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This is the actual video of illegal alien Israel Trejo murdering White American Jimi Patterson by pl

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⁣In October 2022, a White American was murdered by an illegal alien when that illegal alien, unprovoked, split the White man's skull in half with an axe.

It was caught on home surveillance, and the sight and sound are utterly sickening (the video will be added as a comment below this post, behind a content warning).
Yet virtually no one has heard about it.

Because there was no national media coverage of the shocking murder. Literally none.

On October 17th, 22-year-old Jimi Patterson was at a friend's apartment in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where 26-year-old Israel Trejo - an illegal alien from Mexico - came to purchase an axe that someone living at the apartment was selling. Patterson and Trejo did not know each other.

As Israel Trejo stood in the living room handling the axe, Jimi Patterson sat casually on the couch. No words were exchanged, and there was no conflict or commotion before the moment Trejo hauled the axe back with both hands and swung it straight down through the skull of Patterson.

Lt. Brandon Watkins of the Tulsa Police Department had this to say:
“There’s no lessons here. There’s nothing to this."

Go ahead and read that again:

“There’s no lessons here. There’s nothing to this."

Now - you guessed it - we are going to "imagine if the races were reversed."

Because if they were, we'd have the Mexican George Floyd and the incident would be used to justify the continued open flow of non-White migration across the southern border of the United States for the explicit purpose of displacing the inherently evil White population of this country.

If a calm, quiet, unassuming Mexican national, illegally in the US, was sitting on a couch in Tulsa, OK, and a White American man, absolutely out of nowhere, plunged an axe through that Mexican's skull, killing him - and it was all caught on video...

~ Would there be a national media blackout or would the media's spotlight shine brighter than it has since Saint George of Minneapolis overdosed in proximity to a White guy?

~ Would there be total Uniparty silence, or would every grandstanding whore on either side of the aisle rush to press conferences, TV appearances, and social media accounts to "condemn the unconscionable and unprovoked execution of an innocent man who was just trying to make a better life for himself and his family!"?

~ Would there be total inaction from the FBI and White House or would their bosses at the ADL have immediately dispatched them to cook up "hate crime" charges and recite headline fodder about this indisputable proof that "wHiTe SuPrEmAcY iS tHe GrEaTeSt tHrEaT tO tHe HoMeLaNd!"?

~ Would the police reflexively conclude that "there's no lesson here" or would the world never stop learning the lesson that "White People Bad!"?

As is so often the case, the system silence from the Anti-White Industrial Complex is proof positive of their complicity.

Some White American kid gets his skull split like firewood by a non-White illegal?

LOL, shhh.

A non-White illegal gets his skull split like firewood called a name by some White America kid?

My objective here isn't to point out some double-standard - it's to point out the only standard:

The Anti-White standard.

Because just as frightening as the unrelenting stream of Anti-White migration and violence is the continued insistence of so many White Americans that "it's not about race!"

Of course it's about race.

The entire reason you haven't heard about this is because the victim is an innocent White kid and the murderer is an illegal alien from Mexico.

And our Anti-White ruling class wants more illegal aliens and more dead White people.

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