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⁣Oct 20, 2022

Kshama Sawant, the socialist city councilwoman who led the efforts to defund and demonize the Seattle Police Department, is again asking for special treatment because someone keeps throwing poop at her.

Jason Rantz broke it down on Tucker Carlson Tonight. (October 20, 2022)


Some excerpts:

Sawant sent a letter to the Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell, demanding that he intervene and force the police department to take her investigation seriously, Capitol Hill Seattle reported.

“I am writing to express my concern that the Seattle Police Department (SPD) is failing to investigate a series of disturbing incidents at my home,” the letter read. “Six times now, bags of human excrement have been thrown into my yard, most recently on Thursday, October 13th. The events seem likely to be politically motivated, given their targeted nature and repetition.”

“The material used in these repeated attacks is classified as biohazardous waste,” Sawant’s letter to the mayor continued. “The police informed me the material can’t be sent to their lab for further investigation due to its hazardous nature. That seems quite odd considering that hospital labs do tests on human fecal matter all the time, but it does speak to the danger of having it repeatedly thrown in one’s yard.”

“It does not help that on at least one occasion, our dogs got into one of the bags before we realized what had happened. We had to call the animal poison control hotline, not knowing what the material was,” the councilwoman explained in her outraged letter.

“Most concerning is the very high likelihood that this extreme and hostile behavior is politically motivated, and could turn into more serious and dangerous harassment,” she added.

Then the lawmaker who led the charged to defund the Seattle police complained that officers were taking her seriously, Capitol Hill Seattle reported.

“Unfortunately, it does not appear that the Seattle Police Department agrees that this is in any way a serious matter,” Sawant complained in her letter. “I was informed yesterday, just five days after an investigation was opened on October 13th, that the case is being inactivated and no longer pursued at this time. This was after my husband reported an earlier incident (the fourth) on October 8th, when SPD officers immediately asked him, ‘What do you expect us to do?’ and did not open an investigation.”

Sawant implied in her letter that there was a conspiracy behind the police department’s lack of interest in her poop plight, Capitol Hill Seattle wrote.

“There is obviously a glaring inconsistency between this approach and the way in which former Mayor Durkan, after a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest was held a short distance from her mansion, was provided with a 24-hour stakeout for a full year,” she wrote.


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