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⁣Video: Bike-Borne Robbers Attempt To Rob Woman In Argentina, Get Dose Of Instant Karma

Two motorbike-borne assailants who tried to rob a woman on the streets of Argentine capital Buenos Aires and got a dose of instant karma. Footage now going viral on social media shows the woman, who was actually a cop dressed in plain clothes, opening fire on the muggers and thwarting the attack.

According to Argentine news outlet Carlos Paz Vivo!, the incident happened last Wednesday. The suspects were in their late teens. A separate report by La Noticiade Quilmes said that both of them were arrested by the police.

Famous X account Colin Rugg also shared the video on his page. The clip has amassed over 3.3 million views, as per the video’s view counter.

They said that the incident happened at the intersection of General Manuel Savio and Bradley in Quilmes, Buenos Aires.

In the video, one of the bike-borne muggers is seen dismounting off the bike and moving towards the victim. The woman quickly turns and draws her service weapon and then fires three shots.

The first bullet struck the approaching mugger who collapsed immediately.

The policewoman, now on the ground, swiftly focused towards the other mugger, still on his bike.

The shooting stopped the robbery attempt and forced the muggers to flee and the policewoman escaped without injuries.

The thieves were arrested later when they visited a nearby hospital to seek treatment for gunshot wounds. One of the muggers arrived at the Iriarte Hospital. Cops arrested him after he matched the description of the attackers.

Hours later, staff at the Almirante Brown reported that another male with a minor wound on his left arm had been admitted to Oñativia Hospital in Rafael Calzada.

NEW: Motorcycle muggers 'find out' after a plainclothed policewoman pulls out a gun as they try to rob her.

The incident happened in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

As one of the thieves jumped off the bike and started moving towards her, the woman could be seen reaching for her [gat]


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⁣Heavy gunfire reported at 2 locations in Russia's Dagestan region. Synagogue on fire

Russia now claiming 12 cops wounded and six killed. They also killed an orthodox priest.



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⁣VfB enjoying the local colour on a rare Saturday 🤓

#skynews #kingcharles #princessofwales the Princess of Wales was among the royals to make their way out to the Buckingham Palace balcony to watch the RAF flypast.

Three chinook helicopters led the first of 10 waves of RAF aircraft for the flypast before the famous Red Arrows closed proceedings.

#skynews #kingcharles #princessofwales #royalfamily

Read the latest here:



What is Trooping the Colour? Princess Kate will attend King Charles' birthday parade

Princess Kate has announced is 'looking forward' to attending Trooping the Colour this weekend in her first public appearance since her cancer diagnosis

Princess Kate has announced she will attend Trooping the Colour this weekend - but what exactly is the event?

The Princess of Wales will make her her first public appearance at a royal engagement since her cancer diagnosis was announced in March.
Kate, who has taken time away from royal engagements, will be there along with thousands of people for King Charles' Birthday Parade.

In a new statement, she said: "I’m looking forward to attending The King’s Birthday Parade this weekend with my family and hope to join a few public engagements over the summer, but equally knowing I am not out of the woods yet."

Trooping the Colour takes place annually in London and is one of the most recognisable ceremonial events in the British Royal calendar.

It features an impressive display of pomp and pageantry, with thousands of troops parading down London's iconic Mall.

Trooping the Colour marks the official birthday of the British monarch. It dates back centuries and became an annual event from 1760.

The event is traditionally held on a Saturday in June, but the date is not fixed.

From 1979 to 2017 it was always held on the Saturday from June 11 to 17; however, in 2018 it was held on June 9 and in 2019 on June 8. This year it is scheduled for June 15.

King Charles's birthday is not on that date however, as he was born on November 14, but monarchs typically have two birthdays, with one marked by Trooping the Colour.

The Royal Family comes out in full force for the occasion, parading in carriages and on horseback before stepping out on the Buckingham Palace balcony to watch the RAF Flypast.

Trooping the Colour is one of the biggest military ceremonies of the year, featuring around 1,600 parading soldiers, 400 musicians and more than 200 horses.

