’ passion for helping others is so extraordinary, it’s a no-brainer,” Cohen said. “My career has been shaped by a contrarian point of view. Open to making mistakes, making big bets, unpopular decisions and being comfortable with change; that is how culture shifts and how breakthroughs happen. To me, these are many of the same qualities that make City of Hope’s mission to transform the future of cancer care across all communities so impactful.”

Cohen began his career as a road manager for Run DMC and the Beastie Boys, before taking on a variety of leadership roles across the music business, from management to the highest-level C-suites. His resume features top posts as Def Jam, Island Def Jam Music Group, Warner Music Group, 300 Entertainment and now, YouTube. Cohen sits on the board of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the National Independent Venue Association, and is an acting director for SCAN-Harbor.

“In addition to Lyor powering American hip hop as a cultural and musical phenomenon, I have known him to have a big heart and passion when it comes to helping others. This is certainly a prime example of that as he now takes an incredible step in helping City of Hope fight cancer, diabetes and HIV,” offered Evan Lamberg, president of Universal Music Publishing Group North America and president of City of Hope’s music, film and entertainment industry board.

News of Cohen’s honor kicks off a year long fundraising initiative for City of Hope that fundraisers like the Taste of Hope wine dinner and auction (May 17 in New York), Music Trivia Bowl (July 20 in Los Angeles) and the Songs of Hope event.

OK, terrific!

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⁣It's all about PERCEPTION OF REALITY; not reality in and of itself - who DARES...WINS 🥸

Crawling to your next vax appointment?
Better get started now!

This video was just begging for the Prokofiev.
music : Prokofiev - Dance of the Knights
video: crawling to your next vax -unknown author (if you know let me know so I can give credit and link).

It's Art!

I would be remiss if I didn't point out the incredible wonders and choreography this piece of music was originally intended for.
the video above is like its doppelganger

CDC Quietly Declares Unboosted Equals Unvaccinated
The message is clear — if you are vaccinated but un-boosted, you need to take the same level of precaution as those who have never been vaccinated.


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⁣Whenever the goal is met, we celebrate by playing a BASED song - this is but one of them



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⁣This may exist on my channel, but the search function won't pony it up - this was posted back in the beginning of the (((plandemic)))
Thanks once again to Joey Dunlop
An excerpt:
Anons on Jim Rizoli's channel are maniacs!: 🫥
had to unsub, this is fucking retarded
fnp schizophrenia is a contagious disease
⮡ EthnicPancakeCandid
thank you for your concern but we can't catch it from you over ther internet, silly! please resub asap.
⮡ FlowerChefNova
What if the nano tech from the CON-VID jab gets a connection to the Wi-Fi ?
⮡ MicroLondonPuma
then they capture your soul into the mainframe
The bible, the greatest bullshit story ever told.
Tron (1982) was a warning
Bible made up by jews,christians bowing down for jewsus
what a load of crap
The Industrial Revolution was just tech from the past revived for now
⮡ CanoePigmentVendor
It was predictive MK ultra for the nokia snakes game...
methinks they protest too much?
Is this like, a conspiracy fiction channel?
⮡ MazeOzoneLocate
Nice Try Shlomo
Protect Our Nation against Enemies, Foreign and Domestic!
The Churches that closed down during the "pandemic" proved their fear is stronger than their Faith/
⮡ HabitatListBiology
The holohoax stuff, I get. That's true, but the other stuff like the Earth being flat, everything being fake doesn't seem rational
The struggle between the people and the hatred amongst them is being nurtured by very specific interested parties..
It is a small, rootless, international clique that is turning the people against each other, that does not want them to have peace...
It is the people who are at home both nowhere and everywhere,
who do not have anywhere a soil on which they have grown up, but who live in Berlin today, in Brussels tomorrow, Paris the day after that...
Hmm this rant saves every comment,beware.hi cia see ya
⮡ VegaUnderRadio
Whos claiming everythings fake?
⮡ CaveHeroicSize
Space-Time is real, but politics is one fake Judaized pile of shit.
⮡ CaveHeroicSize
fake shill phile
All is fake,a world overtaken by jews that control the downfall of free will.Its all downhill from here,its just getting started.
⮡ HarborKingVanilla
Phil shows his face, unlike you who lie all the time
⮡ Fakenukes
showing your face = honest
I have a bridge to sell you
Antisemitism , the inaccurate word of manipulation and intimidation....they are the Synagogue of Satan!
The Jewish Supremacist wants to control the conversation. NOT going to happen!
The Jewish Supremacist is gaslighting!
⮡ BarcodeDragonAlgebra
They could call it anything and use the same tactic, and the stupid Goyim would eat it up. Just like all the other fairy tales.
The Jew cries out as he strikes you...the Jew only cares about the Jew and despises the Non Jew or Goy/ To the Jew truth is antisemitism.
Expose the Talmud, Expose the Jews!
We dont edit our language for the Jew! EVER!!!
There is the Jewish version of history and then there is the TRUTH!
October 7th is not a unique higher level of evil in world history.
Reject the term antisemitism and the Rabbi who thinks Jewish innocent life is worth more than Palestinian innocent life
Jewish Ritual Murder aka Blood Libel happened/
Pornography is a Jewish business. Al Goldstein is the name the rabbi pretended not to know. A rabbi owns Pornhub...Lets not play pretend rabbi.
Oh its just a Cohenincidence eh Rabbi?
Its time for the Jewish Supremacists to take responsibility for the damage they have done to the world and America!
In plain English the rabbi was full of crap/
Pornography is low hanging fruit, the banking is the key.
If banking is the heart of the Beast, then Bitcoin is the stake.

