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⁣Ummmmmm..... first P-diddy, and now Hunter Biden.

Thanks must go to OMGITSFLOOD for this - he's running a rare Sunday shoah before the National Top 40, which begins at 11:00 AM! - now playing!

VfB used a different source, as it has a Community Note attached!

Clearly that is not Hunter Biden. Pause the video right as he pulls her back into the room and look at his tattoos. Now do a simple Google search for Hunter Biden's back tattoos. They are not the same.

Oy to da vey! Things are getting spicy, indeed


Thumbnail: [replaced the thumb with a clip from the video, as per thereBtheotherwon2wherethat1is's comments - didn't notice Vincent James at first; don't want him thinking I'm just ripping off thumbs - VJ knows what's up]

"'s not....there is a rectangular filter between his shoulders at 00:57 in an attempt to indicate Hunter's Finger Lakes tattoo...."

"..I did a screen shot at 00:57 and enlarged the image...there was a distinct overlay on the upper back in an attempt to make it look like his tattoo of the Finger Lakes....damn, I can't stand liars...."

There is some attempt to obfuscate the tattoos somewhat...but who is the girl, then...🔞

Anons calling for the 3rd temple and 2,800 goyim slaves: ☭

Those allowed to live will come crawling begging at our feet. To worship and serve the Supreme Chosen people for all eternity

nah - it'z gunna be anuddah shoah, yids

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