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This woman wanted to be my GF, but...IT'S A MAN, BABY!!! 🦄

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⁣This woman wanted to be my GF, but...
...I don't bloody believe there was ever a woman on the other side of this interface.
Anyone else get this video?
Don't send any money, boys!

This is the very first video I ever posted on Bitchute: ⁣First published at 03:37 UTC on March 11th, 2018.

This had gone on for a series of hours; at first, I was utterly mesmerized...and then, sanity hit me ⁣🫠

What hit me was that recently-seen video about Jennifer Aniston being a man that I kept coming across on YouTube.

Well, back then, I had seen one more video that caught my attention; at the time, I believe it was titled, "Trannies Rule The World" - this was a 4 hour compilation of the aforementioned video's creator, Mr E

I was lucky enough to grab that video with whatever mreans were at hand...and it was fortuitous that I did - I cannot seem to find it anywhere on YouTube

Well, I've been hosting it on Brighteon for a number of years, but most ikely due to the embargo by Facebook, it hasn't many views, consiidering the information it contains - so here, VfB pulls out a wee but of cross-pollinization ⁣🌱

This is worth your time to see👍
⁣🎦 ⁣The Astonishing Secret Of Hollywood! ⁣🎦

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KellyJean 11 months ago

😆Good Lord Vinny!! Lol
Wish I could add this Gif straight into the comments... this'll have to do tho😂

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