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⁣In this thought-provoking video, Jesse, with his 200k TikTok followers, dives deep into the intriguing topic of fossil formation and age. Contrary to popular belief, he presents a compelling argument that fossils might not be millions of years old but could have been created in a much shorter timeframe – just 24 hours!

Jesse, known for his insightful content on TikTok that combines science and philosophy to explore topics related to Jesus Christ, takes you on a journey through the world of fossils. He presents evidence and philosophical perspectives that challenge conventional wisdom.

Join Jesse in this enlightening exploration of fossils, where science and faith intersect, offering fresh insights into the mysteries of our Earth's history. Don't miss out on this eye-opening discussion that may change the way you think about fossils and their age. Like, subscribe, and share to support Jesse's mission to inspire thought and discussion on matters of faith and science.

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