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⁣The 43-year-old gunman who killed three students and wounded five others at Michigan State University had no apparent connection to the campus, police said Tuesday as they searched for a motive for shootings that terrified the community for hours.

Investigators were sorting out why Anthony McRae fired inside an academic building and the student union just before 8:30 p.m. Monday. An hourslong lockdown at the campus in East Lansing ended when he killed himself miles away while being confronted by police.

The shooting happened the day before the fifth anniversary of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting that killed 17 and is the latest in what has become a deadly new year in the U.S.

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Okay, let me just blow out the remaining space 😎

I looked up the contact info to Norfolk Southern, which prompted a brief message...too small to load here:!:8/Vo....caroo-14-Feb-2023-19

When one allows criminals to get away with crimes and escape retribution, it only emboldens them to commit worse and more horrific crimes © 2023 VfB 🤓

That statement was just crafted by VfB

My receipts on this are three films, two for certain most of you have seen: Margin Call, The Big Short, and the fantastic Inside Job by Charles Ferguson

Incidentally, I ran into one of the main antagonists in that last film

I'll bet you'll never guess whom it was...heh, heh

This is a very impassioned piece from the Texas Outlaw, Michael Saenz:,MIchaelSaenz:7/

Now, I believe the (((timetable))) was indeed upset; otherwise, most of the world would still be walking around in stupid masks, limiting their oxygen input, poisoning them by re-breathing CO2, infecting them with bacterial pneumonia and threatening them with pericarditis and myocarditis...not to mention the inhaling on methylene oxide, which is a CARCINOGEN, which has absolutely no other purpose but to KILL.

VfB dropped the mask after walking a block and a half 😷🚫

Pay attention: (((Judea))) declared WAR on Americans on February 4, 2023 🔯

It's easy, if you have the cojones

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