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James O'Keefe with Special Guest from Pfizer ๐Ÿ’‰ Washington D.C. CPAC 2023 ๐Ÿ“… 3/4/2023

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From JSF: Pfizer: What do you do when your product has been busted as a killer, and corruption will cover for you??

Easy answer: You quadruple the price to give the impression it is ok because it is expensive, and you are proud of it. This is a common tactic of scammers. Put an outrageous price on things so no one questions it. In Mexico a doctor conned one of the family members into paying $400 USD for a gardasil shot for a 2 year old girl, and they did it. Effed that girl up TOTALLY, she withdrew and went into a black hole for years and they wondered about the shot but did not go after the doctor, after all if the shot was that terrible, why did it cost so much?

This is the EXACT tactic Pfizer is now using.

It won't work.

The pfizer exec freakout has hit 40 million views on Twitter while it is banned on all other platforms because Elon is chief twit! I have noticed however that if you embedded that video it still works, because Youtube did not want to create a bunch of blank embeds on the early birds which only generated 800,000 hits before they censored it for everyone else.

I just looked at the code Youtube directs the video through when you click from my site. My site name is part of the link that Youtube generated and it won't work if you remove my site from it. There are therefore only 1.2 million views on Youtube (probably ratioed, but that's what is showing) and 40 million views on Twitter.

So it works here. 41.2 million views is enough to screw pfizer a good one, That's probably equal to about 70 million actual people who saw it, so "critical mass" for that type of thing has been reached, it won't be buried no matter how much they raise the price.

The embed below is what caused the freakout. The two videos together are beyond damning.

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Fowlaire 9 months ago

Something about that Pfizer whistleblower has my spidey senses on alert.

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