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⁣Maybe they have everyone looking at Antarctica because they dont want us looking at the North Pole 💈🧭 🤯

What if the NP really IS a portal that takes you to other lands and Antarctica is just a desolate wasteland 🤔

IDK… what do you dudes think

No harm in speculation 😏



Comment from Giggsyboy35:

Hi Stew just wanted to run this past you been bugging me for ages.

Hi mate something I’ve been wanting to run past you is the flat earth misdirection ? .
Have you noticed how your Weiss, Witsit, jeranism , globebusters etc all only ever focus your attention on Antarctica why ? Why is there best evidence Admiral Byrd a known Freemason who had all his crew initiated into his own Order of the Penguin lodge before every expedition ensuring sealed lips.
Why do all the new Jew crew of flat earthers every episode concentrate on Antarctica ?
It’s always Admiral Byrd , operation high jump , nazi ufos etc etc.
The controllers know the flat earth disclosure is imminent due to the hard work put in over the last ten years primarily by Dubay among others.
I think there purpose is to keep the peoples attention focused away from the only place that matters our secret hidden magnetic North.
They provide unsubstantiated maps with the outer lands which I admit myself is possible although I believe there’s nothing in Antarctica other than the dome 1000 miles inland lowering to 10,000 ft as it descends.
This I believe is the admiral Byrd nazi ufo psyop.
They never encountered a nazi ufo fleet but did in fact crash there planes into the firmament.
If you look in the old encyclopaedias it does state this about the firmament before they edited the books.
There’s really zero factual evidence of anything in Antarctica other than that.
On the other hand the tales, journals , diaries , eye witness accounts of the magic of the north throughout history is astounding even royal correspondence from a certain John Dee and the accounts of Nicolas of Lynn. Then there’s the maps all the maps up until 1600 showed the four islands surrounding Rupus Nigra and the worlds well the giant whirlpool that controls our tides sucking in and then spewing out millions of gallons of water twice a day controlling our tides along with the other four whirlpools situated across the earth.
The evidence at the North would prove man’s divinity and birthright which I believe the people with the small hats and big noses do not want you to know.
I think you can see where I’m going with this all these new flat earth agents although throwing out to you 90% truth are tasked with keeping you as far away as possible from the only place that matters and if discovered would cause them to lose there stranglehold on the earth.

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