Each year a different regimental colour (flag) is trooped and members of the five Foot Guards regiments take it in turns to lead the parade.

This year the Irish Guards will have the honour of trooping the colour.

Members of the Royal Family appear either on horseback or in elaborate carriages.

The King and Queen will then lead members of the Royal Family out onto the Buckingham Palace balcony to watch the RAF Flypast and wave to the crowds gathered below.

Thousands of people are expected to head to the Mall to catch a glimpse of the parade as it moves from Buckingham Palace to Horse Guard's Parade.
A 41-gun salute is also fired in Green Park to mark the occasion.

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⁣Thirty-four died and over 170 were injured in Israeli attack on US warship during 1967 Arab-Israeli Six-Day War.

Richard Brooks still remembers when the alert came.

With klaxons sounding and people yelling, the tannoy system warned everyone “Standby to receive torpedo hit”.

“I thought I’ll never get out of this mess alive. Weird things were running through your minds, because I’d chalked myself off.”

He felt the torpedoes hit and the ship pitch to one side but realised he was still alive.

And then the priority became survival. As chief engineer, he could tell the engines were still working. “My machinery was still intact and I was still making headway. I yelled through the voice tube ‘Give me all the steam pressure you’ve got, let’s get the hell out of this area’”.

Eventually his ship, The USS Liberty made its way to safer waters and managed to take stock of the sustained attack. Thirty-four were lying dead, more than 171 were injured.

The victims of the day Israel attacked America.

The Liberty had been sitting in international waters off the Sinai Peninsula. A spy ship, it had been gathering information as the 1967 Arab-Israeli Six-Day War raged on land.

‘Mistaken identity’

During the course of the day, the ship had been buzzed by Israeli aircraft. But flying the American flag, there was no cause for panic, no need for alarm.

“People were sunbathing, enjoying the June sunshine,” said Brooks, who was more concerned with keeping the engines running. The demands of the job perhaps saved his life.

Al Jazeera investigates the truth behind the attack on USS Liberty

Israel insisted it was a case of mistaken identity. It alleged that pilots were exhausted having fought so hard over the previous days. The US naval vessel was thought to be an Egyptian warship [a horse trawler called El Quesir - VfB].

And that’s why it was attacked with rockets and cannons and missiles and torpedoes.

But Brooks doesn’t buy the Israeli apology. Standing next to the graves of his shipmates in Arlington National Cemetery he tells me “It wasn’t a tragic accident, It was a deliberate attack. They knew who we were. They tried to sink us. They wanted us out to either bring the Americans into the war by blaming the Arabs or we picked up some information about their war plans”.

Websites set up to discuss the Liberty back Brooks’ suggestion. Some claim the Israeli planes which attacked were unmarked, hoping they’d be mistaken for Arab fighter jets. Others speculate that it was known the radio signals from the Liberty could be hacked by the Russians. And worried the US had picked up sensitive information about plans for the Golan Heights, which the Russians would pass to their allies, the Egyptians, the Israelis tried to sink the spy ship.

Every year on June 8, the survivors gather to mark the attack – to read the names of the dead and to share stories and memories.

The numbers are less every year. This year there were just seven survivors in attendance. But the passion to find out exactly what happened remains undiminished. As they stand between the white grave stones, a light summer breeze taking the edge off the afternoon heat, the memorial service also includes a call for justice and for truth.

Read further at the URL below


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⁣Anuddah orphan dropped off at the Think🪖Tank - removed the quote marks from the title; note the text in the URL, before some ambulance chaser got wind of it

Once again - we have been deceived into believing that RIGHT and WRONG are the same as LEGAL and ILLEGAL


Wild video shows a Spanish dad sucker-punching a comedian on stage for making a vile “sexualized” joke about his 3-month-old son on social media prior to the show.

The comedian, Jaime Caravaca, was in the middle of his set in Madrid on Monday night when the enraged dad, Alberto Pugilato, abruptly stormed the stage and pummeled him in the head.

The on-stage violence erupted after Caravaca had responded to a photo that Pugilato — a right-wing activist and musician — had posted of his baby over the weekend on X with the caption, “Pride and joy.”

