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Six Reasons
By Lyle Burkhead

I am not going to argue that “The Holocaust didn’t happen.” My position is that some of it happened and some of it didn’t happen. Specifically, my thesis is that there were no gas chambers in the Nazi concentration camps. I am going to give six reasons for this:

In the last couple of days (May 19-20, 2005) some people have been posting links to this page on various sites. In spite of what I just said, they give the title as “Six Reasons the Holocaust didn’t happen.”

Why am I surrounded by morons????

Of course the Holocaust happened, in a general sense. The question is how much of it happened. Only an idiot would say “the Holocaust didn’t happen.” The other side tries to pretend that revisionism is “Holocaust denial.” When you say “the Holocaust didn’t happen,” you are just playing right into their hands, and discrediting revisionism.

Now, to continue what I was saying, here are the six reasons why the gas chamber story is a lie.


1. The physical evidence — the rooms themselves.
This has to be the starting point. If you could go to Auschwitz and find a room that was obviously a gas chamber, then there would be no such thing as revisionism. That would settle the matter once and for all. The problem is, when you go to Auschwitz and look at the room that is supposed to have been a gas chamber, you find a room that is obviously not a gas chamber.

2. The gap in the documentary record.
If there were documents covering the whole sequence of events, then there would be no such thing as revisionism. The problem is, the documents one would expect to find do not exist. We have documents relating to every aspect of the war, including every aspect of the Holocaust, except for the gassing of the Jews. It is not possible to gas six million people, or to do anything else involving millions of people, without leaving a paper trail. If the gassing happened, there would be thousands of documents to verify it, starting with the planning stages and continuing throughout the course of events. But no such paper trail exists.

3. The gap in the photographic record.
If there were photographs of the whole sequence of events, including photographs of piles of corpses in gas chambers, then there would be no such thing as revisionism. That would settle the matter immediately. The problem is that no such pictures exist.

To summarize the first three reasons: if we had the same kind of evidence for the gassing of the Jews that we have for real historical events (i.e. for events that actually happened), then everyone would acknowledge that there were gas chambers, and there would be no such thing as revisionism.

4. The testimony of witnesses doesn’t prove that there were gas chambers.

5. The fact that standard reference books can’t be trusted.
In the summer of 1995, when I was a novice in this subject, I went to a debate between Michael Shermer, editor of Skeptic magazine, and Mark Weber, a revisionist. It was supposed to be a debate, but actually it was what Michael Shermer calls a “meta-debate.” Dr. Shermer tried to pretend that there was nothing to argue about. However at one point he did condescend to say something about the evidence. He said that if anyone really wants to look at the evidence for the gas chambers, the place to look is Anatomy of the Auschwitz Death Camp, by Gutman and Berenbaum, especially the article by Pressac.

It probably never occurred to Dr. Shermer that anyone would actually read the book, but I did. I searched all over Los Angeles for this book, and finally found it at the UCLA bookstore. I read Pressac’s article, including the footnotes. Many of his assertions about gassing are not documented at all. When Pressac does give footnotes, they can’t be checked out. Most of them are of the form “Oswiecim, BW 1/19” or “Moscow/October Revolution, 7021-108-32, 46.”

However, there is one exception. Pressac says, on page 234,

The first gassing in crematorium IV did not go well. An SS man, wearing a face mask, had to climb a little ladder to get to a “window,” then open it with one hand and pour in the Zyklon B with the other. This acrobatic routine had to be repeated six times. When the gas-tight doors were opened to evacuate the gas, it was noticed that the natural aeration was ineffective; a door had to be cut immediately into the north corridor to get an air current flowing. [143]

The footnote for this paragraph is:

143. Auschwitz Album (New York, 1980), photo 112.

This can be checked out. The Auschwitz Album is out of print and hard to find, but at least one doesn’t have to go to Poland or Russia. Eventually I found a copy in a library, and eagerly looked up photo 112. This photo h

6. The fact that Hitler declared his intentions openly, and the Nazis committed atrocities openly.

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