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⁣Taken from JRE #1800 w/Gavin de Becker:

Some good comments:

If you haven’t listened to the whole interview I promise you this is one of Joe’s best guests he’s had on the show.

I love how nervous and freaked out Joe is the entire time. Dude barely finishes his answer and Joe rapid fires another question. Cracking me up.

Loved this episode. I gave my daughter Gavin's book Gift of Fear before she went to university. She also took a self-defense course for several weeks. She credits both of them for escaping an attack in an isolated spot outside of a restaurant. She's only 5'3" and 120 lbs but she was able to twist out of an attack from behind and throw a 6'1" man into a wall and run away. Our family owe Mr. De Becker for her life and safety ❤

I am both fascinated and terrified by what Gavin has to say and the implications it has for society at large. Bottom line is, if you use technology, you waive your rights to privacy. Period. 🙄 This has made me look at smartphones and internet-connected tech in a very different light!

As others have already said, this is one of the best guests I can remember on the podcast. He doesn't engage in nonsensical speculation, politically slanted opinions, etc - he just states objective and empirical facts regardless of their implications or individuals they may indict.

This wasn't even the best part of the podcast. The exchange about the defense classes Gavin teaches was excellent. You could hear Joe's disgust at the proposition. Gavin took it with extreme class and flipped it around so expertly. I loved Joe realize that although his argument was correct, it wasn't the situation being discussed, and immediately change his tune was priceless. I really appreciated the maturity of Joe and his guests. The ability to listen to 2 people discuss important issues IN GOOD FAITH is why Rogan is so successful.

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