“Nothing and no one can prevent the possibility that he is gay and when he grows up he gets tired of sucking black c–k,” Caravaca tweeted back, according to a since-deleted screenshot being circulated online.

Pugilato quickly fired back, “I assure you that you are going to apologize for what you said about my 3-month-old son and you will discover that real life is not Twitter.”

Following through with his threat, Pugilato was then filmed jumping on stage during Caravaca’s monologue and landing the blow.

“Do you think my son was going to eat a black man’s d–k? At 3 months?” the father screamed, according to local outlet Marca.

“What now? Tell me to my face, here and now,” he added.

It wasn’t immediately clear if Pugilato would face charges over the caught-on-camera saga.

The comedian later addressed the onstage attack, tweeting that he’d received death threats.

“What was intended to be a joke was ultimately an unfortunate and not at all appropriate comment on my part. My apologies to anyone who feels affected,” he said.

“Let’s put violence aside, and leave a good world for people to grow free.”

Pugilato quickly responded to the post, saying he accepted the comedian’s apology.

“I defend freedom of expression in the same way that I defend the right to respond. I do not wish you any harm and I hope this helps others understand that children are sacred. All the best,” he tweeted.

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⁣Einz zwei polizei, gettin stabbed by D.E.I. 🎵

All from the Think🪖Tank


This was planned over 15 years ago, to my reckoning; 2008 was when VfB became aware of #londonistan: Foreknowledge Of Londonistan Ten Years Prior And Of The Attack Upon The USS Liberty

Just to recap: machete munky goes ape, gets restrained...and what does the polizei do...?

They un-restraint the attacker!

As the polizei begins to 'assert authoritah' upon one of the the restrainers, machete munky goes right for his neck!


w e w

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⁣Fry Bucket is back for more secrets! This time we are going underground! Well, technically NOT underground... it's time for a former Disney World Cast Member to reveals secrets about the Magic Kingdom Utilidors.

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BONUS - ⁣bathmessengers posted on BitChute:

I’m sending out this amazing and prudent information on the apocalypse to every popular channel on bitchute. Please see and understand this crucial end times information. Every person deserves to know. God with you.

The entity in rome right now is Not the catholic church, the vatican 2 sect is an end times counter church that rises in the last days. The prophecies of the whore and the beast (the v2 sect and the EU) have been fulfilled with striking precision, also antipope JP II was the Antichrist, the 6th king, the One, who was wounded but lived, and then “canonized” a “saint”. There have been no true claimants to the papacy since Pius XII, and every claimant after him were antipopes and could not sit the chair of Peter, due to heresy. JPii preached that Man was Christ, from the Temple of God, St. Peters Basilica, the Vatican Temple, Templum Vaticanus, and since feb 11, 1929, a new historically verifiable political office was created for the vatican city state in the Lateran Treaty, Pius XI, and Pius XII, the first two kings of the new sacerdotal monarchy, priest kings of a priest kingdom. Antipope John XXIII was falsely “elected” on oct 28, 1958, and he was a freemason and a heretic. then Antipope Paul VI, antipope JP I, antipope JP II, antipope Benedict XVI, and then Antipope Francis. The seven heads are these Seven kings, excluding Francis, as Francis is not a priest, not a pope, and is simply a lay leader as the ultimate mockery at the end of the world. On oct 28, 2028, that will be exactly 70 years since the start of the end times Babylonian captivity. 70 years with the papal seat vacant. that would be the time for the next sign to occur. I believe shortly after that day, Rome will be destroyed, fulfilling the prophecy before the very end. antipope Ben XVI was the 7th king, who remained a short time, made people venerate the antichrist JPII and his image, he also died on the last day of the year, showing that he was the last, the last king, the priest king office went extinct when lightning struck the vatican twice on the same day as the lateran treaty, Feb 11, when he announced his resignation. After francis, there will be no more claimants to the papacy. Even Francis said, at the time of his invalid election that, “it was the duty of the cardinals of the conclave to find a pope, and now they have found one, At The End Of The World, So Here We Are…. Everything you have known up to this moment has deceived you. We arent at the beginning of the apostasy and the apocalypse, We are at the END of it. You have almost missed the entire apocalypse. This is connected with the events of the Miracle of The Sun and Our Lady of Fatima, the woman clothed with the sun in revelation. This happened in 1917 the same year as the jewish mass murderers who took over russia, and then eastern europe, now the world. the two world wars. world war part one and part two, all of it was events of the apocalypse beginning. We are now coming to the very end. After Four years Time, it is imminent that Rome and the Vatican Temple will be destroyed, as it has now in the last days been taken over by an alien entity which is not the catholic church but an end times counter church, the vatican 2 sect. at the 50 year anniversary of vatican 2 on dec 8 2015. revelation was fulfilled again. at St Peters Grave at the Basilica, when the Fiat Lux Light Show was performed. birds and beasts were projected onto the portico facade of the vatican temple, a clear sign the vatican had become the habitation of every unclean bird and unclean hated beast. Also it was made to look like the hanging gardens of Babylon, and Babylon is a name for Rome. Prophecy will play out at St Peters Grave, and that is exactly what has happened. We have been in a diabolical fog and we were deceived. The Antichrist came and came by way of deception and no one knew who he was, it was JPii. the sixth king. the beast who was wounded but lived. like Nero was the 6th king from Julius Caesar, who was known as the beast back in the 60’s. Time is running out. The catholic church is the one true and apostolic church of Jesus Christ, and this proves it. As the devil would not need to make a counterfeit of an already false church. contact MHFM for more information.

