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⁣Distrust the government, beware of your doctor... your life or the lives of those around you may depend on this.
Just an excerpt:
So, how is the coronavirus scandal responsible for the food shortages that are coming?
That’s easy to explain.
Processing plants and distribution centres all around the world have been deliberately severely disrupted by the massive over-reaction to this fairly ordinary virus.
Around the world more and more testing is being done. And although the tests are about as trustworthy as Gates, Clinton and Soros – your local purveyors of fear and death – they are treated with undeserved reverence. Curiously, it seems to me that farms and food distribution centres are being tested more than, say, civil servants or tax officials. This is odd because the chances of the virus being carried on food are roughly the same as the chance that the moon is made of cheese.
And so if one worker on a farm or in a warehouse falls ill with flu like symptoms then the authorities will close down that farm or the warehouse. Delivery systems have been massively affected as drivers are sent home for two weeks and all their colleagues sent home for two weeks too.
As a result, huge crops of vegetables and fruit are being ploughed into the ground. Millions of animals are being slaughtered and then buried or burnt because the supply chains have been shut down. America, almost unbelievably, has been importing beef because of the shortages.
The world lockdown, and the mass house arrests that were engineered to keep us all subservient, mean that thousands of farmers cannot get their crops picked. Fruit in particular is likely to rot in the fields, and tankers full of milk are being poured away. Controls on transport have meant that it has been difficult to move food from where there is a glut to where there is a dearth. It would have been easy for governments to insist that furloughed workers should help pick the crops but they didn’t do so. And why would they? The plan is to eradicate the poor and the weak.
And the unsurprising consequence of all this is that there are going to be massive shortages of fruit and vegetables, and prices are going to rocket.
In the UK, the most toxic of the Remainers, the fascist EU loving lunatics, bigoted, soaked in their own prejudices and consumed by ignorance, will blame Brexit for the shortages. But then, if they develop a bald spot or lose their keys they blame Brexit.
In the US, the media will doubtless blame Trump for the food shortages.
Sadly for them all, the shortages will be global.
All around the world there will be a shortage of almost all foods.
This isn’t the sort of fear-porn favoured by irresponsible main stream media giants such as the EU and Gates supported BBC.
This is real.
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From BitChat:


Who knows what they do with your OVA
There is no such things as triple sex chrcomosome disorders - made up!
you inherit one X form your XX mother, and X or Y from your XY father
Eve was created from Adam (Adam means stone, fixed =enduring)
There is no XXX or XXY - these are made up to explain WHY men look feminised and women look masculine
and have those sex related traits
TRANSGENDER by hormones in vaxxxines
The alum in vaxs causes autism = and most gender dysphoria is found in autistic children/adults
They concoted this alchemy of poisons to mess with your bodily chemicals that differentiate your organs and development
Theyve been giving menopausal women testosterone for deacedss, but claim they are 'just going to introduce it'
Yet take a look at some elderly women - are they not masulinsed? This is to normalise trannies, most of whom have no clue
Over the last couple of years, I ahve met many over65's who have no children -likely due to being infertile or sterile
he only way these natural states of being can be compromised is by toxic chemical interference
- their non human sex hormones do this. But wait? Do they make hormaones? Nope.
They use CATTLE, sheep and pig versions, micxed with other garbage
Animals share many DNA aspects with us
Animus - means soul in Latin. So yes, we ARE animals, but ashkenazi basradized the word
They do this only in English,as other languages are specific, with no like sounding words and have male/female versions
ie Le chien (dog = 'le' is masculine), Spanish el chavo - the toy, el is masculine (also means god in Latin)
oops chavo - means kid
memory failed me there
Only english can be bastadrized - rather like the laws they create to be ambiguous so they can set precedents in varying scenarios
If law was specific, we would find it easier to challenge them with their garbage rules
Their laws are ambiguous so they can repurpose them in various scenarios - this is no accident, it's they way they srcipt them
and it leaves room for their ability to get out of jail free, or impose penalties oon the rest of us
That is why the law is ambiguous - and assunptive. Whenever you challenge anything legally, make sure you can find laws that underpin your claims.
Lack of this, is why the RIGGED court systemthrows aout most claims.
The law is assumptive of all things being equal - you have to provide evidence thatthey are not
and how they are not
and how you have been disadvantaged
with evidence of that disadvantage
for the most part, this has to be demonstrated
HAH - I am reminded that 'demo' means reducing to it''s lowest form - ie demote, demolition, DEMOCRACY
Yes, democracy means reduce us to the lowest class -that would be the slave class
Learn to understand their terms, their literal meanings are not 'lost to the history books' they are only lost from your knowledge
but not theirs
The holo-caust (burnt offerings) relates to 6 million GERMANS who were fire bombed into oblivion. There were no crematoriums in concetration camps
They were added after the war to propagate their LIE
They want protections fro persecution, because they are DESTROYERS
And they have built up protections for decades to make every little crticicsm be 'anti semitic'
ey further bolter this with their 'hate crime' laws
* they further bolster this
It's all about protecting themselves from the evild deeds they have been perpetrating on humanity for centuries
They don;t want you running them out of town, protesting etc, they want you silenced so they can carry on destryoying the natural world
BTW - OIL comes from decomposed plants, not dinosaurs.
Oil is replenished, providing it is not over extracted
there is a level at which it will continuously replenish versus running out due to over extraction
It's not running out, it's a finite resource, so long as we take it as we need it
*an infinite!
not taking it to store in tankers sitting out in the oceans
or refineries
There is an old adage that a face that does not age well, is due to the badness inside. Isn't it apparent why ashkenazis look so hideous in old age?
There are no female ashkenazis - all are trannies
The more passable ones in youth are heavily photshopped and took high levels of oestrogen
but once they age, it all falls apart and we see their real gender
This si wht they pump menopausal women with testosterone (claiming it's oestrogen)
hence making women look more masculine as they age - so trannies blend in better
To be fair, many in their old age do not know they have been trans'd, if you are infertile, you've been given opposite sexhormones
in childhood v.accines
This is possibly an explanation why some homos are camp and effeminate
And maybe even why they are homosexual in the first place
their brains have been induced by regular childhood vaccines that contain oestrogen
Women who have endometriosis, could well be so due to testosterone in their childhood vaccines, which destroys their female fertility
This is why IVF has low success rates - it all depends on how many jabs they had
IVF is purley to STEAL human eggs
likewise with sperm banks
What are they using these for?
They cannot - I repeat cannot - create life outside of a womb or any other reproductive system of animals
The ovum splits into different cells in the pacenta, and this cannot be repleciated in artificial pods, tanks etc - all LIES
This is to commoditize babies for sale in a less offensive way than was done in the 1800s
They want us to pay for everything, they want to be seen as creators (albeit of peverse things)
They cannot transplant wombs - they are made up stories, not reality. If you are taking rejection suppressants, your body cannot
nurture a child - this is why cancer patients go off chemo, to save the child (so they believe)
A placenta is cyclical, and requires FEMALE working ovaries! So wombs of menopasual women are defunct!
They will not accept the ova ofwith differing DNA than the original owner.
No child could be nurtured in THAT

All lies

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