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⁣Didya know the VfB is a mean old man?

Oh, you'll know that for certain in about three and a half minutes from now



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After a couple weeks of controversy, the G4TV host Froskurinn purged all of her tweets, calling it “spring cleaning” and joked that she should have tweeted “oops.”

“Cleaned out socials and got several messages asking if I was hacked. All is well! Just had it for close to forever and decided on a spring cleaning. Poop jokes returning,” Frosk tweeted, a day after posting a link to a manager to connect with “drama YouTubers” for interviews.

Frost then tweeted: “Although I should have just tweeted “whoops”. That would have been much funnier.”

Froskurinn spoke out against the sexism she had experienced because “not as bangable as the previous host” while confessing that she was just reading scripts, like other hosts, and not actually playing some of the games. Frosk had taken more heat for being factually incorrect on some news stories and decided to just doubled down with more insults.

Her initial remarks can be seen again below.

Needless to say, it didn’t take long for the backlash to swell against her.

“Go on twitch…YouTube channel and make you poop jokes,” Drunk 3PO said in his video, encouraging Frosk to move on.

From Jeremy at The Quartering: “I am not going to make any more videos on @Froskurinn until we speak. She has indicate a willingness to have discourse & that is the most important thing. I want G4TV to be a success because I loved the channel so much in my youth and all the petty back and forth doesn’t matter.”

“Sounds like you are already backing down. Be honest with you audience. You never had any intension of showing up and having a conversation with your detractors.” – @ComixDivision.

In a more colorful, NSFW rant, AZ from HEEL VS BABYFACE: “No one gave a S*** about you until you opened your big F***ing mouth and decided to rant and have a go at the community. Now that the community, the gaming community is having go back at you, you’re playing victim….[Fake cry/whiny sounds]” – full clip below.

What’s next for Frosk? G4? Your thoughts and comments are welcome below.

Some of Frosk’s rant during the G4 segment: “The Airing of Gaming Grievances”:

Some of Frosk’s rant during the G4 segment: “The Airing of Gaming Grievances”:

“In joining G4, I was ecstatic to be part of something I grew up watching as a child. But every time G4 is brought up in various channels, without a doubt there will be backlash because I’m not as “bangable” as the previous host. It has somehow been expected that you can talk about how much you jerked off to women as a compliment. It’s not a compliment, it’s dehumanizing, and it’s weird. Morgan Webb and Olivia Munn did not exist to be nice on the eyes for you. That’s just obvious sexism. You don’t need to declare that you hate women to be sexist. Just check out Thorin’s meltdown for some cliff notes.”

She discussed the review and script process: “Xplay is made by a team of people. There are too many games for one person to shoulder the burden,” Froskurrin continued. “So when we use language like we, or I, that’s the reviewer. That’s coming from the mouth and experience of the person reading the review. That’s not to say that any of us don’t contribute to the reviews, we absolutely do, but it’s in varying degrees. It takes a whole team behind us. That’s why we’re X-Play and not Adam play. We have controlled for the variables. Adam will read the script from the same writer I read the other half from, but I’ll be the one flamed. And yes, that happens to Gerard and TBH, but that doesn’t discount the sexism of it when it happens to me.”

Take yore L like a man! 😁

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