call MHFM at 1-800-275-1126 or 585-567-4433

God with you.

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⁣Perfectly square clouds filmed in Arizona, US

Don’t question it though as they would make you a right wing conspiracy extremist….

Source: ⁣

Thumbnail: ⁣

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⁣Gunther Eagleman™ - “” Priceless! 😂😂😂


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⁣Maybe they have everyone looking at Antarctica because they dont want us looking at the North Pole 💈🧭 🤯

What if the NP really IS a portal that takes you to other lands and Antarctica is just a desolate wasteland 🤔

IDK… what do you dudes think

No harm in speculation 😏



Comment from Giggsyboy35:

Hi Stew just wanted to run this past you been bugging me for ages.

Hi mate something I’ve been wanting to run past you is the flat earth misdirection ? .
Have you noticed how your Weiss, Witsit, jeranism , globebusters etc all only ever focus your attention on Antarctica why ? Why is there best evidence Admiral Byrd a known Freemason who had all his crew initiated into his own Order of the Penguin lodge before every expedition ensuring sealed lips.
Why do all the new Jew crew of flat earthers every episode concentrate on Antarctica ?
It’s always Admiral Byrd , operation high jump , nazi ufos etc etc.
The controllers know the flat earth disclosure is imminent due to the hard work put in over the last ten years primarily by Dubay among others.
I think there purpose is to keep the peoples attention focused away from the only place that matters our secret hidden magnetic North.
They provide unsubstantiated maps with the outer lands which I admit myself is possible although I believe there’s nothing in Antarctica other than the dome 1000 miles inland lowering to 10,000 ft as it descends.
This I believe is the admiral Byrd nazi ufo psyop.
They never encountered a nazi ufo fleet but did in fact crash there planes into the firmament.
If you look in the old encyclopaedias it does state this about the firmament before they edited the books.
There’s really zero factual evidence of anything in Antarctica other than that.
On the other hand the tales, journals , diaries , eye witness accounts of the magic of the north throughout history is astounding even royal correspondence from a certain John Dee and the accounts of Nicolas of Lynn. Then there’s the maps all the maps up until 1600 showed the four islands surrounding Rupus Nigra and the worlds well the giant whirlpool that controls our tides sucking in and then spewing out millions of gallons of water twice a day controlling our tides along with the other four whirlpools situated across the earth.
The evidence at the North would prove man’s divinity and birthright which I believe the people with the small hats and big noses do not want you to know.
I think you can see where I’m going with this all these new flat earth agents although throwing out to you 90% truth are tasked with keeping you as far away as possible from the only place that matters and if discovered would cause them to lose there stranglehold on the earth.

