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Listen to his traumatic story involving his dad's checkbook

So...VfB is on the radar - my views on Twitter|X are being 'gamed' in no uncertain terms

No probs 😎

The #tunnelgate expose yesterday...nearly didn't make it - but VfB beats algorithms in his spare time; check out this sorry excuse for a (((fact check))): ❎

This accident had nothing to do with an individual synagogue or any tunnels. News reports indicate that the first floor of a Brooklyn house under construction collapsed into the basement.

The fact check statement precedes the URLs...but I've a question: we know the tunnels WHY don't you want them researched exhaustively...? 🤨

Perhaps the same reason given by the dancing Israelis 🕍

✡ (((document the event))) ✡

One can only be said to 'document' things that THEY ARE EXPECTING 🧐

They KNOW about the tunnels 🧌🛏🩸😥

The Rolling Stone piece is pure hasbara 🔥🗑

Conspiracy Theorists Spread New Fake Story About Chabad Tunnel ‘Collapsing’
The heavily politicized drama over an illegal excavation under a synagogue in Brooklyn has produced even more misinformation
FEBRUARY 2, 2024 8:00PM EST

One construction worker was killed in a building collapse in the Borough Park neighborhood of Brooklyn on Friday afternoon, local news outlets reported.

But the tragic accident led misinformation accounts and conspiracy theorists on X (formerly Twitter) to falsely claim the incident had taken place in Crown Heights, concocting a wholly fake story about the tunnel beneath the Chabad Lubavitch World Headquarters in Crown Heights suddenly caving in.

As the Borough Park commotion drew hordes of emergency responders, social media vultures went to work, misrepresenting the footage of ambulances, firefighters, and Hasidic Jewish bystanders to push propaganda about Chabad and Jewish people in general.

“BREAKING: 60 FOOT NEW YORK TUNNELS UNDER CHABAD SYNAGOGUE ARE COLLAPSING,” wrote Sulaiman Ahmed, a commentator on X/Twitter who has significantly raised his profile by posting misleading material about the Israel-Hamas war (whereas he previously focused on defending misogynist manosphere influencer Andrew Tate, who is currently facing trial on human trafficking charges in Romania). “Emergency crews rush to stabilize the situation,” Ahmed added. The video shown in the tweet is from the Borough Park collapse site, not Crown Heights, which is some four miles away.

The synagogue passageway, dug illegally and in secret by a splinter sect of Chabad, the Hasidic community which owns the synagogue (the offshoot group sought to retain access to the property), was discovered in early January thanks to a chaotic brawl and several arrests as engineers attempted to fill the tunnel. The story immediately unleashed a storm of antisemitic conspiracy theories alleging a sophisticated underground network used for human trafficking or even ritual sacrifice — a centuries-old conspiracist trope known as blood libel.

Such claims resurged with the widespread and false attribution of images from the Borough Park scene as activity at the Chabad headquarters. “The Jewish sex trafficking tunnels in New York under a synagogue have collapsed,” read one untrue tweet, which included the false claim that “many civilians have been crushed.”

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