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โฃVideo: Bike-Borne Robbers Attempt To Rob Woman In Argentina, Get Dose Of Instant Karma

Two motorbike-borne assailants who tried to rob a woman on the streets of Argentine capital Buenos Aires and got a dose of instant karma. Footage now going viral on social media shows the woman, who was actually a cop dressed in plain clothes, opening fire on the muggers and thwarting the attack.

According to Argentine news outlet Carlos Paz Vivo!, the incident happened last Wednesday. The suspects were in their late teens. A separate report by La Noticiade Quilmes said that both of them were arrested by the police.

Famous X account Colin Rugg also shared the video on his page. The clip has amassed over 3.3 million views, as per the videoโ€™s view counter.

They said that the incident happened at the intersection of General Manuel Savio and Bradley in Quilmes, Buenos Aires.

In the video, one of the bike-borne muggers is seen dismounting off the bike and moving towards the victim. The woman quickly turns and draws her service weapon and then fires three shots.

The first bullet struck the approaching mugger who collapsed immediately.

The policewoman, now on the ground, swiftly focused towards the other mugger, still on his bike.

The shooting stopped the robbery attempt and forced the muggers to flee and the policewoman escaped without injuries.

The thieves were arrested later when they visited a nearby hospital to seek treatment for gunshot wounds. One of the muggers arrived at the Iriarte Hospital. Cops arrested him after he matched the description of the attackers.

Hours later, staff at the Almirante Brown reported that another male with a minor wound on his left arm had been admitted to Oรฑativia Hospital in Rafael Calzada.

NEW: Motorcycle muggers 'find out' after a plainclothed policewoman pulls out a gun as they try to rob her.

The incident happened in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

As one of the thieves jumped off the bike and started moving towards her, the woman could be seen reaching for her [gat]


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