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⁣Today, on what would have been Michael’s 62nd birthday, director Spike Lee released a new video for Michael’s classic song ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ (TDCAU).
The new video brings together the two versions of the song Michael originally shot; the Brazilian version and Prison version. It also inserts new footage from the protests that have happened around the world this year in support of Black Lives Matter [certain he wasn't aware of its true nature - VfB].
The original two videos were shot in 1996, when Michael decided TDCAU should be the fifth single released from his 1995 album ‘HIStory’. While shooting in Brazil, Michael was surrounded by crowds of residents as he danced and sang in the street. They danced on the rooftops and from the balconies of their homes. Some women even managed to push through security to hug Michael, at one point accidentally pushing him over. Spike Lee helped Michael get up, while the King of Pop continued to sing and dance. The footage made it into the final cut. Michale’s filming in that part of Brazil is credited as now being partially responsible for the improvement and wealth in the local area.
The new 2020 video is an extension of the song being regularly being played and spoken about this year due to the Black Lives Matter movement gaining much more attention after a number of police shootings of black people. Lee debuted the video in the live stream of his annual BK loves MJ block party, which was this year streamed virtually on YouTube.
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