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This video was left for VfB to goof on - of course, the opportunity would arise to post this with some pertinent content:

On one of HT's shows, VfB offered up an alternative to a so-called 'journalist's' name, and Gaybe Sucksmen was born! This taint licker tried to pull a bit of slander on HT and the entirety of the GoyimTV audience ; because he got caught, he's limited access to his tweets, so I cannot directly link you to the slanderous piece of yellow journalism...but luckily, one of his hive-mind retards couldn't help himself:


Sep 4, 2022
$50 says His parents are siblings.


Huh โฃ๐Ÿค”

That's a bold move there, Cotton!

So, let's go to there, shall we?

โฃThe Jews, inbreeding, and false notions of โ€˜raceโ€™

โฃThe origin of the Jewish nation is a fascinating question that is addressed in the Bible, archaeology, and genetics. In this episode, Dr Rob examines the early Israelite family tree and notes the huge amount of inbreeding that occurred as three successive generations intermarried. He compares this to other people from across the world and draws some conclusions about the rise of the various human โ€˜racesโ€™ that will be surprising to many.
Notes and links:
Carter R. 2013. Inbreeding and the origin of races, Journal of Creation 27(3):8โ€“10. [Original paper, with main graphics]: โฃ
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Ringbauer H, et al. 2021. Parental relatedness through time revealed by runs of homozygosity in ancient DNA, Nature Communications 12:5425; doi: 10.1038/s41467-021-25289-w.: โฃ


VfB maintains that the creatures masquerading as 'jews' are actually animals in the form of man; they do NOT possess the same qualities of mankind ['humanity' refers to the totality of people, and the etymology of 'human' refers to an image of - look up 'hue-man' in Strong's Concordance].

Thanks to the invaluable research of Mr White Tuber [TOOBAH], VfB was able to use the lesson of the Gordian knot to solve the (((jq))); when faced with a difficult issue, simply cleave it in half and move along.

The masqueraders believe in 'panpsychism', which dictates that everything in the universe is alive...except for the goyim.

When faced with such a mentality, do you stop to debate uselessly...or do you cut their argument in half and move along?

VfB also discovered that they have a mating ritual which renders them practically mindless, to the point where they have less reason than salmon; this phenomenon seems to occur on a seven-year cycle - thanks to Gene Roddenberry and Amok Time, an episode of the original Star Trek series.

This URL really nails it; posting just an excerpt:


โฃโ€˜Jews are Hereditary Degenerateโ€™

September 11, 2016 Aria Whitebeam

โ€˜Jews are heriditary degenerateโ€™ according to Richard Kraft-Ebing, who alongside many others came to the conclusion that the jewish race is inbred and because of this โ€“ delusional, insane and perverse. They suffer Neurasthenia, which โ€˜effects the jews with exceptional severityโ€™. Jewish criminologist Cesare Lambroso claimed that 1 in 391 jews was a lunatic, which back in those days was four times higher than any other religion. These observations penned over a hundred years ago linked jews, inbreeding, disease and degeneracy.

This inbreeding is a phenomenon similar to that observed in certain highly aristocratic and wealthy families, whose members, whether from motives of honor or money constantly intermarry, and thus have many insane relativesโ€ (Krafft-Ebbing).

Jews have been suffering type 1 and 2 diabetes for a not longer than Aryan man; diabetes was once called a judenkrankheit (a jewish disease). Because of a work project, I have been looking into type 2 diabetes and for those who did not know, as I did not, stress and diabetes go hand in hand. Under stress your body releases chemicals and glucose to get ready for fight or flight, but if the stress becomes chronic, we do not use up the glucose and the body has to store it, instead of using the fight or flight measures of protection. This results in high blood sugar, causing diabetes. This is something that was only seen en masse in jews a hundred years ago, but not in Europeans. Several scholars associated diabetes with jews and inbreeding.

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