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⁣Daily Stormer
July 29, 2014

Note: Several in the comments section have claimed this is not a children’s TV program, but rather a satire of a children’s TV program meant for grown-up Jews. The information I read indicated it is, and it also has puppets. However, there is not much information on the show available in English.

Despite the everlasting love of modern Christians for the parasite Jew and his baby-killing state of Israel, the feeling is not mutual.

The Jews have a deep-rooted and vitriolic hatred for Christ and Christians, and use every available opportunity to mock and degrade them. We see this constantly in the Jew entertainment media in America, but in Israel it is even more blatant: they do comedy shows where Jesus is a monkey being crucified by Jew women in bikinis [note from VfB - it's a MA'AM, baby!]. ⁣🦄

Teaching the Jew kids it isn't cool to assimilate. Teaching the Jew kids it isn’t cool to assimilate.
“Toffee And The Gorilla” is a children’s show. The host, Toffee (Dawn Rosenzweig) is always appears in a bikini or bra top, often with a BDSM-type theme. Yet another insight into the racial soul of the Jew – why would you have a sex kitten host a children’s program with puppets? Aside from the obvious insult to basic human morality, who would even think of that?

Next you also have this Jew whore making fun of America, joking about how it is controlled by Jews. The Jewess makes a few graphic sex remarks on this program designed for Jew children, including saying that America is the best country because they invented the “69” sex position.
Yeah... this is what Jews sit their children down in front of.Yeah… this is what Jews sit their children down in front of.Those terrible goyim and their inventing of slavery.Those terrible goyim and their inventing of slavery.

The monkey announces he wants to drink the blood of Iraqi babies. They then sing a song about how Americans invented slavery as a program to bring Africans to the US to play basketball (that part is kinda funny, though it was of course the Jews who invented slavery and still in fact practice it in Israel with kidnapped Eastern European women).

(You might have to click-though to YouTube to get the English subtitles to work on this second vid.)

When you are watching this show, you definitely get the distinct feeling you are seeing something you are not meant to see. It was not produced for goyim consumption.

⁣Vorkine posted on BitChute:

How have the jews attacked us?
1. Went on a century long campaign of demonizing men, to breakup our families, and weaken our nation producing gobs of bastards.
2. Displaced whites with immigrants in high paying jobs to disenfranchise and politically weaken whites, and made us subsidize it.
3. Have destroyed small business through numerous toxic policies designed to politically weaken whites.
4. Have monopolized markets with international conglomerates to control economy and subvert law/culture.
5. Encouraged toxic militant feminism to corrupt the minds of women, and single-parent culture.
6. Carried out the largest genocide in history in russia, by jewish bolsheviks.
7. Have fomented every major war since the french revolution, for profiteering.
8. Deposed the kings of europe, and infiltrated/weaponized the bureaucracies that replaced them.
9. Used our american military to install their central banks globally.
10. Converted our gold backed currency to fiat currency, and used fake money to steal our companies.
11. Used trade with china, to launder vast amounts of stolen money and intellectual property to diversify their theft.
12. Are trying to install bitcoin, so they can weaponize that stolen and laundered money globally and subvert national sovereignty.
13. False flag attacked us on 9/11 to get us to fight their "greater israel" war of expansion.
14. Created fire-sales in syria, libya, iraq, etc.and invaded our nations with these refugees to gain land/political control and use for propaganda.
15. Created the covid hoax, to provide cover to the jew bankers for the economic crash; to justify more debt and tyranny.
16. Have used lobbies, superPAC, and media monopoly to usurp our political process and install their proxy leaders (clinton, bush, obama, trump, biden all jew controlled).
17. Have used drug trade to attack our nation as well as fund revolutions and wars abroad often for corporate gains.
18. Have used their global media monopoly to constantly terrorize, with vastly exaggerated or non-existent threats.
19. Have ensured immigration issue has never been solved, to engineer the divisions of america's house of representatives.
20. Have engaged in every type of espionage and treason, even distributing nuclear technology.
21. Have used the UN to impose jew policy on nations across the world, and create policy to attack us with our own money.
22. Have used the usa's foreign aid, to prop up regimes freindly to their corporate interests, and start civil wars.
23. Have used music and television to brainwash kids, glorify ghetto violence, and promote homosexuality and transgenderism.
24. Have used the department of education, and curriculum designed for the lowest common denominator to promote ignorance and brainwashing.
25. Have used healthcare as a weapon, be it through misdiagnosis, disrupting health insurance, or legislation to increase prices.
Why have they done all this?
For their plan to turn israel into a globally leading superpower called "greater israel". To do so they will foment wars among the larger nations to break them up, and saddle them with debt. Perhaps using iran to spark WWIII.
The russian jews control the gas to europe. If the israeli jews control the oil in the middle east europe will be locked in a monopoly. Europe doesn't have energy for war. The nations that do are on daily propaganda attack,
countries like venezeula, mexico, iran.
In 24 years america has gained from 2000 to 2024, 29 trillion in debt, as a result of these jewish attacks on our nation being scaled up. Our election process has been usurped and we are now totally disenfranchised. Both
trump and biden are controlled by the jews, we will get their toxic policy regardless of who is in office. Now our freedom of speech has been taken through the jewish corporotocracy. The situation is dire. It is a future with a
boot on your face.

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