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⁣Stew Peters - 🚨CONFIRMED: US Navy confirms “warm, mineral-rich oasis” exists on the other side of Antarctica’s ice wall. 🌎



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⁣Frankie Stockes - THE SECRET LAND: Admiral Byrd’s men discovered a ‘warm oasis’ in Antarctica, with ‘warm water lakes’ and shores that ‘are free of ice and snow.’ The hills are full of ‘vast deposits’ of coal and ‘important minerals.’ What else did they find?



Not those Sulzbergers, you may have thought on May 20 when perusing a two-page map of Antarctica in The Times. There, just to the left of the enormous Ross Ice Shelf, was “Sulzberger Bay.” What were the Sulzbergers doing down near the South Pole? Wasn’t their family estate in Westchester County? Could this be a misprint? Or an in-joke?

It was neither. Sulzberger Bay does indeed take its name from Arthur Hays Sulzberger, the publisher of The New York Times from 1935 to 1961, who not only supported two Antarctic expeditions by Rear Adm. Richard E. Byrd (Commander Byrd at the time), but counted the admiral among his friends. In the 1920s, before taking over as publisher from his father-in-law, Mr. Sulzberger helped make The Times an advocate of aviation and exploration.

Admiral Byrd was so indebted to the Ochs-Sulzberger family and The Times that he went on a naming spree in December 1929 — summer in Antarctica — as he charted newly found features in Marie Byrd Land. (That would be Mrs. Byrd.) Besides Sulzberger Bay, he also designated:

• Adolph S. Ochs Glacier, since shortened to Ochs Glacier, at the foot of Block Bay. Mr. Ochs was the publisher of The Times at the time of the expedition.
• Mount Iphigene, a 4,200-foot peak west of Ochs Glacier, named for Mr. Ochs’s daughter, who was married to Mr. Sulzberger.
• Marujupu Peak, a 3,000-foot-high nunatak emerging from the Ochs Glacier. Marujupu (ma-ROO-joo-poo) is an acronym using the first two letters of the names of each of Iphigene and Arthur Sulzberger’s children, in birth order: Marian, Ruth, Judith and Punch, as Arthur Ochs Sulzberger was called.
• Birchall Peaks, a small group west of Mount Iphigene. Frederick T. Birchall was the managing editor of The Times when Byrd was exploring Antarctica. Besides helping finance Admiral Byrd’s first expedition, the Times dispatched its own correspondent, Russell Owen, to cover the trek. He spent a year on the assignment and was immortalized at Owen Peak, originally Mount Russell Owen.

A stirring memento of the Byrd-Sulzberger friendship is a 1921 Morgan silver dollar. It is framed together with a short narrative written by Arthur Hays Sulzberger, describing how the coin was passed back and forth between the men, beginning with Admiral Byrd’s Arctic expedition of 1926 and trans-Atlantic flight of 1927.

“Before leaving on his first South Pole adventure, Byrd asked me for the dollar,” Mr. Sulzberger wrote. “I put it in this plain blue envelope with a simple notation. It was never removed from the envelope and was taken across the South Pole in it.”

“Again on his second South Polar trip [1934] the Admiral asked me for the dollar. It accompanied him on all of his flights and was with him at the advance base. In turn it was duly brought back to me. “

“Finally on this third trip to Antarctica [1939-40] — this time for the United States Government — Admiral Byrd once again claimed his dollar and, as usual, returned it.”

“A dollar can go very far in the proper hands.”

Very far — as Admiral Byrd told Mr. Sulzberger by letter after returning the coin in October 1940. During the third expedition, the admiral’s ship had become icebound in Sulzberger Bay.

“There did not seem to be any chance of getting out,” Admiral Byrd wrote, “but with this luck piece and a seaplane, we managed, by zigzagging and pounding the ice, to break our way through to open water. Perhaps without this luck piece we would still be in your inhospitable Bay.

