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โฃThis comes courtesy of muh FBA bruddah: Anthony Cumia - After watching videos of a few people doing this it seems their idea of setting themselves on fire was good right up until they were actually on fire.

This was posted in the TayAI video, but buried:

The Ponzi Papers: The True History of the World (Haunted Carnival Edition)

This story was essentially proven in reverse: In March 2023, a tech billionaire named Peter Thiel started a bank run that led to the sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. I was suspicious, and investigated the question, โ€œDid this bank just collapse on purpose?โ€

After digging through ties to cryptocurrency, lies in the media, and several very suspicious start-ups associated with Thiel and other elites in his orbit, I eventually uncovered that these people were engaging in Ponzi schemes - not just once or twice, but likely hundreds of times.

Realizing that many of the biggest names in cryptocurrency built their careers on Ponzi schemes, the next discovery was that crypto itself was our first decentralized Ponzi scheme, with countless companies getting in on the theft.

As the list of perpetrators grew and grew, it eventually revealed a totalitarian con: Our most โ€˜eliteโ€™ universities built the crypto Ponzi; the biggest names in venture capital were financing the Ponzi; major news outlets all promoted the Ponzi; and prominent members of both political parties were fully complicit.

The big breakthrough around propaganda came via The Simpsons. I had proof that Harvard University was a massive organized crime front, and I recalled that many, many Simpsons writers went to Harvard. If The Simpsons is propaganda for the mafia, I asked myself, what is the point of it?

Well, it tells us we have no choice but to slave away for evil billionaires; that the American Dream is dying because weโ€™re too oafish, divided, and morally decayed; and that we are easily conned by monorail Ponzi schemes.

โ€œAy caramba!โ€ I thought! The Simpsons brainwashed us! And if a show as popular as The Simpsons was doing it, it probably wasnโ€™t the only one. From there, we just need some historical knowledge and critical thought to realize that weโ€™ve been given this sort of messaging in all directions.

The other big breakthrough came when I was posting these essays on Reddit, which is owned by many of the financiers of the crypto super-Ponzi. Over and over again, I received the same types of comments that would attack my credibility without engaging with any of the evidence I was surfacing. They were practicing fear, uncertainty, and doubt. As I dug into their other comments, I found them repeatedly sowing partisanship, mocking others, and promoting products, just as a secret fascist government would want them to. This repetition from so many accounts revealed that they were coordinated trolls, poisoning our discourse and making us think they were acting in good faith.

Once we understand the totalitarian scope of the propaganda, we get to rewrite history.


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