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Armed Citizen Shoots 3 Robbers in a Houston Gas Station!!!

VfB's 1st share of Dr. Steve Turley - and I missed this, apparently...but I found it just in time for you, frens - the latter part of the piece

One of the few media outlets to acknowledge the armed citizen in its headline was the Houston Chronicle, though the paper makes it sound like the armed customer just started banging away at everyone inside the store by proclaiming 鈥4 injured when customer pulls gun during attempted robbery in SE Houston鈥. Even the paper鈥檚 lede fails to acknowledge that three of the four people who were shot inside the gas station had pulled guns of their own and were robbing the place.

Four people were injured late Thursday when a customer pulled a gun and fired at men trying to rob a convenience store in southeast Houston, officials said.

It鈥檚 not until the next paragraph that the Chronicle acknowledges that three of those who were wounded will be facing charges thanks to their attempted robbery, or that police haven鈥檛 said if the bystander was shot by the robbers or the citizen. Those just scanning headlines or giving the story a quick once-over may very well be left with the idea that the armed citizen just randomly shot four people while trying to prevent the armed robbery, which is absolutely not the case.

The only media outlet that did a decent job of accurately portraying what happened in its headline was KTRK-TV, the ABC affiliate in Houston. 鈥3 suspects shot when customer opened fire during robbery at SE Houston gas station鈥 is a much better representation of the incident, and their reporting was solid as well.

A shopper at a southeast Houston convenience store opened fire when four masked robbers stormed inside, sending three suspects to the hospital.
Houston police said at least one of the robbery suspects was armed.

HPD officers were called to a Circle K convenience store at a Valero gas station located at 8040 South Loop East at 7:55 p.m. Thursday.

According to Asst. Chief Ernest Garcia, four suspects in masks entered the store and started robbing customers at gunpoint.

That鈥檚 when an armed customer pulled out their weapon and shot at the suspects, Garcia said. Three of the robbery suspects were shot.

One bystander was also hurt, though it was unclear if he was shot by one of the suspects or the customer, HPD said.

And won'y bloody believe, frens:

鈥楩ishing for Children鈥 馃悹 20 Alleged Child Predators Arrested in Florida Sex Sting Operation

Thanks for the legal notice, Doc! 馃┗

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