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⁣Hell hath no fury like a 'woman' scorned.

Starring Katie Yeomans, Tiffany Moore, David Walliams, Matt Lucas, India Willoughby, Tiesa Meskis, Zoey Tur, Eden Torres, Laura Hobbs and 'Unknown Person With Pink Hair'


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Gamestop better step up to the plate

1 year ago (edited)
This man can actually rap better than most rappers nowadays

9 months ago
That dude can spit ngl

2 years ago
I like how he doesnt even attempt to sound like a woman lmao.

This is the manliest rap music I ever heard. Yet he claims to be a "ma'am"

"It's Ma'am!" (The Misgender Funk)

LookWhat ICanDo posted:

Billboard Chris assaulted; police take side of trans attacker 🚨🦄👮

"The most violent group in the western world are transgender activists.
Here I am getting assaulted in the presence of dozens of police who do nothing."

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