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TATERTOT 🥔☢🔥 GRABBED ZIRSELF SUMMA DAT NIPPLEDGE🤌👧😲👀 [Super Cut 🥔 Biden Squeezes, Grabs, Rubs &

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⁣Thumbnail: [easy to distribute version from yer uncle🕋murry] posted to their comment feed:
Sick GEEZER'S RUNNING THE WORLD : Here is a real sick one : 1:12 to 1:16 : WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS AN ORGASM

Counter-Knowledge: How we Surrendered to Conspiracy Theories, Quack Medicine, Bogus Science and Fake History by Damian Thompson

Jack Smith has big conflicts of interest through connections to Soros and Obama.
Juanita Broaddrick (@atensnut) June 13, 2023

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