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Three white supremacist groups are overwhelmingly responsible for the increase: The Patriot Front distributed the most, with the American Identity Movement and the New Jersey European Heritage Association trailing in distant second and third.

These and other white-supremacist groups largely favor veiled hate over explicitly racist language, and some, such as the Patriot Front, lean heavily on “patriotic” imagery, incorporating American flags or red, white and blue color schemes. They all tend to use toned-down language about how “diversity destroys nations” and the need to take pride in “Western” culture. [Diversity isn't utter shite? Really? And White people shouldn't be worried? Talk about a badly aging talking point - VfB]

This is purposeful; it gives white supremacists an opening to a population of curious young people who would most likely be turned off by explicit neo-Nazi rhetoric or overtly racist language.

And it provides a greater chance of their signs passing under the radar instead of being immediately challenged. A poster encouraging passers-by to “Defend America” or urging “Nationalism Not Globalism” probably wouldn’t raise many eyebrows, while it might attract a few curious young people to visit the website printed in tiny letters at the bottom edge of the placard.

So...the ol' ADL Hate Watch is back to the same old trick: bait & switch ✡

I was on Mr. White Tuber's Republican Debate curbstomp last night, and on that list is muh dawg @omgit@OMGitsFLOOD

Mr. White Tuber's NOT on it - so that got me to thinking...what is one of their desired outcomes? Divide us within our own factions.

First of all, the list is divided by (((income))) 🤑

Ayo! Hol' up, fam! 🤨

I thought this was about an (((existential danger))), yids - what does (((income))) figure into that?

TOOBAH is much higher on the income scale than FLOOD; not that I'm paying any special attention, but that's the nature of the placement - FLOOD does a morning show, and most likely, people are beginning their days; TOOBAH starts at 11 AM EST, so by that time, the crucial business of the mornings are done - now one can relax and catch up on things.

I would also suppose that the yids are terrified of TOOBAH; after all, it was with his help that VfB solved the (((jq))) - it was the mention of (((panpsychism))) that dovetailed directly into my theory of the yids actually being homo capensis, a human-like animal; these creatures do NOT possess a mammalian brain, only the reptilian one...because of this, yids lack the capacity of abstract thought. you are all seeing, the yids are screaming that October 7, the (((jewish 9/11))); funny, that - you mean, someone knew what was coming, yet no one was warned...?

There's LESS THAN ZERO chance that the queens of backdooring every bit of technology we have...didn't know - this is just the King David Hotel bombing all over again.

Too long ago? How about the marines barracks bombing in 1981? I know angry old men like myself recall that vividly.

I think you grok my points there - back to the list

I stated above that the yids probably didn't put TOOBAH on their list so that [1] he would be insulted, and [2] others would 'wonder why he isn't on it'

This is simply digital dissembling

Not to clue these fuckwits in...but you should be just as terrified about FLOOD

It's possible that they think he's a teenager; if so, I won't disabuse them of that idea

I am going to say this: you bitch ass faggits are on MY LIST

VfB is going to make a project of ASS RAPING each and every one of you dopey bastards.


Because you feel free to ASS RAPE our sons...with impunity

Posting below will be my personal expose of homo capensis; hardly a scholarly work, but deserving of a journalism prize, to be certain:


How did I happen to come about this?

Gene Roddenberry told me...or, to be honest, he sort of leaked out - have you seen 'AMOK TIME'?

If you haven't, just click what's here: 'AMOK TIME' 🏳‍🌈🍆💉🦄💩🏦🔫 GAVE AWAY THE VULNERABILITY OF THE (((HOMOSEXUAL BANKING MAFIA)))

The script definitely was changed mid-shoot, and I believe it's because THIS SAID TOO MUCH...but you should've burned this footage instead of airing it.

VfB knows yer secret, yids! ✅

⁣⁣@toddneilmacintyre wrote 3 weeks ago:

Very interesting. Jason Breshears acquired this information through the historical record and various chronologies.

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