The People (And FrankenFoot) vs Leo Max Frank

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⁣⁣This is a FAIR USE examination of the purported "documentary" broadcast by PBS, The People vs. Leo Frank

Be prepared for a very liberal usage of the term NIGGER throughout this presentation.

To wit: Leo Max Frank RAPED and MURDERED 13 year old Mary Phagan, and figured he could use the "NIGGER DID IT" ploy to escape culpability; however, the good people of the South saw through the abject ploy, and sentenced the GUILTY PARTY TO DEATH BY HANGING.

This "documentary" purports the idea that Frank's PET NIGGER, Jim Conley, committed the vile assault, but forensics, dirty tricks by the defense team, and most importantly, FRANK'S OWN CONFESSION belie that theory.

This is the first of my initiative, the Secret Messages of Subversion, in honor of Devon Stack, whom BLACK-PILLED me in regards to the subversion inherent in The Pawnbroker. Pawnbreaking Our Culture is a must-see film - it's only 37 minutes long, but I think you'll watch it (and all of Devon Stack's offerings) again and again.
⁣Pawnbreaking Our Culture - YouTube

⁣This is what these kikes are defending. I just want people to have an accurate description of what he thinks is ok.

He thinks the following is ok & it is hateful that people had a problem with it. I just want this to be clear

Mary was a little girl found raped & murdered in a factory by Leo Frank.

Some of the things from her autopsy:

She was beaten in the head hard enough to cause her to become unconscious- not hard enough to cause death.

“On removing the skull I found there was no actual break of the skull, but a little hemorrhage under the skull, corresponding to point where blow had been delivered”

She probably fought against having a grown man rape her little body & so she was beaten in the face.

“The bruise around the [right] eye was caused by a soft instrument, because it didn’t show the degree of contusion that would have been produced by a hard instrument. The outside cuticle of the skin wasn’t broken. The injury to the [right] eye and scalp were caused before death.”

She was raped. Because she was a child & a virgin, this caused considerable damage to her tiny body.

“I made an examination of the privates of Mary Phagan. I found no spermatozoa. On the walls of the vagina there was evidences of violence of some kind. The epithelium was pulled loose, completely detached in places, blood vessels were dilated immediately beneath the surface and a great deal of hemorrhage in the surrounding tissues. The dilation of the blood vessels indicated to me that the injury had been made in the vagina some little time before death.”

When he was done, he tied a cord around her neck & strangled her to death.

“The fact that the child was strangled to death was indicated by the lividity, the blueness of the parts, the congestion of the tongue and mouth and the blueness of the hands and fingernails.”

Remember: if you find any of this bad. Jews call you hate filled.

Synagogue in Chico hit with antisemitic vandalism, sign burned – J. (

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