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โฃThe video itself did not come with this info:

One thing comes to mind, right off the bat, and that is the fact that strong evidence exists suggesting that up to three thermonuclear devices were detonated at the World Trade Center site on 9/11, hence the nickname โ€œGround Zero.โ€

I mean, what better way than to dupe the people yet once again by slowly conditioning them, over an extended period of time, to accept the fact that criminal factions of their very own government orchestrated the Pearl Harbor-like attack onto skyscrapers, buildings, in an American city.

Thatโ€™s right, when the not so secret 28 pages are actually released, in a few months, they will likely show Saudi involvement and government foreknowledge, like we already knew.

So tell us something we didnโ€™t know; like the fact that a Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Department of Energy, study found high trace levels of tritium inside the WTC complex after the attack. Not only were abnormal levels of tritium found inside the WTC complex, in the basement of โ€œWTC 6โ€ and the โ€œstorm sewer,โ€ but they were also found in the water.

โ€œTritium is an important component in nuclear weapons. It is used to enhance the efficiency and yield of fission bombs and the fission stages of hydrogen bombs in a process known as โ€œboostingโ€ as well as in external neutron initiators for such weapons,โ€ according Wikipedia; meaning that the only way it would be present in high trace levels is if a nuclear device (or three) detonated within proximity. Additionally itโ€™s important to note that tritium is โ€œextremely rare on Earthโ€ and again โ€” should not be found in at levels reported to be โ€™55 times higher than normal.โ€™ And just to be clear, I am not saying that micro nukes were solely responsible for bringing down the towers โ€” and IMO were likely only used at the base of Towers 1 and 2 and possible the base of building 7 and were strategically placed 50 feet below street level, somewhere in the basements of the buildings or subway access tunnels. This would also explain numerous eyewitness reports of โ€œlargeโ€ explosions in the basement or โ€œlobbyโ€ of the towers.

It has also been proven that Nano-thermite was used and was present in dust samples, less than 2 microns in diameter, that were taken from the WTC site after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks as pointed out early on by Richard Gage of the grassroots organization Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Moreover there are also signs that advanced barometric bomb technology, which uses triggering devices derived from the U.S. Nuclear Weapons Program, was also deployed in the attack โ€” technology which incorporates gaseous elements in a โ€œyellowish, brownish combustible mixtureโ€ and uses Aluminum Silicate Red Oxide and other ingredientsโ€ that would have surrounded and permeated the air around key structural columns on all floors...

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KellyJean 9 months ago

Great info Vinny, thanks Brotha!

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