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⁣NTSB Preliminary N300ER Challenger 300 Dana Hyde
NTSB Report:

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Jet Shook, Killing Ex-White House Aide, After Pilots Shut Off Key System, Report Says

Dana Hyde sustained fatal injuries during the flight in New England after pilots turned off a switch that controls a stabilizer function in the aircraft, a preliminary report said.

By Emily Schmall and Eduardo Medina
Published March 26, 2023
Updated March 27, 2023, 9:57 a.m. ET

A business jet carrying a former White House official this month pitched up and down in midair, causing her death, after pilots turned off a system that stabilizes the plane, the National Transportation Safety Board said in a preliminary report.

The pilots noticed several warnings related to system failures of the aircraft’s flight control as it traveled from Keene, N.H., to Leesburg, Va., on March 3, and they followed steps on a checklist, which advised them to turn off a switch that controls a stabilizer function in the aircraft, according to the report.

When the switch was turned off, it prompted the nose of the plane to swing upward, the report says. The plane then pointed down and jerked upward again in a roller-coaster-like motion before a pilot used both hands to regain control of it, the N.T.S.B. said.
“As soon as the switch position was moved, the airplane abruptly pitched up,” the report says. One of the pilots, in his account to investigators, estimated that the plane had oscillated up and down for a “few seconds.”

Shortly after the scare, the crew members were told by a passenger that the former White House official, Dana Hyde, 55, of Cabin John, Md., had been injured. Ms. Hyde, who was a senior adviser at the State Department under President Barack Obama and served as counsel on the 9/11 Commission, was taken to a hospital after the plane landed.

She died in the hospital from her injuries, the authorities said.

The people onboard the plane, a Bombardier Challenger 300, were subjected to forces about four times the pull of gravity, according to the report.

The authorities initially said that the plane had encountered “severe turbulence.” But the flight crew members told investigators that they “did not experience any remarkable turbulence during the flight,” the report says.

The jet was diverted to Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Conn.

Last year, the Federal Aviation Administration issued a directive to pilots flying the Bombardier Challenger 300 that instructed them to conduct extra safety tests before flights. The directive was prompted by several reports that the horizontal stabilizer caused the noses of planes to tilt down when pilots tried to make the plane climb, according to a rule from the F.A.A. in June last year.

Bombardier said in a statement on Sunday that it was “deeply saddened by this tragic event,” adding, “We extend our sincerest sympathies to all those affected by this accident.”

Bombardier said it was “carefully studying” the preliminary report from the N.T.S.B.

Ms. Hyde’s husband, Jonathan Chambers, said in a statement that they and their younger son had been flying home that day, after visiting schools in New England, when their plane “suddenly convulsed in a manner that violently threw the three of us.”
“Dana was the best person I ever knew,” he said, adding that she “never forgot her small-town eastern Oregonian roots.”

Ms. Hyde was a special assistant to the deputy attorney general in the Clinton administration, according to Columbia University.

She later served as associate director of the Office of Management and Budget during the Obama administration. She also helped establish the African Leadership University and worked at Jerusalem Venture Partners, a venture capital firm. “That’s a real résumé,” her husband said.

Mr. Chambers said his wife was “a wonderful mother to our boys.”

In a eulogy for Ms. Hyde delivered by Mr. Chambers’s older son, he dismissed the idea of living each day as if it were your last.
“I now realize that’s wrong,” the son said, according to Mr. Chambers. “You should live each day as if it’s the last of someone you love.”

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Back in 1912, the shipping line the White Star Line was bought out by an American named John Pierpont Morgan. Also known as JP, Morgan was a business man that had a lot of companies all over the United States, and then began to branch out. Morgan decided to venture into the shipping business, and bout a company called, International Navigation Company that he renamed International Mercantile Marine, which also became known as IMM. Once IMM was established, Morgan bean buying up shipping lines, and White Star Line was among them. The chairman of the line, J Bruce Ismay, was probably not thrilled that the company his father started had been bought out, but with the large bank account from JP Morgan at their disposal, the future seemed bright for White Star Line. However, tragedy struck when the RMS Titanic sunk on her maiden voyage, but was it truly an accident or did JP Morgan himself have something to do with the sinking? Here are some facts that may point the finger of blame at JP Morgan.

