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Stephen Gardner
Feb 25, 2024
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- Scott Walter is the president of Capital Research Center, known for its extensive research on dark money.
- He has testified before Congress numerous times regarding his organization's findings and research.
- Capital Research Center specializes in uncovering the influence of dark money and foreign funding in the United States.
- Walter highlights a pool of dark money and foreign funding that has significant influence, particularly within the Biden administration.
- Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg injected approximately $400 million into the 2020 US election, mainly supporting Democrat policies and Joe Biden's candidacy.
- The "Zuck Bucks" were heavily deployed in swing states like Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, raising concerns about their influence over election outcomes.
- Walter suggests that billionaires like Zuckerberg may continue to fund efforts to keep Biden in office due to mutual interests and policy alignments.
- His upcoming book, "Arabella: The Dark Money Network of Leftist Billionaires," delves into the network of leftist billionaires and their financial influence.
- The book explores the main players in the dark money web and aims to shed light on their activities.
- Walter invites readers to pre-order the book and stay updated on his work through online platforms.
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