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Write yore own jokes, frens 🐸 we habs memed reality


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Coach Huggins rescinds his apology.

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VfB went and got himself an agent - the best in the business

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⁣"I'm known as the 'Nostradamus of the Art World' because my paintings foreshadow events but It's not that I can see the future, it's that as an artist, I've met the people who forge our future." - Victor-Hugo Vaca II

Public Trust Plummets As Fake News Media Spreads Misinformation and Lies While Ignoring Prescient Eyewitness Observations from New York Born Hispanic-American Artist Who Lived Through The Chinese Coronavirus Pandemic Outbreak In China. Now, stuck in the former Soviet Union as a dissident American Refugee due to the Chinese Coronavirus shutting down all international flights and forced PCR Test lobotomies and deadly, experimental vaccines required to travel back to the homeland he served to protect as a United States Naval Academy Midshipman Officer, the Nostradamus of the Art World, Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo, shares modern art gonzo journalism with global citizens.

“My job is not to be politically correct; It is to witness, observe, analyze and document the beautiful chaos that surrounds us all, so that future generations can understand how we got to this moment in time.” - Victor-Hugo Vaca II

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'nigger soup'?!?


I learn someting new every day...paying it forward, frens - DON'T SLEEP on the MACHETE NIGGERS

DGAF Linkappaalloozzaa ⁣🥸

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PDF] The Jew a Negro: Being a Study of the Jewish Ancestry from an Impartial Standpoint -

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🥋 go wurk oot, faggit 🥋

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VfB must go off

Earl "The Twirl' Cureton [ ⁣ ] appears at a COVID center and advocates for taking the death jab...with all the authority and celebrity his peanut head could evoke

No link to the story as of yet, but I did find this: - wonder how this program's working out for the 'youth'...but I digress

Are you fucking INSANO?!?

YOU did the 'research', yes?!?

NO, ya bloody didn't ⁣❌

Now, maybe you saw this - from your own city:

⁣Have there been other mRNA vaccines?

These are the first messenger RNA vaccines to be produced and tested in large-scale phase III human trials. The advantage of mRNA technology compared with conventional approaches is that it allows for faster development and scale-up of production. Vaccine development has traditionally been measured on the timeframe of a decade. It’s an amazing scientific accomplishment to be where we are right now. A year ago, most people had not even heard of this disease, and now healthcare workers are starting to receive a vaccine for it.

⁣How can people feel confident that these mRNA vaccines are effective and safe?

We now have data from tens of thousands of people, and they show that these vaccines are more than 90% effective in terms of preventing infections.
Some people have mild to moderate side effects, but they don’t last long — about one to three days. The most common side effects include soreness at the injection site, fatigue (feeling tired), headache, aches, and fever. They are more common after the second dose, and you might need extra rest. Severe side effects are rare and treatable. Experts at the US Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are still monitoring trial participants — and will continue to monitor them — as well as members of the general public who get the vaccine.

It’s very important for people to understand that these data are reviewed by groups independent from the pharmaceutical companies that make the drugs. These are experts who have no stake in the vaccine development or commercialization. I personally will have no hesitation in receiving either of these vaccines. I’m going to recommend to my family members and colleagues to take them.

The vaccines offer intermediate to long-term solutions to this pandemic. But we can’t give up the short-term measures that we know are effective, such as wearing masks, social distancing, and washing hands. There is light at the end of the tunnel. ⁣🧗

Nopes - that's a drop, baby ⁣😱

Yeah, many people are you bastards responsible for murdering with your time bomb snake oil? ⁣🐍💉☠

VfB DID the research, you putz

#PUREBLOOD, baby ⁣🩸

In other news👍

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⁣Marv Albert is one of the most recognizable voices on television. He's been on the radio and TV for over 50 years, and incredibly popular during the 1990s. Nowadays, he's known for messing up his commentary sometimes, but back then...he was involved in a scandal that could've ruined his image permanently. Hope you enjoy the video!

I make all kinds of NBA videos which include trivia, analysis, player stories, countdowns, conspiracies, and mysteries. Make sure to leave a like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video!