JP Morgan Was Booked On Titanic

The RMS Titanic had gained worldwide attention because of her size and luxurious accommodations. Some of the world’s wealthiest people were anxious to climb on board her, and the list of First Class passengers was full of very wealthy, and powerful, people. Among the cream of society was the name JP Morgan, and he had planned to be on her when she set sail from Southampton, England. Morgan was booked to stay in one of the parlor suites, one of the fanciest rooms on the sip, but a day or two before the sailing, Morgan cancelled. Why was it that Morgan decided not board the ship and sail with her? Was it illness or was there another reason Morgan cancelled his booking at the last minute? Did Morgan have inside information and knew the ship was doomed?

Milton Hershey Also Cancelled His Titanic Reservation

A powerful man like JP Morgan had a lot of friends, who also had their own companies, and one of them was Milton Hershey. The world’s most famous chocolate bar was started by Milton Hershey, and if he had sailed on Titanic, would the most famous chocolate bars in the world have ever existed? According to the conspiracy theory, Morgan warned Hershey about Titanic’s fate, and the chocolate man decided to take his friend’s advice.

Most of the Wealthy Passengers On Titanic Opposed the Federal Reserve System

The biggest reason in the world for JP Morgan to want the Titanic to sink was not because of the insurance money, but because of money of a different kind. There were three very prominent men on board the sip, and these three were opposed to the Federal Reserve, the system which protects banks to this day. To a businessman like JP Morgan , the Federal Reserve system would ensure he could carry on with business with some protection from the government. According to the conspiracy theory, Morgan arranged for these three powerful men to be on the Titanic, and with their untimely deaths came the end of the opposition to the Federal Reserve, which was founded in 1913. Could this have just been a coincidence or something more?

Did JP Morgan Read Futility?

Morgan-Robertson-wrote-his-book-named-‘Futility’Back in 1898, a man named Morgan Robertson wrote a book that has been called a psychic prediction to the sinking of the RMS Titanic. Robertson’s book involved some very rich and powerful men going down on an unsinkable ship on her maiden voyage. The similarities with the book, and what happened to the Titanic make some conspiracy theorists wonder if JP Morgan got inspired by the events in the novel, especially the part about the world’s richest and most powerful people that were doomed to die aboard the Titan.

John Pierpont Morgan, also known as JP Morgan, changed the way the United States does business. Even today, JP Morgan Chase is a company that exists, even though the man himself has been dead since 1913. While Morgan was responsible for creating some of the world’s most recognized companies, such as AT&T and General Electric, some people believe he was responsible for the sinking of the RMS Titanic. While many believe it was J Bruce Ismay that purposefully sank the Titanic, conspiracy theorists believe it was Morgan who ordered Ismay to scuttle the ship he himself was instrumental in creating. Whether or not JP Morgan was involved, what happened to the RMS Titanic was tragic, and it will never be forgotten.

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⁣The Justice Department said Merrick Garland held several meetings, including one with President Zelenskyy. ⁣🔯🍆

⁣Finally someone holds Merrick Garland accountable for his outrageous use of force in arresting a Catholic prolifer. He's incapable of enforcing this country's laws fairly; instead, he uses the FBI to protect his Jewish sacrament of abortion.


⁣From JSF: RUMOR: Project Lazarus genocide coverup✡💉

No more "Tiffany Dovers"

There is a rumor going around, supposedly started by a facebook engineer (working via the new name Meta) who claims a new AI is in the final stages and it's sole purpose is to cover up genocide. This new AI tracks the style and frequency of posts from users, so when they vanish it can auto generate new posts that make the person indistiguishably look like they are still alive, including aging, education progression, the whole 9 yards.