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⁣Credit for this goes to OMGITSFLOOD 🌊 [GDL 🚨 PaperGoy driver in distress! - VfB] [Music begins at 1:30]

NSCALI209 is in custody for 90 days; GiveSendGo shut down the fundraiser [this is Shane’s girlfriend] I had plans for that money and GiveSendGo refunded all of it, now I’m not sure what I’m going to do. It’s looking pretty bleak. I work but it’s not enough to make ends meet while Shane is gone.

Ideas and assistance welcome:

I just set up a buymeacoffee.. Hopefully it will work. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Thank you everyone for sharing and caring as well as keeping us in your thoughts and prayers! 🤍


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⁣This is the copy with lyrics, so that you can sing it as you walk down the street 🇺🇲
Buttercup: “Westley, what about the R.O.U.S.’s?”
Westley: “Rodents of Unusual Size? I don’t think they exist.”

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⁣Today, on what would have been Michael’s 62nd birthday, director Spike Lee released a new video for Michael’s classic song ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ (TDCAU).
The new video brings together the two versions of the song Michael originally shot; the Brazilian version and Prison version. It also inserts new footage from the protests that have happened around the world this year in support of Black Lives Matter [certain he wasn't aware of its true nature - VfB].
The original two videos were shot in 1996, when Michael decided TDCAU should be the fifth single released from his 1995 album ‘HIStory’. While shooting in Brazil, Michael was surrounded by crowds of residents as he danced and sang in the street. They danced on the rooftops and from the balconies of their homes. Some women even managed to push through security to hug Michael, at one point accidentally pushing him over. Spike Lee helped Michael get up, while the King of Pop continued to sing and dance. The footage made it into the final cut. Michale’s filming in that part of Brazil is credited as now being partially responsible for the improvement and wealth in the local area.
The new 2020 video is an extension of the song being regularly being played and spoken about this year due to the Black Lives Matter movement gaining much more attention after a number of police shootings of black people. Lee debuted the video in the live stream of his annual BK loves MJ block party, which was this year streamed virtually on YouTube.
MJWN Founder: Adrian Grant
MJWN President: Jayne Ross
MJWN Spokesman: Matt Blank
News & Web Content: Paula Katsikas, Matt Blank, Jayne Ross & Ashley Ross
Book Reviews: Kate Allen
Photographs courtesy of:
MJJ Productions
Sony Music
CTE Productions, Ltd.
Harrison Funk
L’uomo Vouge
Ebony Magazine
Heidi Benz
Simon Stent
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The plot sickens...

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⁣The famous dueling banjos scene from the 1972 thriller film Deliverance. The film was shot on and around the Chattooga River in Rabun County, Georgia.

Deliverance is a 1972 American thriller film directed by John Boorman, and starring Jon Voight, Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty and Ronny Cox. Four Atlanta yuppies, Lewis Medlock, Ed Gentry, Bobby Trippe, and Drew Ballinger, decide to canoe down a river in the remote northern Georgia wilderness. The weekend escape turns out to be an escape from the death.

The role of the boy playing the Banjo (the banjo boy) was played by Billy Redden, a local teenager in Georgia. He was selected for a role in Deliverance from his school in Georgia by the director John Boorman. But he didn’t see much money from it and worked at a Walmart to earn his living.



AltCastTV & Odysee thumbnail:

The banjo-playing star of the 1972 thriller film Deliverance looks unrecognizable

Billy Redden, now 66, played Lonnie, a 'backwoods mountain' boy in the movie

He now looks completely unrecognizable and has ditched showbiz

The banjo-playing teen star of the 1972 thriller film Deliverance looks unrecognizable more than five decades after the movie's release as he turns his back on showbiz.

51 years after the film hit theaters, movie lovers are still gushing over the unique character who strummed a banjo in many memorable scenes. However, he has since done his best to vanish from the spotlight and now looks shockingly different from his character.

Billy Redden, now 66, shot to fame when he was just 15 years old by portraying Lonnie, a 'backwoods mountain boy' who blew everyone away with his banjo skills.

Since the film's release, he turned his back on both Hollywood and the banjo as he now takes on a string of jobs to make ends meet and looks nothing like he did when he rose to stardom over 50 years ago.

At the time of the film, Billy wasn't a trained actor but lived in Rabun County, Georgia, which is where the movie was shot.

He was cast due to his thin figure and narrow eyes that made him look like the perfect man for the part.

The flick starred Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty, Ronny Cox, and Jon Voight. The actors play four city-slicker pals who take a canoeing trip to Georgia

The flick starred Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty, Ronny Cox, and Jon Voight. The actors play four city-slicker pals who take a canoeing trip to Georgia

But, now, Billy looks completely different than he once did at 15.

He was last seen sporting a short haircut, glasses, and slight scruff as he held onto his reliable banjo.

The flick starred Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty, Ronny Cox, and Jon Voight. The actors play four city-slicker pals who take a canoeing trip to Georgia.

The friends are determined to take one last trip down a river, however, it quickly takes a dark turn.

Things get even more heated when the businessmen develop an attitude with the locals, prompting the character Drew to enter a musical duel with Lonnie.

Despite the scene becoming famously known as the dueling banjos, it was later revealed that Billy had to wear a special shirt that allowed someone else to stick their hands through and play the banjo during filming since Billy wasn't musically trained.

Following the release of the movie, Billy tried to hold onto his fame for a short period by organizing tourist trips down the Chattooga River, which was featured in the movie.

He played 'banjo man' in a number of other films, including Tim Burton’s 2003 hit Big Fish, Outrage: Born in Terror, Blue Collar TV, and Blastfighter.

He officially left showbiz behind in 2009 and took on other jobs such as a cook, dishwasher, and store associate at Walmart to get by.

Since his departure from the spotlight, he has done everything possible to get rid of the image tied to those in his county that came from the film.

In the 2012 documentary, The Deliverance of Rabun County, he said: 'We're not a bad people up here, we're a loving people. Rabun County is a pretty good town. It's real peaceful, not a lot of crime going on. Everybody pretty much gets along with everybody.'

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⁣This is a quote from a bud: "Trump is probably worse on Israel. He will do more to help them. Better on the border."
I would advise the ones whom insist upon the nomenclature of 'jews', against Revelations 2:9, 3:9 and a host of other scripture, to do whatever Donnie advises - he does habs yore best interests at heart
On to the TDS trolling 🥸
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Bing bong bing bong bing bing bing let's indict the MF!