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► Music:
Rynos Theme by Kevin MacLeod
Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeod - Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. Find all of his songs and download them for free here:

► Sources:
Stats and box-scores from #nba

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FULL DISCLOSURE: When I used to play NHL '97 with my dearly departed brother, The Mouse, I'd choose the Edmonton Oilers 🏒

⁣Flyers defenseman Ivan Provorov refused to wear a rainbow jersey for warm ups during Pride night stating his Orthodox faith.
“I respect everybody and I respect everybody’s choices. My choice is to stay true to myself and my religion.”

Philadelphia Flyers hockey star Ivan Provorov is a Russian Orthodox Christian who actually believes in his religion, and as such, might just be History's Greatest Monster, apparently:
"Let me get this straight, you have a player that OPENLY declines to participate in an inclusive initiative for a community I am proud to be a part of. And you still dress him in the game? Be better @NHLFlyers"

Flyers defenseman Ivan Provorov cited his Russian Orthodox religion as the reason he did not participate in pregame warmups when the team wore Pride-themed jerseys and used sticks wrapped in rainbow Pride tape.

The 26-year-old Provorov boycotted the pregame skate with his teammates before Tuesday night's game against Anaheim as the Flyers celebrated their annual Pride night in celebration and support of the LGBTQ+ community. He played nearly 23 minutes in Philadelphia's 5-2 victory.

“I respect everybody's choices,” Provorov said after the game. “My choice is to stay true to myself and my religion. That's all I'm going to say.”

In a liberal society, that should be the end of it. But we don't live in a liberal society anymore. We live under a progressive soft totalitarianism. Here's a queer Olympic gold medalist wanting Provorov benched for bigotry:

Lotta stuff like this on Twitter. It's still too early to tell what the media response is going to be, but in truth, I think we know. Take a look below at Provorov answering a question about it after the game. The man is clearly respectful of people who disagree with him, but is not going to apologize for following his conscience in defiance of the Woke Totalitarians. The living God means more to him than the idols of this decadent age. Axios!

Josh Daws is 100 percent right:
These wokesters ruin sports by shoving cultural politics down people's throats until they gag. Witness the DC hockey team's activism. What does crap like this have to do with hockey?

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Booker T has hit out at Hulk Hogan's controversial comments about COVID-19 vaccines and how they may have resulted in the deaths of celebrities recently.
In a now-deleted reply on a Facebook post, Hogan alleged that actors Betty White and Sidney Poitier died after getting their COVID-19 shots.
WWE legend Booker T hit back at Hulk Hogan's recent controversial comments, in which he disputed Hogan's theory. He said that he didn't have any respect for those who made such inane comments.
"It's amazing some of the stuff people say when they just don't know. I really don't have a whole lot of respect for someone saying something like that, especially when they have no idea what happened to this person or not. Just what we are in the world today. Dammit, it could just be getting old," said Booker T.
The Hall of Famer also told his co-host Brad Gilmore to "pull" him back if he said something "stupid and radical" as Hogan did.
"If you ever find me in that place where I'm saying something stupid and radical, please, I beg you to pull me back because I think that's got a lot to do with a lot of these old guys going out and saying a lot of stupid stuff. I really do," said Booker T.
He also advised his listeners not to take medical advice from professional wrestlers.
"You definitely don't want to be listening to a professional wrestler about your medical problems going on (laughs). I just don't think that's wise," said the two-time Hall of Famer.
Hulk Hogan has never been far away from controversy
Tyler Conway @jtylerconway
"Hulk Hogan is against being injected and Kane is anti-mask
what’s next? finding out Stone Cold doesn’t even like beer?"
Hulk Hogan has been at the center of controversy throughout his career, which began in the 70s.
He was a central figure in WWE's steroid trials in the 90s and more recently went head-to-head with media house Gawker.
Hogan was also removed from the WWE Hall of Fame for racist comments that he made but was brought back into the fold in 2018.
booker tdeath jabhulk hoganjabtardswwe

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⁣Testosterone Part 1 💪🏈😇 Monday, October 10, 2022
Gabriels Health Ministry was founded by Dr. Paul Gosselin and Michael Heath in December of 2021
Support GHM:
Biotech analyst Karen Kingston unveils the covid vaccine 5G link + biosynthetic AI nanotech: