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⁣After 19 months of waiting Wolfgang Halbig finally received is FOIA hearing with key people in Sandy Hook. The hearing was scheduled for 3/31 and was canceled for unknown reasons without much notice to Mr. Halbig. Wolfgang Halbig is a concerned citizen with a history in Law Enforcement; Florida State Trooper, he was Executive director for the Children’s Safety Inst., Director of Risk Management, school principle, school & workplace Safety Expert Witness Consult. a U.S. Customs inspector.

Initially, like everyone else, Mr. Halbig believed the Official story and wanted to help in the efforts. Mr. Halbig even donated $ to the cause. He contacted Those involved in the case and was offering his expertise and experience and started receiving strange responses. He felt there were inconsistencies in the behavior of the those involved like the Governor of CT, the Police chief of Newtown and various others who were involved. Mr. Halbig began noticing other inconsistencies about the case itself that did not match the official story.

Mr Halbig has been featured on NBC’s DATELINE & CBS’s Good Morning America.

A nationally recognized school safety and security expert and consultant, he has provided safety training and school assessments for more than 8,000 school districts nationwide.

Wolfgang Halbig came to the U.S. at the age of 12 from Germany and moved to Florida and said it was a Privilege when he raised his right hand and became a citizen of this country. He said he was proud to become a citizen of this county, “I Loved America for what it was”.

I taught American History and what our forefathers sacrificed and we have to tell the truth to move forward”. Wolfgang Halbig saw there were “missing pieces” in the Official story of Sandy Hook and is seeking answers to very simple questions that are not offensive to parents , the school board or the town. for over a year they refused to answer any of Mr. Halbig’s FOIA requests.

Mr Halbig began questioning Sandy Hook about a week after the incident 12/14/2012. Every school emergency has 4 distinct time periods and Mr. Halbig was looking at the first 10 mins.

Police parked a quarter of a mile from the entrance of the school in the first 10 mins of the incident which made Wolfgang Halbig question the story.

“That’s not how police respond”. “Why no Trauma Helicopters”, asked Mr Halbig. “Who declared all those 27 people dead within the first 11 mins”, they didn’t allow paramedics and EMT’s into the school.

Wolfgang Halbig had 2 “homicide detectives” come to his house and threatened him for asking questions about Sandy Hook. The CT State Police were going to file felony charges against him for harassment for asking questions. ​

Photos by Cat Watters 🖼

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Sandy Hook was a psyop

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