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⁣Mark Lewis - THIS is you handle people blocking the road!🤣🤣🤣



Please help Mr Carman as he was in federal law enforcement(USSS, SDPD, U.S. Mint and U.S. Customs) where he reported illegal acts and corruption which is part of his job to report and take action against such internal corruption. Mr Carman was the first U.S. Secret Service official to detain and interview John W. Hinckley and the USSS Duty agent Failed to do his job in 1976 which could have prevented the assassination attempt on President Reagan(March 30, 1981) Reagan was NOT hit with Hinckley's bullet, but a CIA weapon flechette Disc..Mr Carman has received numerous DEATH THREATS and the Customs Service FAILED to protect him and the NTEU Failed to represent him due to the nature of the Disclosures. Mr Carman is on Food Stamps and DENIED Welfare in California for "Political" reasons. Mr Carman reported high-ranking Customs officials involved in Human Trafficking 8 USC 1324 who took over $250,000 in Bribes(18 USC 201)as well as high treason 18 USC 2381 and many other laws. like 18 USC Section 4(Misprision of Felony)Mr Carman also suffered on-the-job injuries poisoning and imprisonment based on the lies of a Mexican national who "set up other Customs officials by lying" and was later convicted in 1996 for lying. Customs & FBI conspired to set up Mr. Carman to Silence him which is called Entrapment. All for a green card by this Alien FELON.

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