“You must take good care of this silver piece,” the admiral continued. “If you should lose it I would be sunk, for I would not dare to go on a hazardous undertaking without it. Devotedly, Dick.”

Wherever Admiral Byrd’s soul may be these days, he need not worry. The silver dollar is safely in the hands of Arthur Sulzberger Jr. You know. Of the Antarctic Sulzbergers.

⁣colubris posted:

There is no universe. The word universe is not in the King James Bible. We live in a flat and enclosed world that has four corners, that are longer from east to west (Psalms 103:12) (around 33,404 statute miles - level, from corner to corner, as traveling this over ground, it is slightly longer), than they are from north to south (around 21,330 statute miles - level, from corner to corner). The "sea" (1 Kings 7:23, 2 Chronicles 4:2) is flat (around 14,086 statute miles in diameter), and from the Antarctic sea coast, the land rises (slightly) (Ecclesiastes 1:7) to "the four corners of the earth" (Isaiah 11:12, Revelation 7:1). The open "firmament" (Genesis 1:15,17,20) of heaven, that the both (Genesis 1:16) around six feet wide (Genesis 37:9,10, Revelation 12:1), few inches thick (Isaiah 3:18 KJV) sun and moon are in, along with the fig sized (Revelation 1:16,20, 2:1, 6:13, 12:1, Isaiah 34:4) stars, extends from sea level all the way up to around 440 statute miles (the top of the so called ionosphere, or thermosphere) above Jerusalem, the center of the world (Psalms 107:3, Ezekiel 5:5, 38:12, Luke 13:29, Revelation 20:9) (From there it gradually descends to the four corners of the earth). There are two so called Geographical South Poles, one in the north, that Amundsen and Scott discovered (navigated to by going so called due south of Argentina, Chile, Hawaii, New Zealand, and Australia), and one in the south, due south of Inhambane Province, Mozambique (as most people go to it from Cape Town, South Africa). The sun, moon, and stars near them pass over the north at around 8 miles above sea level, and begin to rise, every day, on Jerusalem, in the east to around 29 statute miles above sea level when they are due south of her. From there, they begin to go down, all the way until they set on her in the west, at a height of around 8 miles above sea level, and begin to go over the north again. The open firmament of heaven is always magnifying the sun, moon, and stars, the more, the further away they are, refracting them up from the horizon, unless they are on the horizon or directly above you, and placing them in a direction away from you, depending on where you are in the world - as that is why Sigma Octantis, and the stars near it, appear to be circling clockwise (looking up at them) above both so called Geographical South Poles - because of how the kaleidoscope acting firmament presents them, that is longer from east to west, than it is from north to south (as they are really the fastest moving stars of all of the stars).

Above the firmament are the "waters" (Genesis 1:6,7) above. And above that, the "heavens" (2 Peter 3:5) above, go all the way up to the top (around 24,252 statute miles high, above sea level) of the pyramid - the top of the highest heaven (Ephesians 4:10). The Great Pyramid of Giza, called Khufu, or Cheops, is the (outside) model of our world and the heavens above. The rest of the pyramids there (Matthew 25:14, Luke 19:12,15), are the models of the other heavens outside ours (Jeremiah 32:20).

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⁣⚠New emergency procedure for Boeing aircraft when the doors blow out

I hope whoever made this clip has good security…… 🇺🇸Join👉 @SGTnewsNetwork 📎 Twitter ▪ Truth Social


