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⁣Another dig at the Peak Oil nitwits...
Okay...let's nail this carcass to the cemetery, where it belongs.

Oil is NOT a "fossil fuel". That indicates that oil ONLY comes from the remains of prehistoric flora and fauna, primarily dinosaur fossils.

Well, as a dinosaur enthusiast (I don't purport to be a paleontologist, but I am aware of Dr. Louis S. B. Leakey...yes, I know my paleontologists), I am aware that the remains of dinosaurs have been found in above ground, naturally-formed how come we can't just take a straw and suck out some of that "Black Gold"?


Do a search for Eugene Island + oil. the verbiage/text a little dry? Just go here: Oil Doesn’t Come from Squashed Ferns and Fish?

Read that link, as well as David McGowan's many discussions and rants on "Peak Oil" at his page...for your ease, I will link to those postings below:

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And last, but not least, Newsletter #92 - National Treasure - Book Of Secrets (Behind The Scenes)...this link doesn't really have much to do with the above agenda, but it does have a creditable analysis of the current candidates for the highest office in the land. Good stuff.

Please understand - I've done due diligence on this issue. I had not even heard of Thomas Gold previous to my discovery of the true origin of oil. He is considered a plagiarist by many of the scientists who conducted the original research.

Please read The "Abiotic Oil" Controversy.

Now, having said all I advocationg that we don't need to find and/or utilize alternate energy sources? Hardly. Oil / gas seems to be the best resources to use in industry and transportation. What I am advocating is that we begin to use other sources of energy for our personal / home use.

Solar panels are now performing better than ever before.

Windmills are a great source of natural, non-wasteful energy.

Sugar cane...ahhh...if I'd only tried a bit harder to set up some sort of importing for this resource...I have had plans to import sugar cane and to produce cane sugar for mass consumption. Cane sugar, if I recall correctly, is a natural sugar that is readily metabolized by the human body, without the deadly payload of the sugar substitutes, and minus the empty carbohydrates of granulated sugar.

Guess what?

It turns out that the waste products from sugar cane can be manufactured into a form of ethanol that is SEVEN TIMES MORE POTENT THAN CORN ETHANOL!

Imagine that.

Now, you're probably wondering why I'm giving out such a lucrative's why:

I don't have the requisite capital available to begin such a venture; however, I know that there are some out there who DO.

Here's my challenge to you:

Are you willing to improve the Human Condition?
Do you want to be known as a Hero of Humanity?
Do you want to make money hand over fist?
And...more importantly - do you wish to put a stop to those greedy corporations who are gaming the system by stifling all alternative energy research?

Well...this is how you do it.

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