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Re-posting my impromptu jaunt on the Jolly Roger : [will be uploaded]

Its MorganFR ๐ŸŒบ:

โฃHere's a CIA document regarding the deletion of the GREAT TARTARIAN EMPIRE from modern history by the Russians.
Fascinating stuff.

The mud flood theory refers to buildings that are half buried in the ground due to a recent big flood that isnโ€™t mentioned by anyone and how it may relate to the lost nation of Tartaria, the reset of civilization, and the rewriting of history as we know it. They go as far as to even claim that the entire history could be altered, that the floods and civilizations of 2,500 years ago actually happened and existed 500 years ago.

My personal opinion on these conspiracy theories is that the history can easily be re-written by the use of genocides and oppressive dictatorships through the centuries, as Max Igan states on his video above, but conspiracy theorists are portraying wild, far-fetched ideas on this one, based on almost no actual facts.

The way Iโ€™m approaching these theories is to always look for facts and truth to see if any logical assumptions can be made, and in this case the scale weighs more on the side of fantasy than truth. Sometimes these theories can be right but we donโ€™t have enough available knowledge and evidence to prove or debunk them.

Book Mentions
Tartaria is mentioned in many books of the 18th and 19th centuries by Europeans. A list of these books:

History Of Mufcovy Tartary Perfia And Other Countries
History of the two Tartar conquerors of China : including the two journeys into Tartary of Father Ferdinand Verhiest
Narrative of a pedestrian journey through Russia and Siberian Tartary
Tibet, Tartary And Mongolia Ed. 2nd
Travels in Russia, Tartary and Turkey
With Peter Fleming in Tartary
Tibet, Tartary, and Mongolia ; their social and political condition, and the religion of Boodh

Some of the info was derived from this article:

Let's see a contrary viewpoint:

DrD13 spewed:
(((Tartaria is/was NOT an advanced civilization. Tartar was a term of derision used by Europeans to describe a mostly nomadic civilization w/a couple cities used as trade, gathering centers. No one harvests electricity w/lightning rods. Domes were a style, but they had NOTHING to do w/free energy. Nor does anything to do w/any of the world's fairs. Why is it SO hard for ppl to get. There was never any mud-flood, n no recent advanced civilization. Thing is, those 2 plus tartaria are all SO absurd normal ppl question the intelligence of ppl who buy such obvious bs. But ppl aren't taught ANY history anymore- isn't their fault they have no basis from which to build. At all.)))

Sounds like sour grapes to me, pal ๐Ÿค“

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CANST 7 months ago

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