Thumbnail: ⁣

Was going to use - this is funnier 😅


Another perfectly healthy, young man dies suddenly after exposing Boeing and hoping to protect us. God bless his soul. I am forever grateful for these incredibly brave Patriots.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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The landmasses have been uncovered frozen nearly half a mile beneath the surface of the frozen tundra.
Conspiracy theorists will be sent into overdrive amid outrageous claims the Antarctic could house the lost city of Atlantis or alien bases.
Some of the uncovered structures are so massive they are “comparable in height to the Eiffel Tower”.
Scientists who made the discovery have been slightly more realistic in their assessment of the find.
It is believed the huge formations are tunnels and ridges frozen beneath the ice.
These hives are believed to be natural formations which help give stability to the ice above.
A team from the Université libre de Bruxelle in Belgium said the structures were evidence of “water conduits and sediment ridges below the Antarctic ice sheet”.
The gigantic formations “carve deep incisions at the bottom of the ice”.
Scientists believe understanding these structures will help them predict the impact climate change will have on the impact.
But the experts will likely not silence conspiracy theorists who claim the icy mass hides ruins of ancient civilisations.
Some scholars claim a lost city could be buried beneath the Antarctica based a 500-year-old map drawn by an Ottoman admiral.
Meanwhile, a UFO whistleblower claimed he saw an alien base hidden in the Antarctic.

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⁣The Project Blue Book, Operation High Jump, Operation Paper Clip is real. Look it up. It’s challenging to accept but hard facts with videos 🤪

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⁣"A horrific video is circulating online. It features a man speaking in Turkish with an Arabic accent, talking about the arrival of 10 girls from Ukraine. He promises two of them, "the most beautiful" ones, to a man named Abu Jaffar
The video shows the passports of Ukrainian women who appear to have been sold as sex slaves to foreign countries, and a girl kneeling in the human trafficker's room.
Users have noted that the accent of the speaker seems similar to that of residents of Aleppo Province. It is likely that he is a mercenary with the "Syrian National Army", an auxiliary force of the Turkish Armed Forces." 😳🤷‍♂️
Human rights activists working in Ukraine and Russia share with Farida Kurbangaleeva their concerns about the new risks of human trafficking. Ukrainian women and children who flee the war zone are targets for sex trafficking.
Manicure, wax, hair done and definitely makeup - this was the “workplace” dress code at the erotic massage parlor. Anastasia didn’t mind as she was in major need of money.
The establishment in Novosibirsk didn’t provide sex services, but as it quickly became clear –
only officially it didn’t. Penetration during a session was forbidden, for which the girls could be fired. But clients could resort to violence or be really persistent, so “it was easier to agree than to refuse and then get in trouble because of a fuss.” “That is, it’s a regular brothel, only with a different sign,” Anastasia concludes.
Up to ten girls worked at the parlor at one time. They were of different ages and had different education and different goals in life. But they all had a common problem – they were broke. The ones who came from other cities lived right “at work,” in a changing room.
“One girl had a baby, and she worked at night and left the baby with her grandmother,” recalls Anastasia. “Another had an adult daughter, and she would come in from another city periodically to earn money for the daughter’s education. A girl from Kazakhstan needed money to legalize herself in Russia. Another girl was earning money for her own education because her parents couldn’t pay for it.”
The work schedule was irregular. After a shift Anastasia was free to go home, but she was often asked “urgently to stay on,” and she might stay at the parlor for up to four days in a row.
Easier to recruit than to kidnap
Experts warn against calling sex trafficking “slavery.” According to Gelya Bessmertnaya, coordinator of the Eurydice feminist initiative, the term breeds the widespread stereotype that exploitation occurs only when a person is kept somewhere by force:
“According to statistics, in most cases women are exploited during recruitment and not through abduction. The same thing happens with refugees – they’re cheaper and easier to recruit than to kidnap. How they’re later harbored is another question. But the main factor of coercion is psychological.”
At the parlor Anastasia often heard: “Where else would you make so much? Look at what a good team we have, we are for you heart and soul!” Some girls fell into debt bondage. The parlor could give them an advance or money to rent an apartment, which then had to be “worked off.”
Unlike individual cases of sexual violence, trafficking is a long-term crime, and the perpetrator has an interest in exploiting the victim for as long and as much as possible. According to Veronika Antimonik, coordinator of the Safe House Foundation, the situation could last for decades:
“We’re aware of cases where a person was exploited both in forced labor and sexually. For example, during the day a woman was forced to work in a market or at a business, and in the evening she was sold as a prostitute.[…] At the same time, the perpetrators know that the longer it lasts, the less the victim tries to leave.”
Read the rest at the thumbnail URL

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⁣Moar 'DYING THE FRIENDLY SKIES' brought to you by DEI [properly spelled D I E 🤔]


VasAviation- Support Victor here!


