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โฃWe're currently going through a rehash of the Roaring 20s...but the timetable was upset - this is why we're going to WIN ๐Ÿฅธ VfB
How did the Great Depression Actually Happen?
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At the start of 1929, the end of the Roaring Twenties, the economy in the United States was sitting pretty with further progress on every horizon. Wall Street admittedly saw a minor stock market crash in the spring, but things quickly balanced back out and people were happily ignoring any further signs of troubles to come. By the fall, however, the market seemed to have reached its peak and started the downhill journey. With mass numbers of the American population having increasingly been investing in the stock market, some people were finally starting to pay a bit more attention to the falling and volatile prices. Stocks were being sold at a faster pace now, and October brought about Black Thursday on the 24th - the day that the market crashed by 11% and Americans frantically hoped to sell what they had while they still could.
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