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⁣LIsten as Pascal Najadi from Space Force confesses the Truth to the world.
What's coming next cannot be stopped.
The Storm is here.
We have started our Disclosures back in October 2023. We Disclosed to you, repeatedly until now:
1. The real Joe Biden, Obama, Hillary & Bill Clinton, John Kerry, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Tedros, Pope Francis, Guterrez and many others have already been executed for Treason 18 USC 2381 and Serious Crimes against Humanity (Covid PsyOp & BioWeapon Injections Democide) EO 13818.
2. The current Wartime President & CIC of the United States always was and is Donald J. Trump.
3. The entire Biden Administration is on purpose faked, a Central Casting Stratagem.
4. That the United States declared by Wartime President Donald J. Trump a US led Global Defence War 50 USC 1550, current and ongoing, since December 20th 2019
5. That I reported the current and former Swiss Governments and all other rogue NAZI elements and Supras to the US DoD during wartime for crimes against Humanity, Corruption and Treason vs the United States during wartime (Swiss born Covid PSyOp) 18 USC 2381 on January 27th 2024 by myself without lawyers, also to the JAG Corps Officers of the USAF and USSF.
6. John F. Kennedy jr. is Alive and Kicking
7. Julian Assange never was in Prison and is in fact part of US Military Intelligence and Special Operations.
8. That there was no real solar eclipse, yet the media reported one and folks posted real eclipse shadows over major US Cities on April 8th 2024, but the Sun and Moon were actually in Pisces and in parallel moving, hence they did not Eclipse on April 8th 2024.
9. UN Palais des Nations Geneva Offices shut down late 2023, offices inop, cleared, gone.
10. President Macron already executed, played by a Central Casting colleague of Sleepy Joe who is played by Arthur Roberts and others.
11. Tedros gone, Schwab gone.....and many many more, gone, like the entire satanic British Crown, deleted.
All of the above Disclosures are not only Truth but will soon force the mainstream to publish Truth because all of you will get more and more hard facts and real appearances very soon.
The above all being the Truth about the absolute Reality in the Now, we have the powers to do all this including a real fake solar eclipse shadow moving across the United States, done not by the Sun and Moon, well then, dear wonderful fellow Human Species, it si irrefutable proof that not only God is in Charge but that the United Military and more and 30 Military Forces and Special Ops now have the real power together with us, We The People on this Earth.
It also makes it crystal clear to you that the total Obliteration and Severe Punishment of all Globalist Elites and NAZI Politicians, special cleansing in Swiss Territory, and all Freemason Secret Society Members is imminent via Mass Arrests and Mass Executions on the spot.

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