Profiles In Courage (Ep6) 🪤 Governor John M. Slaton 📺 (Black and White Original)

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⁣"The story of Gov. John Slaton of Georgia, who in the early 1900s pardoned Leo Frank, who had been convicted of and sentenced to death for raping and murdering a young girl. Slaton believed that Frank, who was Jewish, had been convicted not on the evidence but because of rampant anti-Semitism on the part of the prosecution and the jury. Slaton's decision outraged the public, but as it turned out, he was right--several years later it was revealed that it wasn't Frank who committed the murder but a local handyman."

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The video is the story of Governor John Marshall "Jack" Slaton (December 25th, 1866 - January 11th, 1955) of Georgia, who in the early 1900s lessened Leo Frank's sentencing. Leo Max Frank had been convicted of and sentenced to death for raping and murdering a young girl. 1964 Profiles in Courage, a Jewish supremacist Hollywood drama that rehabilitates the image of the corrupt 60th governor of Georgia, John Slaton, who commuted the death sentence of Georgia State's criminal defense client Leo Frank. He was represented by a law partner from his own private legal firm, Glenn and Slaton, to life imprisonment over his 1913 conviction for the rape-murder of 13-year old Mary Phagan. Thereby, when the Governor commuted the death sentence of Leo Frank, there was a blatant conflict of interest with the public's benefit and well-being as well as a subversive diversion from the noble causes of truth and justice.

Various attempts at corruption had been attempted by Leo Frank's legal defense team comprising of various opportunistic and unscrupulous individuals claiming to be lawyers tried to bribe eye witnesses in either retracting their testimonies or persuade police officials towards illegally retrieving the original documents related to the case. Leo Frank's friends and supporters were said to be paying witnesses to leave town or make fabricated affidavits against their previous testimonies. A secret police informant by the name of Colyar recorded Felder attempting to pay $1000 for the original Coleman affidavit and for copies of the confidential police files on the Mary Phagan case. One such example would be that of the conman and lawyer “Colonel” Thomas B. Felder who tried his best discredit the validity of the case by purchasing the original documentation of the charge sheet and related evidence against Leo Frank. Chief of Police Lanford exposed Felder as working for Leo Frank despite his denial. Felder went as far as falsely accusing Jim Conley the factory sweeper of possessing an affidavit where he admitted guilt in murdering Mary Phagan. Jim Conley of course denied this vehemently. The Atlanta Georgian on May 26, 1913 claimed that the bribery effort came from Frank's friends which Thomas Felder automatically branded as being that of a diabolical conspiracy. When things didn't work out with Thomas Felder's antics, he decided to discard his services to Leo Frank's defense team and then towed the line regarding the popular belief that "Jewish money" was protecting Leo Frank. Despite several appeals to various US institutions between August 27, 1913, to April 22, 1915, Leo Frank's legal team was not able to acquire a successful appeal.

The real-life 60th governor of Georgia was a corrupt politician and attorney, who was part-owner of the law firm that represented Leo Frank at his 1913 summer trial during his appeals to the Georgia Supreme Court from the Autumn of 1913 till the late winter of 1914. Governor Slaton in real life commuted the death sentence of his law client to life in prison. It was one on the worse ethics violation in Georgia History at the time, a gross conflict of interest and unethical to the extreme. Despite the bribery and corruption, Governor John M. Slaton didn't oppose the guilty verdict - he just lessened the sentencing in order to save his client's life in the hope that he could perhaps extract funds from him and his fellow Jewish bedfellows over a longer period of time thereby benefiting his Glenn and Slaton legal firm and his then-contemporary law partner representing Leo Frank.

Even after the death of Leo Frank - one of his earlier witnesses, Alonzo Mann, had been bribed to change the story as a death-bed confession. He falsely stated that Jim Conley was the real killer of Mary Phagan which was impossible to prove since the Negro factory sweeper had been long dead by then. Even then, his new and falsified testimony which is tantamount to a perjury didn't vindicate Leo Max Frank in any way shape or form especially since all the other witnesses had passed away by then. The corrupt and bought-out judge in the video had stated that Leo Frank was innocent to a very high degree. However in real life, the original Justice Hugh Dorsey who had presided over this case, had rejected Leo Frank's appeals for a new trial on more than 100 grounds.

The drama is an anti-Gentile Hollywood film written and produced by the Jewish Supremacists of the 1960s who falsify the facts and evidence of the Leo Frank case to smear the Southerners who convicted the homicidal Jewish serial pedophile Leo Frank for the rape and murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan.

The production company for this docudrama was produced by Robert Saudek Associates. Robert Saudek (April 11, 1911 - March 13, 1997) was an American TV producer and executive. He was also the Vice President of ABC. He was born into a Jewish family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and ended up marrying Elizabeth Koch from another extremely wealthy German Jewish Koch family with whom he had five children. His offspring consist of the following individuals with typical Jewish names and their respective cities and states of residence: Richard Harrison Saudek of Montpelier, Vermont, Christopher Dyer Saudek of Lutherville, Maryland, Robert Eliot Saudek of Atlanta, Georgia and Mary Elizabeth Jaffee and Stephen Low Saudek, both of Lexington, Massachusetts. Upon his death, the New York Times wrote an article mentioning his various accomplishments throughout life his life reflected his liberal ideas which the mainstream Jewish-owned media often enabled. He was also a supremacist White Jew and Anti-Gentile who produced anti-white and anti-gentile propaganda films in order to deracinate and demoralize Whites and Christians.

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Actually, it was Leo Frank. Her blood was also drained so you can guess who did it

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