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⁣Judge orders singer Lauryn Hill for "conspiracy" re-education, told to undergo counseling for "conspiracy theories" that music industry strangles real talent


Grammy award winning singer Lauryn Hill has been ordered by a judge to undergo "counseling because of her conspiracy theories" what conspiracy theory you might ask?? that the music industry oppresses people with real musical talent while pumping out mindless garbage.

Ms Hill was sentenced to 3 months in prison yesterday and 3 months home confinement after she failed to pay a tax bill because she had withdrawn from society because of threats to her family. I remember last June Hill wrote a tumblr post complaining how the music industry was "manipulated and controlled by a media protected military industrial complex"

It has been highlighted on infowars.com that other recording artists have made it clear that anyone who does not conform to the strict demands of the music industry or even as Nicole Scherzinger recently remarked about having to sell their soul to satan himself, tends to find success difficult and hard to maintain in an industry that has punished people who dare have a bloody thought or speak their mind.

Over the years through performances and speeches, Ms. Hill has tried to warn people about how this "pop culture cannibalism" and the deliberate dumbing down of art and music is damaging to generations and turning them into mind control, passive consumers and destroying any inspiration and true creativity under the guise of profit.

The Judge's order that Hill undergoes what is in reality brainwashing and re-education for exposing the fact the music industry is designed to strangle real talent while promoting talentless, amoral, mindless hacks is part of the trend of labeling common sense as a mental illness if goes against the establishment in any sort of way/

It has also been documented how people who voice dissenting political opinions on Facebook are being kidnapped and put into psych wards across the United States and it makes one wonder how long before they declare dissent a mental illness??

⁣They call this "oppositional defiant disorder" and the definition of this is "a recurrent pattern of negativistic, defiant, disobedient, and hostile toward authority figures that persists for at least 6 months" under the DSM IV TR manual. This attempt to demonize dissenting voices as entered the political stream. In 2009 Psychology Today wrote a hit piece on Alex Jones(the founder of Infowars.com and Prisonplanet.com and of course Prisonplanet.tv and radio talk show host) as saying that anyone who believes in a secret cabal running the planet, which describes the Bilderberg group, has a mental disorder and also I have seen recently of reports where Floridians are being encouraged to spy and snitch on their neighbors to authorities if their neighbors make "hateful" comments towards government and target them for home visits by the cops and "mental health professionals"

Lauryn Hill's case is a reminder that the establishment not only seeks to demonize, ridicule and sideline those who utter "conspiracy theories" which has become the weapon against anyone who dares question authority but they seek to shut down any sort of dissent against the system as a form of "mental illness" in order to impose legally "treatment" including being sent to a re-education camp and even a pharmacological lobotomy.

As for me, I agree with her regarding how bad the music industry is because lets face it there is a lot of shit they play on the radio these days that is truly nauseating and yet there are a lot of really amazing talent out there that I have had to find on youtube or itunes that do not get the recognition they deserve by the corrupt music industry that only seems to be promoting talentless, mindless hacks because they have profits they have to make and to hell with anyone else really.. I think there is an attempt like I mentioned above to deliberately dumb down art and music as a pretext to control minds and stifle and sort of creativity of the human spirit/mind because the elites hate human innovation, freedom and creativity given how anti-human they are. It is truly disgusting and as someone enjoys music and even creating it on her spare time finds it horrific that the music industry has gone down this path and it makes me ill because music has helped me throughout my life express things I otherwise could not...

I applaud Ms. Hill for her courage and bravery by exposing all of this.. that takes a lot of guts and certainly earns my respect whether you like her music or not it is commendable especially in this day and age..


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