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Florida, you might wanna check this out and get loud. Another red Flag for the DeSantis & Florida republicans.

FL legislators are seeking to pass HB269 That would criminalize “hate” speech. The bill was presented by Republican legislators.

Some of the things the ADL considers hate speech:

-opposing gender affirming care
-opposing antifa/BLM
-criticizing George Soros
-the number 14
-the passion of the Christ mobile
-turning point usa

@redpillbabee & These other great ladies are live discussing it now.

CS/HB 269: Public Nuisances
GENERAL BILL by Criminal Justice Subcommittee ; Caruso ; Fine ; (CO-INTRODUCERS) Amesty ; Arrington ; Baker ; Bankson ; Barnaby ; Basabe ; Bell ; Berfield ; Black ; Brackett ; Casello ; Chaney ; Duggan ; Edmonds ; Fernandez-Barquin ; Garcia ; Garrison ; Giallombardo ; Gonzalez Pittman ; Gossett-Seidman ; Gottlieb ; Harris ; Hawkins ; Killebrew ; Koster ; LaMarca ; Lopez, V. ; Maney ; Massullo ; McClain ; Michael ; Overdorf ; Perez ; Plakon ; Porras ; Rizo ; Roach ; Roth ; Rudman ; Salzman ; Silvers ; Smith ; Snyder ; Steele ; Tant ; Waldron ; Yarkosky

Public Nuisances; Prohibits person from distributing onto private residential property any material that evidences religious or ethnic animus for purpose of intimidating or threatening owner or resident; prohibits person from willfully & maliciously harassing, threatening, or intimidating another person based on person's wearing or displaying of any indicia relating to any religious or ethnic heritage; prohibits willful & malicious defacement, injury, or damage to certain property; removes minimum damage requirement for violation; prohibits display or projection of images onto building, structure, or property without permission; prohibits willfully entering campus of state university or Florida College System institution for purpose of threatening or intimidating another person & remaining after being warned to depart; prohibits interference with certain assemblies; requires that certain violations be reported as hate crimes.

Effective Date: 10/1/2023
Last Action: 3/10/2023 House - Now in Justice Appropriations Subcommittee

It’s the beginning of controlling your speech and the end of Freedom of Speech. If you lie, you’re supposed to be liable for damages. But this, this is just a way in.

LGBTQ started this way, seemed harmless, “we just want to be recognized”, then, “we just want to marry”, then “we want to use the other rest room”. Several steps and only a very few years later, “we are teaching your kids and bringing them to drag shows”. It’s always like this. An innocent nick or scratch. Nothing important!

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snax 1 year ago

Bolsheviks gonna Bolshevik.
Imagine knowingly passing a ‘bill’ that violates the bill of rights. This will not go over well.

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