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⁣Have you ever heard of...FORDLANDIA❓

VfB shouldn't habs to tell you to note the (((circumstances))):

DURING THE 1920S HENRY FORD was benefiting from a major boom in the automobile industry. His company was selling thousands upon thousands of cars and needed massive amounts of rubber to make tires. Unfortunately, rubber manufacturers in East Asia were running a virtual monopoly that drove up the price of raw materials. Ford’s idea: Create the world’s largest rubber plantation in the middle of the Amazon forest, which after all is the native habitat of rubber trees.

The auto tycoon bought over six million acres and named his Americanized colony Fordlândia. Ford went so far as to build a modern hospital, a power plant, a library, a golf course, a hotel, and thousands of little white clapboard houses for the employees to live in. Eventually, as the community grew, other businesses such as bakeries, butcher shops, restaurants, and shoemakers were established.

Ford employees from America were relocated to this little piece of America along the Amazon River where they—along with the native Brazilian workers who moved into the settlement to work at the factory—were forced to live the mandatory “healthy lifestyle.” This included attending poetry readings, square dances, and English-language-only singalongs, and abstaining from alcohol, which was prohibited in Fordlândia.

Unfortunately Fordlândia proved to be wildly unsuccessful. The rubber saplings that Ford had planted (without the help of a botanist) were barely growing, and those that did grow were soon hit by a leaf blight, which ruined the remaining trees. By the end of the 1920s malaria became a serious problem. In December 1930 agitated workers rioted, breaking windows and overturning vehicles in the road. After the riots, which lasted less than three days, work continued, but there was almost no product to show for the millions of dollars Ford had poured into the jungle. In 1933, after coming to terms with the failure, Ford purchased a new plot of land downriver and called it Belterra. At first the land showed promise, but progress was slow. After 10 years of work, Ford realized that his goal of 38,000 tons of latex was a far cry from his factory’s output of just 750 tons.

Ford retired from the rubber industry in 1945 after losing over $20 million in the Amazon (over $200 million in today’s dollars). The Brazilian government purchased all of Ford’s land for a measly $250,000. Today some of the structures of Fordlândia and Belterra still remain and are marked as spots for Amazon tours.

Huh - sounds (((unfortunate)))...but WHY?!?

WHY wasn't this a good idea?

VfB hopes that everyone whom viewed the entirety of HENRY🚙FORD WAS TAKEN OUT BY THE (((HBM))) SO THAT THE #transapocalyptico WENT AS PLANNED understood the exact point of the posting: witness as to how a man who had solved the basic materials needs for a family was destroyed by the (((homosexual banking mafia))), utilizing a carefully crafted series of multi pronged attacks, all imperceptible until the very last moment, on every possible attack vector available

One of the things VfB spent his time on was exactly what Henry Ford had accomplished nearly half a century prior to my coming to this plane[t]; yet hadn't the slightest inkling of this until off-handedly using his name in one of my ROOM EIGHT columns, which garnered a kvetching from Bitchmouth, one of the assigned media managers [VfB is going to re-record FRANKENFOOT THEATRE EPISODE 28 🤔 WHO CONTROLS U.S. POLICY? - one of the most interfered-into episodes of my presentations]

Once VfB realized that Henry Ford had indeed fixed everything, freed my resources quite a bit, which allowed a refining of the data gleaned over the decades [unlike Clif High, VfB doesn't have to query and collate databases - it's all done upstairs 🧠]

Once again: if you haven't listened or watched the whole thing, set aside some time to watch this with those you care about, and bear witness to what we had...and lost

We had the Jetsons, but now we're all George, Jane, Judy and Elroy Jetson, stuck in the set of the Flintstones, and there's no Rosie the Robot in sight; even worse, we don't even have Dino!





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