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⁣If this leaked audio is real I’m ☠
VfB smelled the faggitry of the rap industry a long time ago and never looked back
We're all familiar with Barry Soetero's real name, #bathhousebarry; as a fellow sodomite, it's only fair that we dub Sean 'Puffy' Combs with a similar sobriquet:
#dollhousediddy 🏳‍🌈🦄🍆💩😋🏛🔫
Uncalled for? Au contraire, mon frere!
More and more people from Sean “Diddy” Combs‘ inner circle are speaking out!
In a new interview with The Art of Dialogue on Thursday, the rapper’s former bodyguard Gene Deal had a ton of tea to spill about him, including insight into his time with Cassie Ventura, who filed and then shocking settled a rape case against her ex-boyfriend earlier this month. As you may recall from the dramatic filing, the 37-year-old singer claimed she was forced to have sex with male prostitutes while the artist would film the interactions and pleasure himself, among many other disturbing allegations. But now, Gene is arguing this wasn’t the full story!
In the new chat, the security guard alleged that the 54-year-old forced his then-girlfriend to hire those male sex workers for himself — he just didn’t want anyone to be able to track them back to him. Why does he think this?? Addressing “rumors” that have plagued the Last Night crooner for years, Gene claims he learned quickly when to give Puff Daddy his space when they were out together, such as when he stumbled across the celeb allegedly purchasing “butt plugs” or when they would frequent an apparent gay hotspot:
“I knew I should wait outside of Turkish baths for him. You know what they do in a Turkish baths? … That’s where a lot of gay men meet, and they all take hot baths together. To each his own though, right?”
Oh, damn. This is like Will Smith all over again!
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Doubling down on this sexuality speculation, Gene added even more alleged claims:
“That’s a lot of s**t that these guys get into when they start having certain meetings with certain people and they meet them at the Turkish baths, and they do they meetings and they meet their people in those types of situations where they’re comfortable at. So, they don’t have to worry about their indiscretions coming out. … So, that’s why, you know, twice, sometimes three times a week, me and the driver be outside, he’ll run into the Turkish bath.”
Three times a week?!? Wow! Gene then teased more unconfirmed allegations:
“You got that big ass tub at home but you wanna come [here]??”
😅 LOLz! 😅
Obviously, nothing about this has been confirmed, and Diddy has been very open about denying all of Cassie’s other allegations so far, so we’d expect a similar reaction to this alleged scoop. Either way, this is probably the last thing the musician wants to deal with amid his ongoing scandal! You can hear more from the bodyguard (below):
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