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I can think of another reason to moderate comments. Plain lies and hatred. Lies, spin, propaganda, ignorance, insults all fall within a category of subscription to evil. As GWB once said in a similar connection, God (as in The God Blog) is not neutral on these issues.

I have been an observer and participant on the internet and WWW from the beginning, and have seen the hate mesasages and propaganda above spreading like sewage. The fact is, there was no Palestine, there is no Palestine, there never will be a Palestine, and there never should be a Palestine. On the other hand, there has been an Israel since God promised it to Abraham and it became established in the fullness of time. Dream on, irrelevant haters. The ancient promises and prophesies are being realized before our eyes. As for Mr. “anti colonialism… anti-imperialism… anti-racism… anti-propaganda… anti-war… pro-truth”, well me too. Welcome, fellow Zionist.
Comment by Ben Plonie on 6/03/08 at 11:55 pm

Ben...where do I begin?’re quoting the Monkey King himself, George Walker Bush?

He’d be inhaling chodah in alleyways for beer money, if the TRADING WITH THE ENEMY ACT were in place, back when his family was financing the Nazis in WW2.

Brad - thank you for not exhibiting a knee-jerk reaction. I do not hate Jews, nor do I hate Israelis...but I DEPLORE the actions taken against the Palestinians, because of...PROPHECIES?!?

Oh, dear…

Like you, I have also been on the internet as an observer and a participant...but I am a SCIENTIST, my friend. I don’t believe in the Earth having been formed 6,000 years ago*...and I sure as heck don’t take the word of a book purported to have been written by G*d...but is rife with contradictions.
Palestine “never existed”? I understand that you may regard them as “cockroaches” and “crocodiles that eat any meat they are fed”, and other silly proclamations, but really...they are human beings, much like you. I am aware of the physiological studies performed on Jewish and Arab individuals that were torn out of medical journals, because they disprove racial propaganda.

I have done my research...I just don’t spout off without having facts to bolster my statements.

“I can think of another reason to moderate comments. Plain lies and hatred. Lies, spin, propaganda, ignorance, insults all fall within a category of subscription to evil.” - sounds to me that there is one finger pointing my way, but the other three are actually in the correct direction. Why would one be adverse to discussion...unless your facts are lacking?

I appreciate the chance to air these views, and I applaud the Jewish Journal for enabling this discussion.

Ben...I’m looking forward to your response.
Comment by hANOVER fIST on 6/10/08 at 9:07 pm

I did not refer to Arabs as cockroaches. I called those spreading lies and propaganda cockroaches with the first opening wedges, and then and you will observe the mask immediately slip when I correctly identified those efforts. I am glad you welcome my response, but having been through this before, I have not the slightest confidence that you will enage anything I say with integrity. Nor focus. I will be amazed if you respond to one thiong I say without changing the subject. I won’t even bother with posters as nincompoop, or whatever.

And this is not a matter of conflicting opinions. It is truth vs. lies, right vs. wrong, good vs. evil.

Here is a typical one - “I don’t begrudge Israel’s existence, but I do begrudge the actions taken against the indigenous population therein. Please understand that “never again” means that for EVERYONE. “ This is not an ideal forum for detailed discussion, but let’s get the basics done. Starting with you original three non-sequiteurs, It is an oxymoron for Israel to exist in place of a non-Jewish ‘indigenous’ population. Therefore your premise is false and your statement is impossible. And in that context, the fairly humane and careful ‘treatment’ of evil savage Arabs in Israel who tried to steal our place and kill and terrorize us becomes clarified. ‘Never again” refers to the response to the extermination of the Jews in Europe, for which the term ‘genocide’ was coined. In about four years, the global Jewish population dropped from 18 million to 12 million. That’s genocide. In contrast, the Arab populations under he government of the Jews has had its population and life expectancy zoom. That’s not genocide. Is Israel the gang that can’t shoot straight, if all they wanted was to kill Arabs?

Much more at the above URL, including ADMISSION OF FOREKNOWLEDGE OF THE ATTACK 🚢🚀💥🇮🇱




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