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Theme: "Weightless" Aram Bedrosian


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⁣Turkey Just SHUT DOWN Noah's Ark After Finding This Inside
There were thousands of arks. There were several floods but only 1 world wide and it wasn't Noah's. There are cataclysms that occur regularly, on time every time. This is what they are trying to hide. The next is due in 2040, then 2046 and 2052. That's what this shitshow was designed to hide. It's all written in ancient history for all of us to see.
You've just got to discard the bullshit religious and academic lies. This world is not what you have been taught it is.
Asia DOES have a flood myth. It’s called the great flood of Gun-Yu. And like most flood stories, archeologists have been discovering evidence that supports its existence in recent years.
In their flood story, Fuhi, his wife, three sons, and three daughters escaped a great flood and were the only people alive on earth.
There are over 200 flood myths from across the world. All similar in recounting.

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⁣Disney sent children to Epstein Island under the guise of snorkeling.

Why do so many kids disappear in Disney World?

Why does Disney groom your children through propaganda movies and cartoons?



VfB goes to find a thumbnail...but all he can see are denials of the very thing he's seeking - but the problem is that children are disappearing and that some of these correlate with attendance to said trips

Well, let's see some of those posts, shall we?

Huh - seems as if our 'fact checking' organizations aren't worth a bucket of piss 🪣

Amazingly, this came up:

On Feb 25, 2020
Diane from IL Asked
Note: This answer was provided prior to the change to planDisney and may still contain references to Disney Parks Moms Panel.

Experiences, policies, pricing and other offerings are subject to change and may have changed since the date of this answer.
“At Castaway Cay, can the little ones just snorkel in shallow water w/ just the snorkeling gear (no fins) and still see fishes? Also, how deep is the water to see the sunken Mickey statue? Lastly, do they have family bikes (4 seats) for rent? Thanks! ”Hi Diane!

I’m so happy to hEAR that you are headed to my favorite island, Castaway Cay! Some of our best core memories as a family have been made on Disney cruises, so get ready to have lots of family time and memorable adventures.

Snorkeling is one of my favorite pastimes while traveling, especially in the Bahamas. The Snorkeling Lagoon is an excellent setting to try this amazing activity. Your kiddos can absolutely snorkel in the shallow water, but they are not nearly as likely to see fish there as they would be out deeper in the lagoon. So what I’d suggest is having them wear the complimentary life vests and those will enable your kids to go out farther.

I hope this is comforting: the protected snorkeling lagoon is very calm due to the natural barrier surrounding it. Translation: smoother waters for snorkelers! For this reason, fins are not needed. Also, lifeguards are stationed around the lagoon in the event a Guest needs assistance while snorkeling. Swim online to reserve your snorkeling equipment in advance or you can always rent it once you arrive at Castaway Cay.

I spy with my little eye...a hidden Mickey! The underwater treasures of Mickey and Minnie are a welcome surprise for adults and kids alike. If I’m estimating correctly, the Mickey statue is approximately eight to ten feet below the surface, and Minnie’s is only about two to three feet below. Both are easily visible while snorkeling, so be sure to bring a GoPro to capture all the fun!

To change gears, renting bicycles gives you a chance to explore this island oasis, which I highly recommend! However, there are only single passenger bicycles available to rent. You'll just have to save the 4-person bike experience for the surrey bikes at Disney's BoardWalk at Walt Disney World!

Since you’ve expressed interest in both snorkeling and biking, I'd be remiss if I didn’t mention the Castaway Cay Getaway Package, which includes snorkel equipment rental for the day, float rental for the day, and bicycle rental for an hour. My tip: Don’t miss the birds eye view of the ship from the Observation Tower.

Get ready for your day at Castaway Cay by exploring the full list of Port Adventures and download the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app for more information on everything offered at Castaway Cay during your stay.

Above all else, enjoy making magical memories together during your vacation! Cruise back to the Disney Parks Moms Panel if you have any additional questions before you set sail.

Bon Voyage!


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