People using social media will be fooled by the AI and will not notice the crowd is thinning out and they probably won't figure it out until they themselves "die suddenly" or hear a knock at the door, and they probably won't figure out what happened to everyone on Facebook even then.

Think about it - for what other reason would facebook want to fake and obscure the fact that account users have vanished? Sure, you could say it's all economics and fake accounts might be possible to convert to cash, but if fake is all they want, they would not need to go through all the trouble of imitating real people, it would be easier to simply fake up new members from scratch. In fact, it would be a LOT easier to simply generate entirely fake people than to have to deal with millions of families saying "How is my deceased loved one still posting"? Unless that won't be an issue because entire circles of association are to be wiped out, like the communists in Russia did it -

After the bolshevik revolution, Russian communists managed the vanishing of people by killing entire families and all associates, so no one asked questions. This obviously took a lot of work because they had to figure out how to delete people by killing everyone without making it obvious while still maintaining a population that could carry forward. Nowadays, AI is going to assist in carrying out such a program with precision and it will be easy to do, because nowadays all people do is flick their phones, they, outside of work, don't actually know anyone face to face. And AI, which studied them constantly, can just keep right on posting and "maintaining relationships" without the disappearance ever being noticed. An AI can also manage family communications so meeting "face to face at christmas" can be delayed forever.

The people being deleted can simply be replaced by immigrants so neighborhoods don't empty out, in the end there will be only a few non-threatening bottom feeders left, musing at how all the homes around them filled up with foreigners. Relatives who happen to drop by will be left hanging, wondering what the hell happened, like the disappearance of "wally world" and if they raise enough of a stink, they can be eliminated also.

An ai that continues posting, creating perfect fakes of people that have been vanished is now probably the biggest threat we face, I believe it will happen and genocide will never be easier.

"The AI is truly remarkable. It's able to study an individual, create and store an entire lifetime of fictional holidays, meals, relationships and anything else that individual would be expected to post. This data is all stored and deployed by the AI on a schedule that makes sense for that individual. There are some tells that insiders can see that give away if it's the AI or a real person. Some of our work has been to eliminate those tells to make the AI as convincing as possible even to the people who are closest to the subject. We've done really great work but there's still some things that exist that the AI doesn't get right. I can probably post an example or two. I guess that could be considered proof and those are well known enough that it would be difficult to trace to me.

- One of the initial live tests were to create 50 fictitious people. The goal was to make these 50 people new hires at Meta and have them interact and build online relationships with other employees who were completely unaware that these 50 people didn't actually exist. By adding them as friends and giving a few pieces of starter content it was easy to get the ball rolling for other employees outside of our project to start adding the AI generated people as friends also and start interacting with them. These 50 generated accounts were not based off of real individuals so the results were wild. The AI came up with stuff that ranged from absolutely hilarious to completely horrifying. I guess that's pretty accurate for the human experience. That's more along the lines of a traditional bot but it goes to a much deeper level than a bot just reposting the current talking point. It's when we added to it live data on real individuals that things truly took off. It's astoundingly accurate with reproducing real individuals."

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⁣Fox News host Tucker Carlson examines the role diversity, equity and inclusion are playing in the aviation industry on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’


I think I've got a good one here!

Tucker Carlson blames Biden & minorities for aviation incidents

Tucker Carlson went on a nearly four minute rant last night. Let me summarize what he said, so you don’t actually have to watch it:

Aviation used to be safe until Biden became president, because “Biden imposed the principles of equity on the airlines, and that meant dramatically lowering hiring standards for pilots and for air traffic controllers”

Last week there was a go-around at Houston’s Airport that “terrified” passengers, yet the media isn’t talking about it (lol)

Carlson wants to know what’s going on, so he reached out to an unnamed United Airlines pilot, who claims that “under its woke CEO Scott Kirby, the airline has allowed politics and racialist ideologies to trump safety concerns,” putting the lives of passengers in grave danger

