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⁣Dana P. Callan was live in GHM Live Wednesday with Scott Schara

[VfB's opinion - Grace Schara was MURDERED in front of her father...and he was powerless to stop it from occurring...and I can say that, because a (((doctor))) tried doing the exact same bloody thing to me...my story to come]



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Comment: Bittersweet interview. Such a Godly, articulate man. His compelling story is not new, but most people have no idea this could happen in our country - but it has and is happening more frequently. Just look at what has happened in Maine this year with the deaths of children at the hands of their parents- Our D H S - a bureaucracy that answers to no one - not the people - not the legislature - not the courts - a government unto themselves with no due process. But for God, there is no help on the way.



VfB's (((YouTube))) account may get the gas...like I gibs a single hot fuck🔥

What were my (((infractions)))?!?✡

Not being a cuck faggit, for one :oof:

Posting wicked burns that made them seethe hard :yikes:

Kicking every heteroflexible in their stank ass front holes 😆

But today...today, I decided to post a video by medic and healer Paul Gabriel Gosselin and his guest, Scott Schara; whose daughter Grace was kidnapped and medically murdered; apparently a violation of (((YouTube)))'s terms of service

Terms I obviously never agreed to observe or even respect...and I am the man whom reposted the human centipede as a thumbnail🐛

Did you know these nitwits actually posted a (((COVID))) warning on my videos?!? Really?!? I got receipts, ya scumbags!

🖼💩🧀😋😆 (((YouTube))), you are now being sent a ticket to come meet me at the Macy's at Herald Square - get in a line so that you can KISS MY ASS IN MACY'S PICTURE WINDOW 🖼💩🧀😋😆

Suck on that, ya feckless bitch asses - VfB don't play dat gay ass shite :bruh:

(((YouTube))) will be Napster by this time next year; AltCastTV is the new jam 📢


BTW - here's the (((YouTube))) link 🤔🤨🙃

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