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Figured that'd trigger you, if that title didn't - this is part of an attack upon mein bruder @WanderersChoice; here's where things apparently went off the rails:
"This is so triggering. Absolutely chilling. Consider yourself warned." - original comment with the video. I have to agree.
AltCastTV thumbnail:
Now, VfB will confess to having been preoccupied with grokking out his new account in SCORES: - come on by and hook me up,, brah 🐸
So I see T 😹
Now, this is far from resolved, but VfB'll habs things sorted in a mo' 🥸 [the only thing I changed in the title was to exchange one period for a guitar and even things up; otherwise, no alteration of said comment - VfB]
[Inadvertenly left the CAPS LOCK on when I just typed that - leaving it]
Lots of infighting - I think subliminals are being inserted into our media; as an avid reader, I'm fairly immune...but doesn't do me a bit of good - we've already won this, but we can't surrender the reins of power to any moar scumbags
I've NOT been a fan of 'AI' up until this point, but Elon Musk, or someone within earshot, got the bright idea to use GROK to parse the monstrous mega-volume bills that our (((representatives))) ass rape us via legalese - and largely without lube
Thursday, I came up with the idea of BILLWATCH - this can be verified by the aftershow crue at CoachDaveLive 🏈😇 - good to know that the 'great minds' adage still holds, even in PEAK GORILLA GRIP CLOWN WORLD 🦍🤡🌍
So...I'll be back with an update, which notification of will be posted above, and continued below
Unlike TaterTot 🥔☢🔥, VfB won't leave you out there - only way that happens is because I'm laying there next to you 🇺🇸
Without further ado - The Castellows - No. 7 Road (Official Music Video)

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⁣Most recently featured on Handsome Truth's shoah!
AltCastTV & Odysee thumbnail:

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⁣VfB confessed to his musical leaning in the last music vid, but before the Bride of FrankenFoot got a divorce from our boy...and took the house with her 🦵, he was also quite the dancer, which means he enjoyed all kinds of good music

This is one of those pieces being offered from our parallel lifestyle - before we get to the vid, the realization came that...THESE IDIOTS ARE ALL PLAYING PRETEND 🤡🌎

VfB don't play dat shite, frens 🐸


AltCastTV thumbnail:

I read Mein Kampf before the bible
I read the jews were gonna screw us all
Now pay close attention, really be aware
Cause if you don’t they’ll make your life too hard to bear
[Rap Verse One]
Hey yo, I know you never heard this before
The jew is who …

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⁣Rob Rundo UPDATE:

🚨 RR has been RE-ARRESTED 🚨 [as of yesterday evening]

Re-posting this - just like Paul Gabriel Gosselin, Rob Rundo was selected by a cabal of scumbags - expose their deeds to the light, and the cage dissolves 🇺🇲⚖


AltCastTV & Odysee thumbnail:

My all-time favorite video. In the interest of preserving this video for posterity, I converted it into MP4 because I knew eventually the JewTube faggots would delete it.

(They eventually did, not long after saving it.)

We all know if it had been a Trump supporter getting their asses kicked, it would still be online.
Don't you just love seeing this triggered SJW beeotch get the living snot beat out of her in one fell swoop punch, especially after she begged for it?

This little 2 bit slut who goes by Venus Rosales on all of the porn sites advertising sex was throwing bottles at innocent bystanders all day the day she got her ass kicked, then she had the gall to set-up a GoFundMe account to pay her hospital bill and to my knowledge it was never defunded like you would expect, considering a worthy cause of a recent baby's vaccine injuries was removed and censored by the crowd funding site. Our world has gone totally insane and it would seem the lunatics are definitely in charge of the asylum!

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⁣VfB never fell into the gangsta rap crap; classic rock | metalhead at heart ❤‍🔥
The Pipe Dreamer Feat. Z_Kyle
Deep State
Thanks to The Pipe Dreamer and Flood

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