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9 months ago

I saw this movie on TV in CT in 1963 or 64. I can't recall any of the animal slaughters as they may have been editied for TV. I found those the hardest to watch. The only images that stuck in my memory were the scenes of the foie gras geese and the Capuchin cemetery. in Rome. It was the recent statement of Charles III banning Fois Gras for state dinners that reminded me of it.

This movie was very influential.

I suppose one has to agree that nothing it shows is very flattering about human nature but to damn their memory as perverse is to ignore that many of the actions depicted were also survival strategies.

It has a very Roman Catholic perspective that I was raised in, I don't think the scenes that touch on Eastern religions are very well understood. Their is more than a bit of religious chauvinism and misrepresentation to them.

What really amazes me is that world was only about 60 years ago. There probably isn't a single primitive tribe depicted that still lives as their grandparents, even great grandparents lived. They were all human beings and developed faster than even those in the developed world. That is the most staggering thing about them.

It makes me feel very stupid actually. I can't look at them with much of a sense of self-congratulatory chauvinism. I didn't make myself and didn't have to travel nearly as fast or cover such a great distance.

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