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⁣VfB mentioned Allan Weisbecker [best known for Miami Vice] and his research into the Mandela Effect; just getting warmed up on his work - this comes from his comment section:

Alexander RaSOL
January 3, 2020 at 3:41 pm
Hey Allan. Long time. Much has happened, and been revealed. Just to add to the fun, another new ME vid has come out that added more HISTORICAL items to the list of insane ‘anomalies’…

To help settle this issue for you and those who read your blog, here is the ‘reality’ of this wacko situation: The cutting edge physicists are RIGHT: There are MANY PARALLEL UNIVERSES/TIMELINES which vary from being ‘almost identical’ to ‘extremely distinct’ from each other. Now in OUR case here in THIS ‘reality’, what we have been experiencing is a MERGING OF TIMELINES among the Collective of Humanity (since around 2012 🙂 ). Therefore, some of us have ‘memories’ of our particular individuated/unique/personal Consciousness’ ‘lifetimes’ that are of ‘this’ Timeline, while others among the population have ‘memories’ of THEIR ‘lifetimes’ that are actually of OTHER Timelines, the ones they ‘come from’. And that, btw, is THE simplest explanation I have ever heard (Occam’s Razor right?). And also makes the most LOGICAL sense, explains every.single.detail.and.aspect of the ME phenomenon — as long as you are willing to LET GO of your deeply programmed (by the PTW (Powers That WERE)) BELIEFS about ‘What is reality, and how does it function?’. Being a trained scientist, analyst, and logician, I have heard no other hypothesis that even comes close to this one. And simply shouting like a dumbed-down sheeple idiot “Oh, but that’s IMPOSSIBLE, people are just ‘remembering wrong’ en masse, stop with your wacko tin foil hat theories already!” (despite the fact that most modern physicists are totally aligned with this ‘tin foil hat wacko theory hehe) is, quite literally, THE greatest clinical proof of Cognitive Dissonance imaginable 🙂

Hope this helps clarify things, helps ppl get a better grasp on how PLASTIC this Multiverse truly is…and how powerful WE all are, as the Ones actually co-creating it ‘on the fly’, as we go, to maximize the fun of BEing the creators of our own experiences in the material realms of…well, ‘Creation’! 😀

▼ Timestamps ▼
Intro - 0:00
Christmas Tree Mandela Effect - 0:44
Snow White Mandela Effect - 2:09
Spider-Man Mandela Effect - 3:22
Smokey the Bear Mandela Effect - 4:44
Dazzle Ships Mandela Effect - 6:14
Al Capone Mandela Effect - 8:06
Samson and Delilah Mandela Effect - 9:55
Super Mario Bros Mandela Effect - 11:41
The Jungle Book Mandela Effect - 13:03
The Lindbergh Baby Mandela Effect - 14:12
Uno Mandela Effect - 16:29
Salem Witch Trials Mandela Effect - 18:22
Universal Music Fire Mandela Effect - 19:33
Disney Intro Mandela Effect - 23:41
Michael Jackson Mandela Effect - 25:08
Olympic Torch Mandela Effect - 26:07
Orca Whale Mandela Effect - 27:03
The Wizard of Oz Mandela Effect - 28:08
The Hindenburg Mandela Effect - 29:02
The Black Tom Explosion Mandela Effect - 31:2

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