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⁣American Farmer At Grocery Store Showing Showing Popular Foods Could Soon Have Bugs Added [special thanks to Patriot 1776]
“According to Drovers, PepsiCo is looking to use cricket proteins in products such as Cheetos and Quaker Granola Oats”
“There are at least six or seven companies in this world that's now using crickets, insects, to make flour.”
“Insect Gourmet says insect-related businesses in the Western world are producing insect proteins for foods, beverages, confectionaries, and other things such as butters, oils, and does as well as spice and seasoning.
So it's most likely going to show up not be labeled and you're not going to know it and pretty much everything you eat it is expected to reach 4.6 billion in sales by 2027 and produce 1.4 million tons of insect protein.
ADM, Archer Midland Daniels, is in the process of producing insect foods in Decatur, Illinois right now in partnership with Innova Foods. That's on the ADM website.Says that crickets are 60% protein.
However, Iowa State University etymology department says that crickets are only about 12.9%. And this would explain why the NIH, when they do their comparisons of protein levels in cricket flower, they compare them to plants, not animals.
Cleveland Clinic said that about 30% of the cricket farms looked at have parasites that carry disease to humans and that edible insects are as underestimated reserve of human and animal parasites. Yup, Cleveland Clinic said that.
That they are an underestimated reservoir of parasites to humans and animals. According to the NIH, it is stated that they claim that the exoskeletons, or the chitin, is a digestible fiber, but they don't know how it digests.”
From Daily Mail: PepsiCo experimenting with WORMS as a protein source for everything from drinks to snacks
•PepsiCo food company is looking for protein sources for their food and drink
•The firm posted a request for new protein sources on an innovation website
•It's looking for plant-based, fungi based or insect based protein sources
•They mention sources they've done 'extensive work' with, including cricket powder, meal worm powder and duck weed - a plant that floats on freshwater
•Meal worm powder is made of meal worms ground into a finer powder, but they can also be baked or fried, and they're usually used as bird feed or fishing vair

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