Carlson then quotes the same unnamed pilot who says he heard from another unnamed pilot that “the captain of the Maui flight was brand new,” and “there was a new-hire first officer,” and talks about how in the training simulators, a new pilot tried to make 25 landings, and “15 ended up in the dirt”

Southwest has also dramatically lowered its hiring standards, and people in Southwest’s academy largely end up flying for charter airline Swift Air, to “fly illegal aliens around the country without the American population knowing about it”

Carlson concludes that “this is what it looks like in real terms when you decide that identity is more important than aptitude in something critical like aviation”


Bottom line: Tucker Carlson is trying to insinuate that we’re seeing a series of aviation incidents because of President Biden’s “woke” policies.

Regardless of where you stand politically, this is patently false.

Yes, there’s reason to be concerned by the alarming number of near miss aviation incidents we’ve seen recently. These incidents are on some level happening because of the industry currently being less experienced than in the past.

However, that’s not because of any “woke” hiring practices, but rather because we have a pilot shortage. That pilot shortage is happening because of how many pilots took...[VfB sez 💉]

Before I even get my teeth into this; one of the hashtags is #diea - diversity, inclusion, equity and asshattery...well, misspelling IDEA doesn't seem to produce fruitful results...but I digress

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on how Trump can support the Biden administration's efforts in East Palestine, Ohio.

African Airplane Compilation | African Aviation
Inspiring progress being made by aspiring aviation engineers in Africa :)

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⁣VfB doesn't play games; he gets the JERB done!

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⁣Full list of everyone that ever flew on Jeffrey Epstein's private plane.


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I posted that deepfake earlier [check on https://AltCast.TV for more of them]...but this seems to be a real, tangible thing:

Newly-crowned Miss Texas under fire for anti-Semitic comments after allegedly 'complimenting' another contestant by saying: 'You look like Anne Frank coming out of the Holocaust'

Check my channel for the previously dropped client list info - I may add them later

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⁣An aircraft technician with Air India was killed Wednesday at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport when he was sucked into the engine of an aircraft that was getting ready to taxi.

The incident occurred as the Mumbai-Hyderabad flight AI 619 began its pushback at 8.46 pm.

The technician, Ravi Subramanian, got pulled into the engine and died instantly. Hours later, the process of extricating the severely mutilated body was still underway.

An investigation was announced by Air India immediately. The DGCA also ordered an inquiry.
mumbai-air-india759 Aircraft parked at the Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai, where a technician was killed Wednesday night. Express Photo/Vasant Prabhu

In a statement, Air India chairman and managing director Ashwani Lohani said, “We are deeply saddened and regret the tragic incident at Mumbai airport this evening when an Air India technician died in a mishap during pushback of flight AI 619. The incident is being investigated.”

Speaking to The Indian Express, Lohani said, “The flight was already boarded. It was ready for take-off. While it was pushing back to come on the airstrip, he (Subramanian) was working on the ground. His body got entangled in the engine.”

Pushback is the process of using tugs or tows to move an aircraft backward before it taxies out.

Subramaniam, 56, was a Vashi resident and worked as a service engineer. His job included disconnecting the pushcart from the aircraft before it moves towards the runway.
When the accident happened, an aircraft maintenance engineer was also with him.

According to the standard operating procedure, a maintenance engineer first gives clearance to the pilot by waving a red flag, after which the pilot can start the engine for taxiing out.

According to an eyewitness, it appeared that the flight captain may have started the engine before the clearance, though officials could not confirm this immediately.

Subramanian was near the nose wheel along with the pushcart when the engine started and he was sucked in.

The Mumbai Police is also investigating the accident. “Prima facie evidence indicates a case of accidental death, no one appears to be at fault,” Virendra Mishra, zonal DCP, said. A case of accidental death has been registered at the Sahar police station.