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World leaders and executives are gathering in Switzerland for the annual World Economic Forum. Simon Kennedy, executive editor for economics at Bloomberg News, joins "CBS News Mornings" to explain the main focus points for this year's meeting and how it differs from prior ones.

#worldnews #worldeconomicforum #davos - figured I'd share one of ol' Gherkin Boy's (((initiatives))) - are we the victim of a combo deepfake/clonie scenario? My bruddah Jim Stone reported, along with others, that Gherkin Boy and a whole menagerie of sodomites and freaks were 'too ill' to attend, and that prior to this, 5,000 mercs were paid to (((protect))) them?!?

That's stupid, man.🤤

I'd be of the mind to 'em double to blow you schmucks away...but that's in Minecraft, ofc 👾

Enough fedpoasting frum me, frens - let's catch up with JSF:

Why is back up?
Claudia mailed a lot of people telling them I abandoned her and please send her money. People were. Even after I told everyone not to, they were. And one big donor threatened her saying that if that server was not restored he'd stop donating. That is why it is back up. The control is split due to how the host works. I can get into the area where I can pay for it but Claudia cannot, and I can log into it while Claudia cannot but I cannot contact tech support because they demand a link sent to to be clicked before they'll talk, and I can't get into that. She can therefore say whatever she wants and screw me over. For security reasons, that mail address is locked into the account and cannot be changed. Do not use it to send claudia threats, it is pointless.

Claudia has my e-mail list (I do not, she got everything, it was an ambush,) she expelled me without warning at 6AM Sunday July 15 with only the clothes I was wearing, 100 percent was lost, right down to all the flash drives, computers, microscope, other pairs of shoes . . . . . she said she'd find a way to throw me in jail or deport me if I did anything about it and to just go away. It was weird. I slept outside for 2 months. I have my feet on the ground now and am starting over like I am 18 but have a huge amount of experience so I am springing back faster than a kid would.

wew, lads - make sure yore chick is SOLID ROCK 🪨

The Open AI logo is a literal ode to satan

As I stared earlier, ol' Gherkin Boy and the rest of the child murderers and money magickers were purportedly pulling a (((no-show))):
The following types of tweets may be in error, it appears Klaus just spoke at Davos.

This is a mix of (((psyop))) with a healthy dollop of (((panic))) a secret ingredient...


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